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Abby could feel her heart pound and her stomach do soumersaults all at the same time. The idea of meeting Abel excited Abby and made her scared all at the same time. What if she wasn't what Abel expected? What if he decided he didn't want anything to do with her? It was moments like this Abby wished she could be satisfied with just an only friendship.

I agree, I've been dying to meet the face behind our online chats.

"I'm just dandy brother." Scarlet gave a satirical grin. "I won't be at school much today, I'm meeting up with Dawson. So I'll need you to cover for me."


"I'm sure that will change in due time." Genevieve teased with a wink. She added some bacon to the eggs and got the food all nice and prepared.


Carver came back down freshly dressed in jeans, a plain white  t-shirt and black zip up hoodie, his hair still messy from sleep but thats usually how he liked to keep it. "I'll see you guys later. Bye mom." he pecked her cheek and headed out the door. "Have a nice day at school." Gen replied sweetly as he left.


He drove his old clunker to school and the fact that it didn't break down made him pretty proud of himself for his mechanic skills, even if he get it from a junkyard. Once he got to school he headed to the library in search of some art history book, and maybe some true crime book just for kicks- its where he got his real artistic skill from. The first thing he noticed was Gage studying away. She was scrawny and sickly looking, pale, crazy string hair. She looked so fragile and somewhat helpless- she was gorgeous to him. He didn't want some fake girl obsessed with appearence. He studied her face, neck, hands- anyplace he could see her skin. It was beautiful. He waned to carve it. She would surely be his finest creation but he wouldn't let himself hurt her. He just admired the day dream from a distance.

*I'd love to.* Scarlet smiled as she texted Dawson. She knew her parents wouldn't care if she stayed the night, but she couldn't let him know that. *Maybe I'll stay the night with a friend this week. ;] *

Dawson smirked a littl when he read her text. The isea of Scarlet staying the night was something exciting. There was risk, compared to his usual college flings.

Can't wait, maybe you should stay he week at a friends

"What did the chick say?" CAin asked peaking over Abel's shoulder.

"She's gonna meet me, but I wanna take a longer with her..Just let me do this one." Abel frowned at his older brother as he shoved him away from the screen

*We can meet somewhere like the mall so you will feel comfertable. You know the whole never meeting strangers in private places.*

Scarlet shook her head and laughed to herself at his text. *Your forgetting I'm in highschool. I can't just drop and go as I please unlike some people.*

Abby smiled with excitment at the idea. Although her parents wre against meeting anyone you met online, Abby wasn't going to let that hold her back. She wanted to meet Abel so badly.

Sounds great, you pick the time and ill be there.
Dawson frowned. Sure, he couldn't have her over for the week but he could always dream. That was one of the things he hated about Scarlet the most. It was fun to be with a younger girl but he couldn't have her whenever he wanted.

Damnit, graduate faster

*I'm going as fast as I can babe. Have patience.* Scarlet sent back. She couldn't wait to be done with school and be free to be with Dawson whenever she wanted.


((what does Dawson look like?))

Jax frowned at that before taking a sip from his orange juice. " I'm not sure about that kid, I dont like this dawson guy. Give me twenty bucks and I'll cover for ya." He smirked at his baby sister.


"It better, I like being the big star on the news." He chuckled as he plopped the plate of toast infront of the kids.


Gage ran her finger under the line of words in her book, softly reading out loud because she new she would be alone for atleast a hour and it helped her remeber more of it. She stopped when she felt eyes on her, he head shot up and she looked at CArver with wide eyes. He always seemed to be lurking in the corners looking at her. He was probably just doing it to be mean to her. Everyone just played jokes on the weird loser. She glared at him before looking back down at her very worn copy of CArrie.

*What about today once your done class, we can go and see a movie?* Abel sent it with a slight smile before turning and glaring at CAin who was laughing.

Abby couldn't help but smile at the idea. A movie date with Abel would be the perfect way to end her day.

Sounds like a great idea. Meet you at five?

"Sorry. I don't like wasting money. But I can get my friend Sadie to give you a BJ. She has a huge crush on you." Scarlet counter offered.


"You gotta get out there and make it happen then." Gen pointed out as she served breakfast.


Carver gave her a smile and looked back to the books in his hands, though he wasn't really paying attention to them. His thoughts were still on Gage and as much as he knew better, he decided to make some friendly communication. He walked by her and sat at the table across from her but where he could still face her. "Your here a lot." he noted casually.

(Dark hair with tan skin, fairly athletic. I have a pictures can post sometime, I just need to get on my computer since my phone let me paste)

Dawson frowned. Patience wasn't something he excelled in and was on the list of things he did often. That was partof the reason he had so many flings.

Well patience is tough, especially when I just want you in my bed every night

*Okay darling, I'll meet you in the food court at five. You better finish getting ready for school. Have a good day* Abel racked his fingers though his hair with a grin. A night away from cain was always good.

((that sucks u gotta use your phone. =P ))


*I'd love to be there everynight. We'll just have to use our time together very wisely. ;] * Scarlet smirked to herself as she texted him back.

"Which one is sadie again? Big **bleep** or big ass?" Jax asked with a lewd grin. Even though they were young enough to get him in trouble.


" You know, I dont think many men would have a wife that encourages them to kill people. I am so lucky." JAke grinned as he started eatting his breakfest.


Gage barely looked up from the book when she heard him speak. " No one bothers me in here. Its peaceful and usaully quiet."

You too, text me if you get bored," Abby offered with a smile, hoping that he would. "Have fun in history :p"
Abby turned off her computer. She couldn't help but have a huge grin on her face thanks to Abel. Grabbing her bag, she went downstairs to have breakfast.
Dawson smirked, thinking of all of the things he and Scarlet could do. He could hardl wait to see her again.

Sounds great, then next year you're mine ;p

"Her boobs have their own zip code." Scarlet informed him. "If you want ass though, that would be Mindy. She might need more convincing."


"Whatever makes my hubby happy." Gen smiled at her man. She'd pride herself on being a supportive wife and mother.


"Yeah thats why I like coming here too." Carver smirked and looked around at the empty library, ignoring her obvious jab at him. He looked back at her and saw her beautiful pale skin meet the dark circled eyes. He loved it. "I'm Carver by the way."

Scarlet was happy when he mentioned they'd have a future together. She really didn't want to kill him off, she wanted him to love her forever. *I'll always be yours.*

Dawson smirked, excited to hear those words. He didn't lke sharing his toy, although he felt it was okay to **bleep** more than one girl at once.

I'm glad to hear you're as serious about that as I am.

*All go with boobs, if I wanted ass..well I can look at my own." JAx smirked as he stuffed a few pieces of bacon in his mouth.

 Jack gave his son a look for being rude before looking up when his youngest girl came in the kitchen. " Morning Abby, I thought I was going to have to send jax up there to get you up. What were you doing?"


Gage closed the book, when it seemed carver did not get the hint. " I'm Gage, didnt find any books?" She asked noticing his empty table.

"Your such a freak." Scarlet rolled her eyes and looked back to her phone as she ate breakfast.


"Not yet. Nothing thats interesting anyway." Carver said with a shrug. "What are you reading these days, Gage?" he asked with a sly smile. He already knew her name but it just tasted so sweet saying it outloud.

*So why do you want me when you could have sorority girls?* Scarlet asked as the thought lingered.

"I overslept," Abby told her fayher, bringing a blush to her cheeks. Abby was more like her mother than any of her other siblings, but got an amazing gift of lying from her dad. Sh could fool him every time. "I guess I stayed up too late finishing my English paper." Abby grabbed the plate without the bacon. Even though she practically grew up to be a killer she still couldn't think of an innocent creature being hurt even if it was an animal.
You're so exciting compared to those girls. You can holds conversation and you have so much more confidence than those girls. I think it's sexy as hell." Dawson was being honest, something he didn't do often.
Gage lifted the book up to show him. " Carrie by stephen king. Its ironic I know." She said tucking some thick blond hair behind her ears. " This may make me seem weirder then I am..but why are you talking to me?"

Jake knew something was fishy with Abby but the girls could really get away with anything. JAke had a soft spot of them. He nodded and grinned slightly. " Right, you gonna get a !. my genus child?"

*Your just trying to get laid aren't you?* Scarlet teased. She loved how sweet he was to her. She didn't want that to change.

"Your here, I'm here. Why not converse?" Carver said with a shrug. He thought it was cute how inquisitive she was.

"Of course," Abby spoke with a smile as she began to play with her eggs. She coul hardy eat when she thought about meeting Abel this afternoon. She was so excited and so nervous at the same time. "Someone has to use their genius for good in the family," she said, teasing her father alightly. Her entre family was smart but they used their smarts to kill people, not to do well in school.
It be nice, he teased with a smile. "But I'm seriousScarlet, youre so much better than hose girls."

*Well your just gonna have to prove it to me. =] * Scarlet texted back, feeling the butterflies again. She always got them when he was sweet.

" Because, no one talks to me. People leave weird people like me alone. " Gage told him bluntly. " I'm the girl who had a sezuire in gym class and needed my lip stiched back together."
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