The Killers Next Door RPG

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"My balls are red and stink like coffee and its your fault sh8t head. get in the car." Jax said unlocking the shiny black car his dad got him on his birthday.

"Pretty ok. Better now." Carver smiled at her. "Don't you always eat here?"
"Dinner will be ready when you get home." Genevieve smiled. She loved being a 50s housewife.

"I used to eat in the library but I had a sezuire and made abit of a mess so I'm back in here." Gage said taking a sip from her juice box. " It really does suck."


"Bye darling." He kissed her again before grabbing his lunch and heading out the door.

"why don't you like eating in the cafeteria?" Carver asked as he picked at his lunch his mom made him.

"I'm sure there are lots of people that would be attracted to that." Teddy said getting into the passengers seat, basically unphased by his brothers anger and violence, he barely even seemed to notice "So really, I did you a favor."

gage shrugged before leaning closer to carver. " I dont like people." She said in a very overdramatic whisper. " They are stupid."

Okay Jax even had to laugh at that. " Well I guess baby bro, if coffee scented balls get me laid I will thank you. Now do you need coffee?"

"Want to know a secret?" Carver whispered back. "I dont like people either." he said with a wink.

"Yes Please." Teddy sighed dramtically leaning back against the head rest "Honestly it's like teachers don't think I have a social life or anything." He looked over at his brother "Doesn't help that I procrastinated either." He laughed.

Gage couldnt help but start laughing as she shook her head. " Carver, you are rather amusing you know that. Your pretty funny but I will beat you with a baseball bat if you are really an ass*ole."

Jax grinned at that and nodded as he pulled into the first starbucks drive through he saw. " Teachers are asses teddy, thats why I killed one of mine. It was fun. But really you are fifteen, what socal life do you have?"

"Why are you so quick to assume I'm an asshole?" Carver asked curiously. He wanted to prove to her he wasn't.

Gage's smile quickly faded and her mouth went into a thin line. " When everyone you put trust in f*cks up, its hard to trust anyyone. People will screw you over, its just a matter of time." She shrugged plainly as she tossed her barely eatten lunch back in the bag.

"Well I'm glad to be the first person to prove you wrong." Carver smiled at her. He was up for the challenge.

"You can try Carver." Gage gave him a little smirk before throwing her lunch into the garbage. " Well, I'm guessing you will follow me if I just leave so I'll invite you. I'm going outside for some fresh air before wanna come?"

"Love to." Carver smiled at her and got up from his chair before tossing what was left of his lunch in a nearby trash can.

Gage walked out of the cafetria and smiled happily once she felt the sun on her face. " So tell me more about yourself carver?"

"What do you want to know?" Carver asked as he squinted to get used to the sun. He was never outside, even at home. He spent all his time in the basement he'd transformed into his art studio.

"I dont know favortie you get along with your siblings...something." She shrugged as she went to sit under a large tree.

"One question at a time tiger." Carver teased as he sat across from her. "Favorite food..mac and cheese. Favorite color is definitely red." he noted with a smile to himself. "And my siblings..I get along with them ok. I'm probably closest with my sisters because I look out for them."

"Awh over protective older brother I see. That is kind of adorible." gage chuckled as she leaned back against the tree. "I bet you gotta beat girls off with sticks darling." She teased.

"Not quite." Carver laughed. He didn't chase any of them off. He just used them and tossed them aside. Gage was the only girl he was actually interested in.

Abby spent a good chunk of her day in her room, refusing to come out an occasionally throwing something across the room. She struggled with calming down. Sure Abby didn't murder but she definitely had some anger issues. After hours of trying to calm down, she decided to get out for a bit. Leave her room and go to the mall. By the time she walked there, she would be calmed down and excited to meet Abel, a feeling she lost in her rage.
"I thought we could go for a walk back to my place," he spoke, pulling her close.

"I think I can manage that." Scarlet smiled at him.

Damon smirked. "**bleep** I love that attitude," he admitted to her.

Teddy scowled at his brother "Shut up."

"Yeah? Why's that?" she laughed as they walked.

"Well the girls must be morons then cause so far you seem like a normal young man." Gage chuckled as she pushed her hair out of her face. " Well I guess you will have to beat me off with a stick."

Abel was sitting on a bench infront of the movie theater trying to keep calm. Normal sh*t like this he was calm but he really wanted to make this good for him and Abby.

"No I wouldn't do that to you. I think I'd like you sticking around me." Carver told her honestly. He gave her a smile and moved a piece of hair out of her face that didn't want to stay behind her ear.

Jax ordered two large coffees before looking back at his brother. " So kid, you gonna make some friends sometime soon?"

Gage blushed and chuckled softly. " Well I guess I'll keep hangin out with you than.." She shook her head with a smile. " I should get back to class Carver."

"Lunch isn't even over yet." Carver pointed out. "I promise I won't let you be late to bio."

Gage laughed nervously. " Sorry, I am just alittle nervous you know...talking to people.." she grinned slightly. " Im used to not talking to anyone."

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