The Killers Next Door RPG

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"You should show me some of your stuff sometimes. " She said with a smile as they stopping infront of her class.

"Now that you mention it.." Carver smiled and ripped out a page from his sketchbook. "I couldn't get you out of my head this morning so.." he shrugged as he handed her the drawing he'd done of her. He hoped it wouldn't freak her out.

Abby was surprised to receive a hug. She ha waited for the moment for so long but didn't even know what to think now that it was here. Something as simple as a hug lit up her day. "Its great to finally meet you," Abby admitted, blushing lightly.

"Yeah totally normal. Remember pick me up at 4 I have archery club after school." Teddy told his brother.

Gage looked down at the picture and smiled brightly before blushing. " That looks so good...Thank you carver." She chuckled softly. " You are real romantic."

Abel pulled away with a grin. " This is so awesome." He chuckled softly. " I'm glad you arent some 50 guy with too much time on his hands."

"No, I'm just good at art." Carver teased. "I'll have to show you more of my work sometime." he told her, leaving out that she'd be seeing his work at the art center.


((i made a werewolf on hollow falls. do you think ours could meet and become friends- Nick could show him the ropes since hes semi-new to werewolfism? lol.))

"Fine Teddy bear, I shall be here...Now just get the f*ck out of my car." Jax grinned over at his little brother.

"I would really like that. Now, you better get to class." Gage said as she hugged her books to her chest.


(Ya sure :D)

"I'll see you later." Carver told her as he smiled at her. He reluctantly headed back to class. He wanted to spend more time with Gage but that would have to wait until tomorrow night.

Abby laughed. "I agree," she admitted to Abel. The idea had never crossed her mind before but it was almost frightening. "Though I think you would be a great looking fifty year old."

Gage kept smiling as she made her way to her desk to get ready for class.

"Thank you darling." Abel laughed as he went to hold her hand. " So what movie do you wanna see?"

Carver took a seat in his next class and sent a quick text to Gage. *I had a nice time with you at lunch.*

(So im thinking for hallow falls Nick sound smell a new wolf in town and basiclly track him down being all growly lol..then they can start being somewhat friends lol)


*It was nice, you know talking to someone for once. I am even kind of exsited abou ttommorow.* She admitted with a slight smile down at her phone.

Abby smiled as she thought for a moment. She didn't want to choose somethin too girly, even though her mom would be dying to know how the new tearjerker love movie was. "What about the new horror movie," she offered with a smile. Horror movies never concerned her, unlike most girls. She found them rather comical.

*Kind of excited? Your breaking my heart. I'm very excited about tomorrow.* Carver texted back.


((like. =] i havent asked transmiley but i assume the werewolves can change at will but always change on full moons or something?))

"You know if you get scared, I'll protect you." Abel chuckled softly as he pulled out his wallet to pay for the tickets.

*Fine, I am so exsited I cant sit still. I wont sleep at all tonight.* Gage rolled her eyes with a small chuckle.

(Ya im not sure I was just doing it like they are on teen wolf, they change when they get angry and on the full moon.)

*Now your just lieing to me.* Carver laughed and texted her back.


((i never watch that show but it looks good.))

Abby rolle her eyes, getting the money for the tickets from her pocket and paying before he had a chance. Abby didn't want to seem like thy normal girl who expected a guy to do everything. She wanted to show Abel she really was different. "I'll remember that," she teased. Abby knew she would play scared but she wouldn't. Helping her family clean up murder sites was far more scary.

(Its awesome, so much sexual tension between two of the boys..its great lol)


*Im a good girl, I dont lie :)...Well I dont lie much.* Gage sent back to him with a grin.

Abel chuckled at the fact she paid for the tickets. He put his arm around her with a smile. " I am paying for the popcorn then."

Abby blushed when he put his arm around her. It felt amazing, so comforting yet so exciting. "Has anyone told you that you're too sweet? I like it though." She teased lightly. "You're definitely better to be around in person."

"Bye. Have fun at work." Teddy said in his usual sarcastic little brother voice, as he grabbed his bookbag from the backseat.

((from what i've seen in the previews i think the red eyed guy is hot. =] ))


*Yeah yeah we'll see about that.* Carver quickly texted back.

Abel gave her one of his crooked little grins as he gave her a light squeeze. " YOu are too, I never thought I would meet you.."

" Have fun at school, dont kill anyone." Jax smirked as he revved his engine, wanting Teddy to hurry up.

(Ohh he is he is :)


Gage just mirked shaking her head. "*You better get working mister, Ill text you back after class.*

*Its math, nothing ever changes.* Carver texted back before putting his phone in his pocket.

*If I get in trouble, I wil kill you.* Gage sent back as she couldnt help but keep smiling. She couldnt figure out why but she did like talking to him.

*If you get in trouble, I'll kill your teacher ;) .* Carver texted back.

*Great, you are cute and a murderer. This should be fun.* Gage made sure she looked busy even though she was just on her phone.

Carver smiled at the text. He hoped he could tell her the truth someday. *So very fun Gage.*

Abby became curious on what inspired him to meet her today. "So why meet me today?"
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