The Killers Next Door RPG

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"They'll have to." Teddy said.

"They can say no." She pointed out.

"They won't." Teddy said.

(Then they need to turn 17 soon so that Prue can get knocked up with Theo)

(no worries, they'll murder some peeps to kill time)

"Should we go ask?" Prue smiled. She never wanted anything more to marry him.

"Yeah." Teddy said taking her hand and hoping to god they said yes.

(Also a lawyer should come talk to Prue about Sebastians house and estate or whatever)


Prue went back out to the kitchen and saw that John was finally home and chatting with Gen. "Can we talk?" she asked them.
"Yeah. We were just trying to figure out how to get you to stay." Gen told them.
"We actually figured it out." Prue said and looked to Teddy.

"If you give us and Prue can get married." He said "And then she can stay."

"Oh.." Gen was shocked at the proposition. She wasn't against it but they were still so young. "What do you think?" she asked her husband.

John looked thoughtful "I mean we werent much older than them when we got married." He pointed out.

"We weren't 16." Gen said and looked back at them. "Getting married is a big deal. It's more than just living together. Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes." Teddy said "I love Prudence and I know she's the only one I want to be with. We can't be seperated. Not after everything we've been through."

John shrugged "I mean they'll just run away or find some way to do it without us." He pointed out to Gen.

Gen thought about what they said before agreeing. "Lets get to the courthouse before they close."

(Gen should give Prudence her wedding dress)

"Seriously?" Teddy asked "Thank you!"

Gen smiled and got up to hug them. "My babies are getting married. I feel like just yesterday Teddy was telling us about this girl he met at school."

"All right no time for sentimentals. Let's get rolling." John said.

"You should wear my wedding dress." Gen suggested.?
"No that's too much." Prue said, already feeling like they'd done too much for her.?
"Nonsense, you're wearing it. It's just a simple white dress, nothing fancy or poofy. It'll be perfect for an elopement." Gen explained.

"Come on son." John said "Do you still have that suit I bought you for for Prom?"
"Yeah." Teddy said.

"We need to hurry. This has to be done today." Gen said and took Prue to her and Johns room to give her the dress.?

"We're hurrying Genny. Take a breath." John said.

Gen rolled her eyes at her husbands comment and got Prue into her wedding dress. "It's a little loose but it'll work."?
"Can I see?" Prue asked before turning to look in the mirror. She was surprised to see herself actually look like a bride.?

Teddy fiddled with his tie "We don't have rings." Teddy told his Dad "Is that a problem?"
"We can hit up a pawn shop on the way over." John told him.

Gen pulled Prues hair back into a bun and touched up her makeup before going to check on the boys. "Is the groom ready?"

"Yeah. Wanna drive seperately? It's bad luck to see the bride and all." John told his wife.

"We'll give you a head start." Gen said, figuring Prue could use a few extra minutes to get ready.

"Ok. Come on Ted lets go." John said "Let the girls do gheir thing."

"We'll see you soon." Gen smiled before going to back Prue.

Teddy and John got into the car and headed out.

Gen finished with Prue and took her to the courthouse to meet up with her fiance.

Teddy sat in the hallway of the courthouse waiting for their turn. He held the ringbox with the wedding bands John had helped him pick out.
"Smith and Littleson you're up." A secritary called waving them over.

Gen insisted Prue wait outside until they were ready for her. She didn't want Teddy to see his bride before the ceremony. She ran out to get her once the secretary called them up. "Its time!"
Prue took a deep breath and walked inside. She was getting nervous but she wanted to do this. Gen led her to the room and she instantly smiled when she saw Teddy. "Hi."

"Hi." Teddy smiled taking her hand

The judge began to officiate and stopped when they were to exchange rings. "Do we have rings?"

"Yes." Teddy said pulling the rings out of his pocket "I hope you like it."

"I love it." Prue grinned. She wasn't expecting him to have rings.

the judge went through the rest of the vows.?
"Theodore do you take Prudence to be your lawfully wedded wife?" He asked?
"I do." Teddy said?
"Prudence do you take Theodore to be your lawfully wedded husband?"?

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