The Killers Next Door RPG

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Dawson couldn't believe how lucky he was in that moment. He really did have Scarlet wrapped around his finger. "Why don't I show you instead?"

"Ok." Scarlet nodded and couldn't hide her grin. She felt loved, which made her hopeful about their future together.

Dawson had taken Scarlett's hand. "Shall I lead the way?"

"You always do." Scarlet pointed out with a smile.

"No I have never been." Gage said playing with her hair. " It seems like it would be interesting though..."

JAx grabbed a pair of jeans off of the pile of laundry by the laundry room door before changing quick. " Teddy move your ass, me and my burnt balls dont want to be late for work."

"They're very interesting." Carver told her, getting excited to show her some of his work. "If your real lucky I'll even take you to dinner after." he teased.


"I don't know..she loves to isolate herself from us." Genevieve pointed out. She didn't understand her defiance.

" You better take me for dinner, and drive me home..maybe get me flowers too." gage finally gave him a smile. " nice flowers."


"She is just at that age, all of them went through it. I remember Jax would just yell at us and lock himself in his room. But with him I could just yell at him." Jake hated dealing with this type of stuff. He never had anyone when he grew up so this was all strange.

Carver laughed and shook his head. "I'll definitely get you some nice flowers then." he assured her.


"I hope she grows out of this phase then." Genevieve said honestly. She didn't want her daughter to kill but she wanted her to support that her family does.

Gage nodded and looked up at the clock. " Well, I need to get to class so when should we have our date?"


"She will honey dont worry. We just need to give her time to cool off then we will both go and talk to her. " Jake said kissing her on the cheek.

"How about 6 tomorrow night?" Carver asked her. "I can meet you somewhere or pick you up at your house."


Genevieve nodded, deciding his idea was best. "Do you want anymore food? We still have some left."

"As long as you are not some crazy psycho murder I'll give you my home adress." Gage pulled out a pen and quickly wrote it on a piece of paper. " I have a baseball bat that im really willing to use."


" Sure I'll eat more. I can never can say no to my wonderful Gen's food. YOu sit and eat with me." Jake said pulling her down into a chair.

"Fiesty. I'll be sure to leave my blades and knives at home." Carver teased, though he really meant it. He was still debating if he wanted to kill her or not. He wanted to know what it would be like to create his artwork on her skin but she was too beautiful to deprive the world of.


Genevieve smiled, though he pulled her down rather hard, but that was Jake- he was always rough. She knew he didn't mean to be so she didn't mind it. "You really think I'm a good cook?" she asked with a smile.

Gage pushed the piece of paper closer to him and stood up fixing her hoodie. " Dont be late, 6 oclock on the dot, I'll be ready." She said with a nod as she pulled her back pack up on her shoulder.


JAke nodded as he piled some more eggs and bacon on his plate. " Ofcourse I do. YOu are the best cook I have ever seen in my life. You are my perfect wife."

"I'll be there." Carver smiled and took the paper from her. "You want to give me your phone number?"

"I try to be. Thats all I want." Genevieve said with an honest smile.

Gage just sighed but kept smiling. " Fine, fine." She said writeing down her number. " There you go and now I need to go to class. See you later CArver." Gage smiled before turning on her heels and headed towards the doors.


JAke put his fork down and grabbed the chair pulling her closer to him. " Come'ere darling." He said before giving her a kiss.

"I'll see ya." Carver smiled at her before heading to his own class. He was really looking forward to his date with Gage.


Genevieve smiled against his lips and kissed him back. "I love you."

Gage's smile faded once she left the library. She was a moron so agree to go on a date. She had nothing to wear and would make a fool out of herself. She walked into the chem class looking rather stressed as she sat in the usaul spot in the front of the room. She would have go to the mall after class.


Jake cupped her cheek in his rough hand as he smiled. " I love you too. You are the best thing I have in my life other than the five brats." He chuckled.

Carver went to his morning art class, which he loved doing to start out the day even though he didn't like being unable to use his favorite "paint." He sat down and took his phone out to text the newest number in his phone. *Not second guessing our date are ya ;) *
"I love our five brats." Genevieve smiled. "I'm just afraid one of you will get caught one day."

*Well I am very unaware what people wear on dates to gallaries so i need to go shopping but I am not second guessing so far.* Gage smiled softly at her phone as she hid it under her desks.


"Well we only have to worry about Jax and Caver. Our two babys arent doing that yet and Scar is good about not getting her hands dirty." Jake grinned with a nod. He was really proud of his kids. " And carver is good at keeping clean..Its Jax who gets alittle messy."

*You'll look beautiful no matter what you wear.* Carver texted back truthfully. Even if no one else saw it, he thought she was perfect.


"You've taught them well though." Genevieve noted. "If you really want to make the papers, you should work with Jax. He's very..creative."

Gage's cheeks turned pink as she tried to hid her smile. *Thank you, but I still need to go shopping*


JAke shook his head thinking of his oldest. " I'll give him that he is creative...but alittle too over the top for me. I'll stick to my well tested form of fun....No masks and over the top tortue."

*If you say so.* Carver texted back before taking out his sketch book.


"What was your favorite kill?" Genevieve asked with a curious smile.

Gage slid her phone back into her bag before she started to read her text book ignoreing everyone else in the class.


JAke hcukled slightly and leaned back in his chair. " My favorite? thats a hard one." He thought for a second before nodding. " The ones where I took CArver and Jax with me. They both loved it so much. Oh and when I killed that douche bag ex-boyfriend of yours. That was amusing and I got my girl with that one."

Carver started sketching Gage's face, making sure to get every detail he could remember. He usually went with abstract paintings but he couldn't stop thinking about her.


"I sure appreciated that one. He used to hit me." Genevieve pointed out. "What do you think your most gruesome kill was?"

Lunch time was  never a good time for gage. It was very lonely and she has not been allowed to eat in the library anymore since she had a sezuire and made a mess. So it was back in the cafeteria. She tugged at her hoodie as she found a empty table right near the corner. She grabbed her book and kept her head down trying to be invisble.


" The first one for sure, they ended up without heads." Jake laughed rubbing his face. He tucked some of Gen's hair behind her ear. "I'm gonna go out tonight since the kids should be staying home tonight."

"I'm ready to go, I don't want *you* to make me late for school." Teddy told his brother c*ckily.

Carver usually sat with the other art freaks at lunch but when he saw Gage eating alone he couldn't resist. He walked over and grabbed an empty chair. "This seat taken?"


"Just don't get caught." Genevieve told him. She didn't want to lose him because of the stupid law.

Dawson laughed, giving her a kiss before leaving the coffee shop.

"Where are we going?" Scarlet asked as she held his hand.

Jax made sure his parents werent paying attention as they walked out side. Once the door closed behind them, he smacked Teddy hard on the back of the head. " Thats for the coffee teddy bear."

gage put down her book and apple. " Well, yes can't you see all of my invisible friends?" She chuckled before motioning for him to sit down.


Jake chuckled and gave her a kiss. " Hun, I am a pro. I will never get caught."

"They seem like nice people." Carver smirked and took a seat. "Hows your day going?"


"You better live up to that promise." Genevieve told him sternly.

Teddy stumbled forward from the force of Jaxs smack, he rubbed the back of his head to sooth the sting and laughed "Even now?"

" Fine." Gage shrugged. " Other then the fact I have to sit in this floresent lit hell hole to eat lunch. How about yours?"


Jake chuckled as he got up. He gave her a kiss. " Yes dear I will. I better get to my real job. I'll be home soon." He has been workign construction since he was eighteen. He hates it their but his dad got him the job and he does not want to piss off his even senior father.


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