The Killers Next Door RPG

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Gage just chuckled. " Ya, kills all the as*holes in her class then her crazy over baring mother. Its a great thought. But really, if someone ended the book before the last fifty pages, it would be a nice story about a loser going to prom with the football star."

"Well I'm no football star and your far from a loser but how about I take you out tomorrow?" Carver asked with a hopeful smile.

Teddy smiled that sweet creepy smile that ran in the Smith family, and stood up "Sorry Dad." He said taking a bite of his bacon.
"I have three projects due this week and a trig test, I was up all night trying to study." teddy told his mother, as he poored a new cup of coffee.

"Stop messing around with Jax and eat your food so you can get to school and study." Genevieve said in her best motherly tone.

"He started it." Teddy pointed out, taking a long gulp of coffee out of his fathers coffee cup before handing it to him.

"You don't want your father to end it so cut it out." Genevieve warned before going to the fridge to pack lunches for her precious children.

Abby watche the whole thing take place. She thought Jax was being ridiculous to her brothers but he had been like this since they were kids. Abby was just thankful she was born a girl so she didn't have to put up with it. "Don't let him get to you Teddy," Abby spoke encouragingly. "He's just angry that a monkey can do his job and you will not end up as a shelf stocker." Abby said that as a purposely teasing comment to take the attention off Teddy.

Getting up and putting her hardly touched food in the composted, Abby looked at her mother. "Mom, I'm not going to be home for supper. I have practice and Molly wants me to go see a movie with her afterwards." Abby didn't want to tell her mom the truth.
Dawson gave Scarlet a kiss on the cheek. "What do you want to drink baby?"

"Don't be too late." Genevieve told her. "What movie are you going to see?" she asked curiously.

"An iced cappuccino." Scarlet told him. "My usual."

"I've haven't decided yet," Abby spoke for a moment, thinking quickly. "Molly wants to see the new Robert Pattison movie but I want to see the new zombie movie." Abby hoped her mother accepte the answer. "We'll decide at lunch."
Dawson got their coffee an went back to the table. "How was school? Boring as usual?"

"Do you need money?" Genevieve asked, reaching for her purse as she spoke. She wanted to make sure she had more than enough for a movie.


"I don't know. I didn't go. I'd only be there for a little while so theres really no point." Scarlet told him before taking a sip of her coffee.

Abby had shaken her head no. "I still have the money from babysitting two weeks ago," she admitted with a smile, thankful her mom wasn't asking many questions. "But thank you for offering."
"So I take it you're mine all day," he concluded with a smirk on his lips.

"You and Molly behave." Genevieve said with her kind smile as she finished packing lunches.


"All day, until you grow tired and get rid of me." Scarlet teased, though thats what happened with her last few boyfriends.

Abby laughed. "Don't worry mom," Abby spoke with a smile. "Remember, I'm the angel child."
Dawson laughed. He knew he would but he would put up with her for the night. "They'll have to pry you from my arms in the morning."

"Thats why your my favorite child." Genevieve teased with a wink.


"I'm counting on that." Scarlet smirked and sipped her coffee.

"I told you so," Abby spoke to her other brothers in a teasing tone. "Probably because gym shorts are easier to clean than blood."
Dawson smirked before taking a drink of his coffee. "So how was your weekend? Miss me?"

"Thats actually true." Genevieve confirmed. Blood was hard to get rid of.


"That depends. Did you miss me?" Scarlet asked him with a smile.

Abby smiled at her mom. "You should tell them to get the blood out of their own clothes," she said with a smirk. "It might teach them to be a little less messy when they do their art."
"Of course," Dawson lied. "You're all I talked about all weekend."

"I want them to fully express themselves." Genevieve pointed out.


"All complaining I'm sure." Scarlet teased. "Are there any parties tonight?"

Abby couldn't quite understand her mother. Sure, she was an amazing mother but it seemed like a sad life to clean blood off her kids clothes for a living. "But there are other ways to express yourself," Abby reminded her mother. Abby never did understand the murders.
Dawson didn't want to take Scarlet to a party, knowing she would find out about the other girls. "Not tonight, but next time I get to go with one ill take you."

"Everyone has their own ways." Genevieve noted kindly. She didn't want Abby to go off again about her families habits.


"You never take me anymore. They were so much fun." Scarlet pouted. They made it easy to forget her life when she was around normal people.

"I know," Abby spoke as she rolled her eyes. She didn't understand why her family needed to murder people or being weird. Because of this, Abby felt lumbar added by her family, almost a little hateful.
"I know but it's midterms time," Dawson reminded her. "No one wants to party."

Genevieve pushed her daughters hair behind her ear so she could see her face. "Don't be like this Abby..we have to support them."


"No one but me." Scarlet smirked. "So what are we doing today?"

Abby frowned at her mother. Her mother didn't understand. She got to choose this life. Abby was born into it every day. What was worse was that she couldn't share with anyone, not eve Abel. Her family would be caught if she did. "You don't understand," she said to her mother. "You never will."
"I thought we could go to supper tonight," Dawson offered. "Maybe cuddle and watch a movie."

"I understand." Genevieve informed her. "You think this is wrong and you just want a normal family- one you can introduce your friends to without giving them a heads up to clean up any blood in the house."


"Well we've got a whole day until then. Whatever will we do with the time?"  Scarlet smirked and rubbed her foot against his.

Abby looked away from her mom. "So why can't I have that? Why can't I have friends who I don't have to tell my siblings not to kill." Abby was angry now. Instead of talking about it though, she grabbed her bag and went upstairs. She wasn't going to school today, not after all of this.
"Dawson smirked. "I have a few ideas."

Genevieve shook her head and let her go. Abby was the only one to never warm up to her their families lifestyle but she still hoped she'd come around eventually.


"Why don't you tell me about them?" Scarlet smirked and leaned in closer to him.

Gage really just wanted to tell him to f*ck off and leave her alone but even though she was so scared of being tricked again, she was still a girl who wanted to go on a date with a hot guy. "Fine..Fine...sure..Where are you gonna take me?"

"Hey Ma, if I have a freak out about dad chopping people up and Carver using them for arts and craft....Can I not go to work today?" Jax asked with his tradmark sh*t eatter grin. He was more than alittle immature for being the oldest kid. It wouldnt matter if he was fifty, he would still be a evil little sh*t head.


Jake didn't even give his wife time to respond. " No Jax, you will be dropping Teddy off at school then going to work and after that you will pick him up from school. Now you two get your asses going." He folded his paper up and set it down on the table before looking at his wife. " Do you want me to talk to Abby or do you have this one..."

"Love you Jax." Teddy smiled through a mouthful of eggs.

Jax let out a loud huff before glanceing over at his brother. "I love you too Teddy Bear. Now hurry up and I may get you starbucks before I drop you off at school."

"Theres an art gallery downtown. Have you ever been?" Carver asked curiously. He hoped she liked art like they way he did.

"Best brother ever." Teddy said sarcastically, picking up his bookbag, and grabbing his bagged lunch off the counter "Thanks for lunch Mommy."

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