The Killers Next Door RPG

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Teddy shut the door of the car and waved his brother off, heading up the walkway towards school.

Prudence sat on the steps outside of school with her nose in an old book of poetry. She didn't like talking to people much and she wasn't allowed to have friends so her only company was the words of the brilliantly deceased.

Teddy walked up the path towards the front door of the school, and nearly tripped over the silent petite redhead infront of him "Woah." He exhaled skidding to a stop.

"Sorry." Prudence said embarressedly as she pulled her messy hair behind her ear. "I guess my hair matches the brick..I'm camouflaged here." she teased, hoping he wouldn't be mad.

Teddy thought that her hair couldn't be camoflauge even if she tried, instead of being a d*ck and saying something he completly ignored the question.
"You reading poe?" he asked, her book of morbid poetry was a lot more interesting than the copies of twilight and 50 Shades of grey every other girl was toting around with them.

((i love all of those books lol.))


"Yeah. Hes my favorite." Prudence admitted and closed her book before holding it tight to her chest. It was her closest posession since her step father wouldn't let her interact with real people. "Your in my english class right?" she asked as she recognized his face. She knew she shouldn't talk to him but daddy dearest wasn't around to stop her.

"Yeah. Teddy Smith I think I sit beside you." He told her.

"Well, I wasnt busy for one and two...I was tired of just seeing you on the computor screen." Abel shrugged with a small smile.

Gage almost got caught with her phone but she managed to look inocent. * Well as long as you dont kill me we will be fine.*

Abby blushed lightly. "So is this what you expected," she asked.

*Don't worry. Your too pretty to kill.* Carver texted back. Little did she know, it was the truth.

"I'm Prudence." She told him kindly. She was shy and unsure of what to say but it was probably the longest conversation she had with anyone other than a teacher a really long time and she didn't really want it to stop. "Do you like Poe?" she quickly offered a conversation piece.

bel shook his head as he payed for popcorn and two drinks. " Naw, you are much better looking then I thought." He said giving her a grin.

*Thanks I guess...* gage sent him before realizing the teacher was glaring at her. She shoved her phone back in her bag and got to work.

*Your welcome. =P * Carver texted back before looking back to the board.

Teddy laughed "My whole family kinda loves Poe. My middle name is Edgar Allen actually." Teddy swallowed hard, he was terrible at talking to girls he always ended up sounding like an idiot "What's your favorite work of his?"

Gage kept her phone in her bag the rest of class. She was happy when the class was over, she really just wanted to go home and relax now.

Jax pulled out on to the road after dropping off teddy. He was probaby going to fast in a school zone but it was fine until this random girl basicly stepped infront of the car. He slammed on the breaks swearing loudly. " Are you okay? He shouted out the window.



Bennette walked down the street towards school, her headphones stuck in her ear, her head down ignoring the world around her. She stepped out onto the crosswalk, not looking to see if any cars were coming around the corner, she never did. It wasn't until she heard the screech of tires that she realized there was a car coming.
The driver had to basically swerve to avoid her, and she stumbled backwards in surprise, tripping she landed on her a$s on the curb.

"F8ck." JAx swore as he moved to park. He hopped out of the car and ran over to the girl he almost ran over. " Hey you alright. He asked squatting down infront of her.

"I'm not going to sue or anything, if that's what you mean." Bennette said rubbing the sore spot on her lower back.

Jax frowned slightly and nodded. " I dont care if you were gonna sure me, are you like dead or something?"

Bennette couldn't help but break out into a huge smile "Did you seriously just ask me if I was dead?"

Jax raised an eyebrow. " Well you know not like technicly dead..more like if you dont get medical attention soon Ill have to hide your body in a shallow basicly yes I asked if you were dead."

Bennette quirked a brow "No, I'm okay actually, thank you for your concern." She said awkwardly "It was my fault, I wasn't looking."

"Probably didnt help I was going 60 in a 30 zone.." Jax sat beside her on the side walk. " Since I almost killed you I should probably get your name, I'm JAx."

"Ligeia." Prudence admitted without having to think about it. "The one where the dying woman is transformed into someone else."

"Bennette." She told him "...Should we like exchange insurance information or something?" Bennette joked lamely.

Carver saw Gage in the hallway after class and he hurried over to meet her. "Hey. Did you still want me to take you to the mall?"

"Wow that's really kind of depressing." Teddy chuckled slightly "I bet they send you to the school shrink too."

"They send you?" Prudence was surprised that he got sent there. He didn't seem psycho.

"Yeah...well I don't particularly go but they do send me there all the time." Teddy told her, he'd been sent to the school shrink on a few occasions for various creepy behavior, but refused to go because 'Smiths didn't need therepy'.

"Me too. I guess my teachers think I'm too quiet with withdrawn." Prudence smirked. That was the least of her problems.

"Well...I dont have any so its alright." JAx laughed grinning over at her. " So...wanna get know to repay you for almost killing you."

Gage grinned slightly as she pulled her books close against her chest. " Sure..If your not busy."

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