The Killers Next Door RPG

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Prue nodded before seeing Gen and Teddy come back. "Hi. I'm Genevieve." she said and shook their hands.

"Hi. I'm afraid we have some news about Prudences srep father." The social worker said.

"What news would that be?" Gen asked, even though Teddy already filled her in.

"We have someone in custody for his murder." The police officer said.
"I have to discuss custody arrangements." The social worker said.

"Please, sit down." Gen asked as she showed them to the kitchen table.

"Sebastian didn't leave a will and Prudence has no other family." The social worker said sitting at the table.

"We're happy to keep her if thats what this is about." Gen said as she sat down.

"Is it correct that Prudence is in a.....romantic relationship with your son, Mrs. Smith?" The social worker asked.

Gen cleared her throat and sat up straighter. "She is, but they sleep in seperate rooms and we enforce very strict rules regarding their relationship."

"Unfortunately CPS has very strict rules about fraternisation." She said "Prudence will need to be placed in another foster home."

"Isn't there anyway around that? She's been through so much and she's doing well with us. We'd hate to see her put in another home." Gen asked politely.?
"Yeah you can't do that!" Prue yelled. She wasn't going to be separated from Teddy.

"I'm sorry. I wish there was another way but it's a legal issue. There are foster homes within the school district they would still be able to see each other." The social worker said. She hated the situation as much as they did. The Smiths seemed to be a well adjusted family.

"What if I'm emancipated? I can choose where I live then right?" Prue asked her.?

"Well yes....I suppose but you have to go through a lot of hoops for emancipation.

"Would she be placed with another family until a judge signs off on an emancipation?" Gen asked. They didn't want her going with anyone else, no matter how short of a time.?

"Yes." The social worker said "And they'd have to be a registered foster parent."

"So there's no way I can stay here?" Prue asked as she tried not to cry.

"Not at this time. No." The social worker said "I'll give you some time to get your affairs in order, but I'll have to come back and take you to another foster home tonight." She told Prue.?

"I have to leave tonight?" Prue asked in shock. She couldn't leave Teddy and live with some strangers.

"Yes I'm sorry. " The social worker said "I'll give you a few hours to pack." She said getting up to leave.?

"Thank you for coming over to tell us in person." Gen said kindly. She wasn't sure how to get around this but she knew they'd figure it out.

"I'll do everything I can to make sure she's placed in a home nearby." The social worker said as she shook Gens hand and walked out the door.?

"so that's it? I can't live here anymore?" Prue said to Teddy as she started to cry.?

Teddy hugged her "We'll figure something out we always do." He said.?

(He should propose when she's packing. that way Gen isn't awkwardly just there lol)

(Lol yes)

"How? we can't just kill the entire foster care system." Prue pointed out.

"I wasn't planning on it." Teddy smirked "I'll help you pack, I guess." He sighed.?

"I hate this." Prue said and wiped her eyes as she walked to her room to pack.

"I'll get your suitcase." Teddy said mulling things over in his head.

Prue went to her drawers and started pulling her clothes out.

Teddy came into her room and shut the door he set the suitcase down and stood silently forva few minutes "What if we got married." He said finally breaking the silence.

"What?" Prue spun to face him. Of course she wanted to marry him someday but it didn't seem likely at 16. "Are you serious? I that even possible?"

"We just need a guardian to sign off on it." Teddy said "Seriously. They can't seperate us if we're married. I know I dont have a ring for you but...." he got down on one knee.

"You're serious?" Prue couldn't help but grin. "Yes, of course it's yes."?

Teddy grinned and kissed her "We gotta do it today." He pointed out "Before they take you away. My Mom and Dad are still your guardians until then."

"Will they agree?" Prue asked, worrying his parents would be reluctant.

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