The Killers Next Door RPG

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"Me too." Teddy told her.

"Everyones going to think I'm pregnant." Prue laughed.

"No they won't." Teddy laughed "No one has shotgun weddings anymore."

"They do if they're only 16." She laughed.

"Well who cares what they think anyways." Teddy shrugged "I mean you aren't.......are you?" He added half joking.?

"No." Pure laughed. "Definitely not."

"Good." Teddy laughed "Let's get out of here." He said.

"Lets." Prue nodded in agreement.

"Teddy you can take the truck back." Jake told his son handing her the keys "Take your wife out for a nice dinner first."

"We going to dinner dressed like this?" Prue smiled.

"We can go home and change First." Teddy laughed "We might get stared at."

"I love this dress though." Prue smiled and looked down at the lace.

Teddy smiled "you do look beautiful."

"Thank you." Prue smiled. "I wouldn't want to spill anything on this though. Lets go change."

Teddy smiled "Maybe this means we can share a room." Teddy told her.

"They'd have to let us now." Prue smiled.

Teddy kissed her "Let's get going."

Prue smiled and went to the truck.

Teddy got into the car and they drove back to their house.?

"I love my ring." Prue smiled as she looked down at it. It was a little loose on her finger but she thought it was perfect.

(Oh she totally needs to lose it at some point!)

"I love that you love it." Teddy smiled.

(that would be sad)

"Its really beautiful." Prue smiled at him.

(she'll find it again XD. Just like a dramatic moment where her ring goes missing)
"Just like you." Teddy smiled giving her a kiss. ?

"I love you." Prue grinned, feeling so happy to be his wife.

"I love you too." Teddy smiled starting the car.

Prue smiled and held his hand as he drove.

Teddy pulled into the driveway and got out "Ok let's hurry up and get changed."?

Prue went inside and changed into?a dress Scarlet gave to her before stepping out to find Teddy. "Ready to go?"

(her dress- )

"Woah cute dress." Teddy said, his eyes couldn't help but wander to the somewhat plunging neckline of the sundress.

"Thank you." Prue smiled. "You don't think its too much?"

"No I like looking a your boobs." Teddy grinned.

"I don't want anyone else to look." Prue laughed and covered her chest with her hand.

"I won't let them." Teddy laughed.

"You going to poke everyones eye out?" Prue teased.

"Maybe." Teddy teased.

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