The Killers Next Door RPG

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"Why don't you like talking to people? Not all of us are bad." Carver pointed out.

Gage rubbed her face. " You with the questions. When I stay quiet, no one bothers me and it makes me less stressed..The stress makes me feel sicker."

That was the last thing Carver wanted for her. "I'm sorry..I don't want to stress you out." he told her, feeling like he should back off.

"No, its fine. You arent that bad. Assholes stress me out. You arent one yet." Gage told him with a small smile. "And the fact you are pretty does help."

"Pretty? Thats a new one." Carver laughed. "Your not bad to look at yourself. Infact your kinda beautiful.'

Gage souldnt help but snort at that comment. " Thank you Carver, thats very nice. I am a really beauty queen over here."

"I can see that about you." Carver smiled at her. "You are beautiful." he told her again, wanting her to believe what he said.

She blushed harder and just looked down picking at the loose string on her shirt. " Okay, lets talk about something else...So the weather is nice.."

"Yeah its pretty warm out." Carver nodded as he looked to the sky and back to Gage.

Gage felt so akward now as she played with a loose thread. " God, I'm sorry I am so weird...I try not to but it happens..Im just weird."

"Your not weird." Carver shook his head. "Trust me I'm a lot weirder than you think." he told her but wasn't about to specify. "I like that your different..if I didn't then I wouldn't have asked you out."

Gage just nodded as she finally looked up at him. " You know, I really hate the mall...but I need new clothes to go to an art musum, everyone looks so fancy there...So..this better be a damn good date if Im gonna go shoping for it."

"You don't need to dress up." Carver laughed. "Do you want me to go to the mall with you?"

Going to the mall with him would probably be alot better than going alone. " Fine, you can come with know it will be boring though."

"Not with you there." Carver said honestly.

"God, you are such a sweet talker. Okay after class we are going to the mall." She decided with a grin.

"I look forward to it." Carver smiled back. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with her.

Gage smiled shyly and nodded before she heard the bell ring. " Okay charmer, you gonna walk me to class?"

"Of course. What kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't?" Carver smirked and stood up before offering his hand out to her.

Gage took his hand and let him help her up. She brushed off her jeans and smiled. " Im glad your mother taught you how to treat a lady."

"She'll be glad to know I learned something from her." Carver teased and headed back inside. "So what class do you have?"

"Physics." She chuckled. " Best class, its very small and everyone is their to work not talk about their hair and nails."

"You should try an art class sometime..we make fun of people who talk about their hair and nails." Carver pointed out.

"Everyone at my school is a d*ck." Teddy said "I'd rather shoot myself in the face than hang out with people who think Justin Beiber is cool."

Abby entered the movie theatre twirling a piece of her curly brown hair around her finger. This was how Abby handled her nerves. She was excited but she was scared at the same time. What if he met Abby and didn't like her? What if things didn't go well. Abby looked down for a moment before looking around for Abel.
"Because you're so excited to have some fun," he teased. "There's no mind games. It's just fun."

:"I don't like games. I've been played too many times." Scarlet admitted with a shrug.

"If you teach me, than I will. I suck at drawing...I can draw stick figures thats about it." Gage laughed as she tucked her hair behind her ears.

"Thats why you only pretend to like know look normal." Jax paid for the two coffees and handed one to his brother. " Keep the parents form thinking your gonna go all crazy on us."

Abel got up once he saw someone who looked similer to Abby. He swollowed hard and rubbed his neck. " Hey Abby?"

Abby smiled when she saw Abel. "Yeah," she spoke quietly then blushin. She always tries to sound so grown up in chat but she felt like a giddy school girl. Slang easily slipped out. Her cheeks began to blush as she spoke. "You must be Able."

"Dude we're all already crazy." Teddy pointed out nonchalantly as he took a sip of his coffee.

"Drawing isn't really my favorite art anyway. I like abstract. Thats the easiest to teach." Carver pointed out. He was excited to show her some of his art.

Abel rubbed his neck nervously and nodded before pulling her into a loss hug. " You must be Abby, you are prettyer then I thought."

Jax parked the car as he pulled up infront of Teddys school. " Kid you know im normal." He snorted even though he had a bloody mask in the trunk.

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