The Killers Next Door RPG

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Gage smiled "What bout the stakeout?"

"it adds to the excitement." Carver smirked.

"Is this nancy drew thing a turn on for you?" She grinned

"You're always a turn on for me." Carver smiled and leaned over to kiss her.

Gage kissed him back wrapping her arms around him

Carver pulled her closer as he kissed her.

"Good thing there's no one around." Gage grinned against his lips

"Very good thing." Carver said and kissed her neck.

"Should we move to the backseat?" Gage asked

"Fine by me." Carver said and moved to the back. "This Nancy Drew thing?a turn on for you?" he teased.

"How could you tell?" Gage teased pulling at his shirt.?

"Lucky guess." He said as he tossed his shirt to the side and pulled at hers.

Gage grinned "You know me too well." She said tugging at his belt.

"You know me too." He smiled and undid her jeans.

"In the biblical sense?" Gage teased.

"In whatever sense you want." He smirked and pulled off her jeans.

"That means the way." Gage laughed.

"You know I never made it to Sunday school." Carver teased.

"No I suppose you wouldn't have." Gage grinned.?

"I learned other things though." Carver smirked and slipped off her underwear.

"Yeah?" She breathed "I think you should show me."

Carver smiled at her?and left kisses?down her chest and abdomen.

Gage wriggled under his touch "Tickles." She breathed heavily.?

"it won't." Carver smirked and kissed her thigh before using his mouth on her.

Gage inhaled sharply at the feeling her back arching slightly

Carver held her hips and licked her sweet spot, wanting to make her feel good.

Gage moaned at the feeling.
Meanwhile officer Morris got back in his car and headed home.

Carver pulled away and got his pants down before?thrusting into Gage, moaning as he did. He was too distracted to notice Morris leave.

Gage moaned "best stakeout I've ever been on." Gage moaned

"Me too." Carver breathed before grabbing his phone and playing the snuff film he was watching earlier. He had a sick fetish but he didn't care. He watched it as he thrusted harder.

Gage moaned and arched her back.
"You really like those?"

"I get off on em." Carver smirked and kissed her neck as he listened to the video. "I mostly love the blood."

Gage paused "Would you like it better if it was happening in real time..." she asked him gripping his shoulder.

"Be even better if I saw it in person." Carver admitted.

"What if....we did?" Gage moaned.

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