The Killers Next Door RPG

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"We take another road and pop out ahead of him." Carver explained.
Prue looked around and found some papers on his coffee table. "Look at this." she said as she started going through the papers. "he's investigating your whole family?"

"Well aren't you james bond." Gage smiled.
Teddy looked at the papers "What a fucking stalker." He grumbled.

"Just call me 007." Carver teased.
"You think he's told anyone?" She asked him.

Gage smiled "You gotta wear the suit though."
"No way. This is totally illegal. He's doing this off the books or we'd have more than just him after us." Teddy told her.

"I wore it at prom." Carver smirked.
"This is a list of open homicides." Prue said as she looked over the list. "Your family killed all these people?" she asked, surprised at how long it was.

"I don't see why you don't wear it all the time." Gage smiled.
"Well most of them." Teddy shrugged

"Because I would stand out a lot." He smirked.
"Thats a lot." Prue said as she looked at all the names.

"So does James Bond. But he's still the international man of mystery." Gage teased "Shit where's he going?" She asked.?
?"Yeah. A lot of people deserved it." Teddy shrugged.?

"I'll circle back." Carver said as he drove the car around.
"How so?" Prue asked. "All of these people killers?"

"Should we tell Teddy?" Gage asked "Do you think he'sgoing back home?"
"What all the sudden you feeling guilty?" Teddy asked.

"He didn't even stop. Why would he take a 10 minute joy ride for nothing?" He pointed out.
"Only if innocent people are being killed for taking your moms parking spot at the grocery store or cutting your dad off in traffic." Prue said.

"I dunno maybe he noticed us." Gage said feeling nervous.?
"Who do you think we are?" Teddy asked feeling genuinly offended that Prue would even think that "We don't kill people for being kind of obnoxious or else there wouldn't be anyone left alive in this town."?

"Doubtful." Carver assured her and took a back road. He'd circle around the block so Morris would never see them.
"Well this is a lot of people. What did they do to justify being murdered?" Prue asked him.

Gage watched as Morris' car pulled into some abandoned warehouse or factory looking thing
"I don't know I don't have a fucking spreadsheet." Teddy said "Why don't you ask the Smiths that actually did it." ?He pointed out "We don't have time for this right now."?

Carver pulled off into a wooded area so they wouldn't be spotted. "wonder whats in there." he said as he took pictures on his phone.
"Why are you yelling at me?" Prue said defensively. "I believed you when you said you kill those who deserve it but how can a hundred people in one town deserve it?"

"Something sketchy that's for sure." Gage said.
"I told you I don't know."Teddy said "Half of these might not even be us. This is just all the unsolved murders and disappearances." He explained "And I'm not yelling."

"We'll look into it later." Carver told her. "Maybe it's his personal kill spot." he teased.
"Yes you are." Prue told him. "I don't want to fight. Just do whatever you need to do." she siad before getting up to check the other rooms.

"Hes probably just buying drugs." Gage laughed.
"They why did you start the fight." Teddy muttered under his breath as she walked away.

"I wouldn't be surprised." He laughed.
Prue went into his room and started looking through his drawers.

So what do we do? Just hide in the bushes and watch?" Gage asked.
Teddy gathered up the paperwork and shoved it into his jacket .

"Pretty much." Carver said. "wait for him to leave."
Prue found papers similar to Sebastians. Ones that documented how much money he owed to loan sharks.

"You bring binoculars?" Gage half teased "I'm feeling very Nancy Drew right now."
Teddy pulled out his cellphone and dialed Carvers number.

"No binoculars. But if you wanted, I could make you feel something else right now." Carver smirked before hearing his phone. He answered when he saw it was Teddy. "You find anything over there?"

"Yeah a list of all the unsolved murders in town. Now Prue thinks we're evil." Teddy sighed.

"Gage went through that phase." Carver said and smiled over at her. "she'll come around. Find anything else?"

"Not yet. Prues upstairs looking." Teddy said "What's Morris doing?"

"We don't know. He went into this abandoned warehouse." Carver told him.

(he should own the building and after they kill him, they could use it for their murders so if anyone ever found a body, thered be no link to them because its still in Morris' name.)

(Ooo i like it)

"Ok call me if you see anything." Teddy said hanging ul his phone

"Windows are boarded. They really want to keep hidden." Carver sait to Gage.

"Yeah that's usually what happens when you're dealing drugs." Gage joked.?

"He could be doing something else in there." he pointed out.

"Yeah maybe it's a fight club." She teased "Or an orgy."

"In that case we should join in." He teased her.

"Youre such a horndog." Gage smirked.

"I know." Carver smiled back.

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