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JAx looked up from his plate of bacon and scoffed. " Abby dear, I use my smarts for good. I am a very valued shelf stocker at wal mart." He said with a snort. JAx was always very smart in high school but he really was to lazy to work.

"Yeah I know. I was the one who got the nurse for you." Carver pointed out. He didn't expect her to remember since she blacked out. "I don't think your weird because your brain gets overheated every once in a while. I learned all about it in health class." he teased, hoping to loosen her up.

Gage gave him a small smile as she nervously played with her curly hair. " Well I think you are weird for being at this library this early and and talking to me but weird is good. Its more...exciting than normal."

"I agree." Carver said with a laugh. "Normal is overrated. Freaks are much more fun."

"They could train a monkey to do your job," Abby teaed her brother with a lauh. "Seriously Jax if you put half of the effort into college as you do with your killings, you could be the genius child."
Dawson smirked. He could be romantic if he wanted to be but really didn't was a lot of effort which she could put into something else.

Well spend the night and ill prove it all night long

*You'll have to romance me first babe.* Scarlet texted, though she looked forward to their night together.

Dawson rolled his eyes before grabbin his bag and heading out the door.

Fine then, your wish is my command I have to get going to class though, see you at ten?

*I'll be there.* Scarlet texted back quickly. She really wanted to see him.

Dawson smiled before putting his phone in his pocket and began flirting with some cute blonde from the seat behind him.

Scarlet finished her breakfast before heading out. She didn't want to go to school since she'd only be there for an hour anyways. She stopped at the drug store to pick up a few necessities for her night with Dawson before heading to the coffee shop to wait for him.

Sorry I didn't realize this had started :S

What did I miss?

they're all just eating breakfast but Carver and Scarlet already left. i think thats about it. =]

Gage watched him carefully, still trying to figure out what his deal was. She new getting friendly with someone like him would only get her hurt. She frowned slightly as she tugged on the sleves of her sweater. " You know..if you talking to me is just some kind of joke you have with your friends or you lost a bet...Ive been through worse but I will still be pissed."

Usaully when people gave him the you could be so much more if you apply yourself talk, he just rolls his eyes and says something ratehr rude but he just grinned at his sister before stealing some toast off her plate. " But kid, you never know fun, until you join the family buisness."

Carver was surprised that she was so defensive but with how much bullying she faced everyday, it would be stupid not to be cautious of a friendly gesture. The thought of anyone hurting her gave him the urge to kill. "I just wanted to talk to you. I've never been one to give you hell." he pointed out. "I'll leave you alone if you really want me to?" he shrugged, hoping she wouldn't mind him talking to her. He wanted to get to know her better.

Abby didn't eve care that her toast was gone, still having those butterflies in her stomach. "No way, it's much more fun to go to animal rights meeting. Don't you know that killing something innocent is horrible." Abby said the last part teasing. Most teens in her situation would be hateful about her families situation. As horrible as it was, Abby was able to joke about it.
Dawson smiled as he saw Scarlet in the coffee shop. She was looking so damn hot. "Hey babe," he said as he entered the shop. "How's your day?

"Better now that your here." Scarlet smiled stood from her seat to greet him.

Gage let out something between a huff and a sigh before wrapping her arms around herself. " Fine, stay..but if this is a joke..Im going to be pissed."

"I promise its not a joke." Carver assured her and gave her his innocent smile.

Jax chuckled and rolled his eyes slightly as he shoved somemore bacon in his mouth. " Maybe I should go to animal rights meetings, I really do enjoy killing a*sholes who dont bath or like bacon."

"Fine." Gage set her books down and nodded. " What do you want to talk about then CArver?"

Carver smiled at the way she said his name, even if she was saying with distaste. "Anything you want." he offered with his dashing smile that most girls swooned over. "Are you early like this every day?"

Gage shoved her book in her back pack knowing she wasnt going to get any reading done now. "My mom works early every morning and staying home alone is boring. So I come here and read. So basiclly everyday Im here."

Teddy walked into the kitchen yawning and stretching, he'd been up till 3am trying to catch up on some homework that he'd fallen behind on, and he was feeling pretty tired "Coffee." He groaned throwing himself into a chair.


When Bennette woke up her parents were already gone to work, there was no note, or lunchs prepared in a cute little lunch bag like there used to be when Victor was alive. Just a dark empty house. She sighed, pulling on some clothes she'd grabbed from her closet and walked out the door.  


"I'd kill for an empty house in the mornings." Carver half-joked. "My moms always home and shes kinda..smothering."

Jake looked over the news paper when his youngest finally joined them at the table. " No, you can have orange juice." He told him. " YOu can drink coffee when you are sixteen, it will stunt your growth." He said before taking a drink of his own cup of coffee.

Jax really enjoyed not haveing to do anything other than harass his siblings in the morning. HE reached over ruffling Teddys hair. " Ya teddy bear, you will always be that short if you drink coffee."

Gage snorted slightly and shook her head. " Is she the you must eat three heathy meals a day mother?"

Teddy scowled "Can I at least have some mountain dew?" He asked grumpily "I have a trig test today."
He looked over at his brother and with a flick of his hand shoved the coffee cup that his father had just set down so it slid off the table splashing Jax with hot coffee.

"Why are you so tired honey?" Genevieve asked as she placed a plate full of warm breakfast infront of him. She always worried about her youngest more than the others.

"And take all your vitamins." Carver laughed and nodded. "She'd be ok on her own but I'm the middle of 5 kids so its always hectic."

Jax jumped up out of his seat knocking the chair over. " Seriously you little sh*t head? I'm going to bash your face in." He swore as he picked up the coffee cup, tempted to throw it at Teddy's head. He really didn't mind alittle pain, he enjoyed it really but hot coffee on the balls was never a good thing.

"Jackson, dont you even think about throwing that at your brother and Teddy you get your ass up and make me a new coffee." Jack said never even looking up from his paper. He really missed the days where the kids didn't try to torture each other daily. "And after that both of you shut up and eat the delious breakfest your mother made."

Gage snorted and shook her head. " Five kids..I would rather be dead than have siblings. They are just so needy."

"Yeah I've wanted to kill them a few times myself." Carver smirked. "So your reading Carrie? Doesn't she end up killing everyone with her telekinetic powers?"

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