The Killers Next Door RPG

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Carver smiled and moved his hips slow. "You want to kill people with me?"

"I could help." Gage breathed heavily

"And you'd want to fuck while they die?" Carver smirked at her as he kept going slow to drive her crazy.

"That was the plan." Gage moaned wriggling in anticipation.
"Did you hear a car?" Teddy asked looking up from the paperwork.

"I love you." Carver smiled and picked up the pace again.
"Did you?" Prue asked before going to the window. "Shit! Its Morris!"

"I love you too." Gage moaned.
"That stupid ass Carver was supposed to call us." Teddy said "Quick. Climb out the window."

Carver went harder, almost not caring if he hurt her. He was too into the video to stop.
Prue went to the window and tried to lift it but it wouldn't move. "Its locked."

Gage was amazed by his pure animal lust she wondered what he would be like with the real thing.
"Fuck." Teddy cursed "Find somewhere to hide."

"Fuck, you there yet?" Carver breathed. He couldn't hold back much longer.
Prue went to his bedroom and hid under the bed. She figured it would be the safest.

"Uh huh." Gage moaned her whole body quaking.
Teddy scooted underneith with her "fuck I'm gunna kill Carver." He whispered angrily.

Carver pounded into her hard as he came, letting out a string of curses.
"we have to get out of here first." Prue whispered.

Gage panted and sat up looking for her jeans ".....Where's Morris' car?"

"Shit, we missed him!" Carver said as he put his clothes back on. He quickly texted Teddy. *we lost Morris.*

Teddys phone beeped when he got his text and he frantically fumbled to put it on mute before Morris hesrd it.

"What do we do?" Prue mouthed to Teddy. She was scared Morris would find them.

Teddy pressed his finger to his lips. They'd have to wait for Morris to fall asleep and make a run for it.

Prue put her head down. She felt like she used to feel when she hid from Sebastian.

Detective Morris unlocked his door and went straight to the liquor cabinet. He'd put money on a horse race and lost bad. He needed a stiff drink or 20 to numb the disapointment.

Prue heard Morris come in and she tried to listen to where he was going. If he would stay put, maybe they could sneak out.

Morris flopped down onto the couch with a bottle of whiskey ?drinking straight from the bottle "Do you hear him?" Teddy whispered as quietly as possible

Prue shook her head. She couldn't hear anything. "we need to run."

"Just wait." Teddy whispered "We can't run if we don't have a way out."

"We could make a distraction?" Prue said.

"Good idea." Teddy said pulling out his phone, making sure it was on mute he texted Carver back.
*still in house. Create diversion* he typed.

*they need us to create a diversion." Carver told Gage.

"What? Why?" Gage asked.

"Morris is there." He told her. "I've got to ram his car or something. Get him to come outside."

"He's home!?" Gage gasped "And they haven't left yet!"

"They're stuck inside." Carver said as he drove toward the house.

"Fuck." Gage said running a hand through her hair "I can knock on the door. Pretend I need help or something."

"Fuck." Gage said running a hand through her hair "I can knock on the door. Pretend I need help or something."

"I'll park up the block. If he sees me, he'll know wer'e helping Ted." Carver said.

"I can be sneaky give me credit." Gage told him "just drop me off a block away."

"Call me if theres any problem." He said as he parked the car.

"I will." Gage said walking up the street. She knocked on Morris' door.

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