The Killers Next Door RPG

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"Doesn't mean I'm happy about this." Prue told him. "I hate you, I just love my family more."

"I really don't care." Officer Morris smirked "Your a pretty girl whether you hate me or not." He said stroking her cheek.

"Can I ask you something?" Prue said. "Why don't you have a wife or a girlfriend? You're good looking and you're probably capable being nice."

"This is more fun." Morris shrugged wrapping an arm around Prue and pinching her behind.
Teddy and Carver were laying in wait. Waiting for the best time to strike and take Morris out
"This guy is such a dick." Teddy muttered.

"You'll get to save your damsel in distress. Just wait." Carver told him.
"You call it fun I call it blackmail." Prue smirked.

"The two aren't mutually exclusive." Morris shrugged
Teddy grumbled "Can I shoot his dick off?"

"They are for me." Prue pointed out.
"Course. Just let me cut him up after." Carver grinned.

"We gotta make it look like a mob hit." Teddy reminded him "Maybe next time."
"What you think isn't important." Morris told her.

"Why would the mob shoot his dick off?" Carver pointed out.
"Fine. Lets get this over with." She said, taking off his police belt so he wouldn't have his gun on him.

"Maybe the hitman has a grudge." Teddy smirked.

"Well you get right to the point." Morris grinned.

"Against his dick?" Carver smirked.
"Why waste time?" Prue pointed out.

"Maybe he slept with the hitmans daughter." Teddy shrugged waiting for Prues signal.

"There a bed here or we doing this on the floor?" Prue asked, running a hand through her hair which signaled Teddy and Carver.

"A bed?" Morris smirked "You think a whore like you deserves a bed?"
Teddy was glad she'd given the signal because he was going to kill him either way. He came out of his hiding spot and pressed the gun against Morris' head "On your knees." He said not wanting to hit Prue with a stray bullet.

"alright, take it easy." Morris got down and held his hands up.
"You're disgusting." Prue spat at him.

"Fuck you." Teddy said pulling the trigger.

Prue flinched when the gun went off and the blood?splashed on her. "We done?"

"Yeah." Teddy said wiping the splatter of blood off his face.

"Let's go." Pure said, wanting to forget about all this.

"Are you ok?" Teddy asked "He didn't hurt you or anything."?

"No he barely touched me." She assured him.?

(On let it snow, after the nanny drama ends I thought mark should get jealous since it's always allie whose jealous. He could find out she was engaged in college and never told him)

"Ok let's go." Teddy said "We can tip off the police at the gas station payphone."?

"Let him rot." She said, not caring if he wasn't found for weeks.

"As soon as they pronounce him dead this whole thing is over." Teddy pointed out "We don't need people investigating us more."?

"We should forge some documents first." Prue said, realizing they could close Sebastians case too. "Make it look like he killed Sebastian. 2 birds, one bullet."

"Yeah?" Teddy said "What did you have in mind. Plant something here?"?

"We can still break into his house..leave something in his files. Make a letter from a loan shark threatenting to kill?him like he killed his pal Sebastian if he doesn't pay up." Prue suggested.

"What do you think Carver?" Teddy asked "Think it'll work?"?

(Oh they should send a bunch of threatening texts from a burner phone!)?

"No reason why it shouldn't." Carver nodded. "We should get one of those untraceable phones and send him messages. Leave a trail of threats leading up to his execution."

"All right let's go." Teddy said.

"We should've thought about all this before. We got sloppy." Prue said, worrying that it would look set up.

"Well you should have come up with this idea sooner." Teddy smirked.

(Good to know we'd both make terrible serial killers)

"I was more worried about him killing you." Prue pointed out.

(but we'd take out a lot of people)

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