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Heath nodded,"good."he praised softly, walking back over to Remy and running a gentle hand through his boys hair. 

Pipper nodded,"I'm sure."she smiled sweetly, while gracefully getting up from the chair.

Remy closed his eyes groaning softly at the gentle contact. "Thank you." He murmured.
Veronika chuckled and shook her head as she walked out of the office. "Be good now." She told her as Jax walked around the corner raising his eyebrow when he saw the two women. 
"What's going on here?" He asked.

Heath grabbed a fist full of Remys hair and tilted his head back to look at his face,"Be quiet"He snarled, as he saw the mark on Remy's neck.

Pipper smiled sweetly at Jaxs and stepped forward to press her tight body against his,"Me and Veronica were just having a little girl talk."

Remy's breath caugh in his throat as he nodded, keeping his mouth shut. He really needed this, he wanted to be good for Heath.
" Yes, Jaxson just alittle girl talk. Now I need to go and chat with the civlians." Veronica said smiling at Jaxs.
Jax nodded and put his arm around Pipper. " Awh, okay. Thats good then." He trying not to look suspisous as she left. He looked down at Pipper and frowned. " What the fuck was that about, you okay?"

Heath crouched down so he was eye level with Remy,"Tell me..."He started gently, running a thumb over Remy's nipples,"about that guy you were with when i walked in?"he said just as gently, still looking down at his hands on Remy' nipples.

Pipper bite her lip and sighed,"She essentially warned me to stay away."

Jax looked at Pipper with wide eyes before laughing. "You are fucking with me right?"
remy let out a shuttering gasp before nodding again. "He is friends with my boss and is getting married to his boyfriend soon so they got me to give him a lap dance." He told him softly.

Pipper shook her head,"I wish I were..."she tossed her long hair over her shoulder. 

Heath sighed softly as he continued to run his thumbs over Remys chest,"just a lap dance?"Heath repeated, with that same gentle voice. 

"Ignore her, she just thinks she can act like my mother." Jax kissed Pipper forehead as he kept frowning. " I should probably talk to her about staying out of my business."
"Ya just a lap dance. 200 for a lap dance, the money is still in my shorts. I don't do anything else, no one but you every gets me for anyone else." Remy murmured softly as he looked down watching heaths hands. 

Pipper grinned, feeling smug that Jax immediately took her side,"no that's fine."she shook her head,"no harm done."

Heath made a soft understanding noise in the back if his throat as he finally let Remys now red nipples rest he trailed his hands up the older mans chest, still with a gentle teasing touch before pressing his thumb into the mark on Remys neck,"what about this mark?"he asked softly turning to look at Remys face with fierce eyes.

Jax still huffed as he pulled her to his side. " So why did she tell you to stay away?"
He let out a gasp when Heath presseed down on the brusie."He got alittle handsie, I was told to be nice because he gives this place alot of buisness. My boss doesnt usually let me work with the improtant people." Remy told him trying not to look away.

"I'm a threat to the business." Pipper smirked as she looked up at Jaxs,"you're acting out with fights because your feelings for me are to much for you to handle."Pipper teased with a wide grin. 

Heath looked down at the mark once more before pressing his thumb down harder in the bruise,"so you were just helping out the company?"Heath asked his voice mocking. 

" So she thinks Im a fucking sixteen year old." Jax chuckled even though a part of him felt alittle weird about all of this. " I have been here since I was 20 she thinks im a kid still."

"Shit." Remy groaned out as he tried to stay still and not scramble away. " I was just doing my job. I need to get paid or I might get fired."

Pipper patted him on the chest,"it's not big deal we are both adults who know what were doing and we are fine."

Heath nodded, like he had finally heard what he was looking for,"of course."he said, suddenly standing and stepping away from Remy,"stand up and bend of that bench. Legs apart hands folded behind your back."

Jax kissed her and grinned. "Right, this is why I like you pup. Shall we going have fun or go back to the party?"
remy got up quickly and scrambled over to the bench laying down just how Heath told him. He closed his eyes and let out a shuddering breath. He was gonna be good for Heath.

Pipper shrugged with a little laugh,"you're the boss."

Heath riffled around the room for a few moments looking through draws and in cabinets until he found the hung she was lookin for. He laid a steadying hand on Remys hip before slowly pushing his a lubed up plug into the older man.

"Let go make out, stick it to Veronica." Jax grinned as he pulled her back into his office.
Remy whimpered squeezing his eyes shut. "Shit." He groaned trying to peak back at Heath.

Pipper grinned evilly as as she followed Jax back into his office. She closed the door a little harder than necessary before leaning against it. 

Jax leaned against his desk and motioned for her to come over. " I fucking hate parties."

Pipper laughed softly, as she walked to him and pressed her body against his,"I know, Dear."She smiled softly.

Heath pushed until the plug was seated completely in the older man,"quiet."He growled, before standing back.

"WHy do people think I like parties? I dont like all of the people touching my things and walking on the floor getting dirt everywhere." Jax huffed as he wrapped his arms around her.
Remy groaned softly and nodded his head falling forward, relaxing against the bench.

Pipper laughed,"having parties are what pays for all those things that people touch, you know?"

Heath could be heard opening and shutting more drawers before it was finally silent. The next sound was the crack of a large leather paddle smacking Remy on the ass.

Jax frowned down at her before sighing. "You know I don't like it when you are right."
remy buried his face in the bench just to smother the yelp that slipped from his lips at the sudden contact. The first was always the worst but it still mad all the blood rush to his dick.

Pipper laughed,"well it happens a lot so get used to it..."

Heath is smacked him twice more with the paddle before throwing it aside in favor of using his hand. He reached under Remy for the older mans dick, growling loudly when he found Remy hard,"you little freak."he smacked him in the flushing ass,"you like this."

"Again, you and your lip." Jax grinned as he leaned down to kiss her. "I still haven't gotten rid of that attitude yet."
Remy groaned pathetically. "Love it, I need it." He murmured looking back at Heath with wide lustful eyes. "Need you."

Pipper smirked,"well you haven't really tried."

Heath smacked him harder,"did I say you could speak?"he snarled, pushing at the plug. 

"With you I believe it would be a lot of effort to make you into a nice obedient little pup who sits quietly at my feet." Jax said smacking her on the ass.
Remy whimpered letting his head hang limply over the bench trying to keep quiet, fighting back the tears from the smacks and groans from every touch.

Pipper giggled girlishly,"I would do that for you if I got a treat."

heath smakced him quickly twice more before pulling the plug out indifferently. He pulled Remy up by his shoulder and turned him around to look at his slight tear stained face. 

"What would you like for a treat? New shoes? New dress?" Jax asked grinning down at her.
remy looked down at the ground digging his fingers in his palms to try to stop the tears. He just wanted Heath the hold him.

Pipper grinned,"all those things sound nice."she wiggled against him. 

Heath looked over at Remys upset face and felt his anger start to melt away but one look at that mark in his neck made Herth see red again. He leaned forward to gather Remy into his arms and held the older man against him,"we're not done yet."he warned, reaching down to cup Remys butt and feel the heat coming off the flushed skin 

Remy nodded, not sure if he was allowed to talk yet. He buried his face into the crook of Heaths neck letting out a shudder. He would keep going of thats what Heath wanted, he has gone alot father before, this wasnt his limit.
"Alright, I'll buy you some presents if you be a good girl for me." Jax said give her a kiss. "Get you something pricey, I like my girls well dressed."

Heath squeezed the flesh in his hand with a growl before lifting Remy up and sitting him down on the bench,"lay down."he commanded quietly. 

Pipper laughed her and kissed him back happily,"just what a girl wants to hear."

Remy nodded quickly and laid back, looking up at Heath with wide expectent eyes.
" Alright, I'll take you shopping tommorow get you looking all pretty." jax said running a hand through his hair.

Hesth looked down at Remy and then around the room. He gave a little smirk before silently walking away and the returning with a silver ring, which he quickly slipped around he base of Remys dick. 

Pipper laughed and stretched her neck out to kiss under Jaxs chin,"sounds good to me."

Remy wanted to say something or do something but he just laid there only letting out a whimper when Heath toched his dick.
" Good girl. Now as much as I would rather stay here with you I better go check on things once more. SOon everyone should be coupled up or getting the fuck out of here." He said kissing her on lip.

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