The Killers Next Door RPG

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"And how many guys you lose your virginity to before me?" Carver smirked.

"At least 2 I think." Gage teased "It's this ruse I put on. I don't even actually have seizures."

"Sure you don't." Carver smirked at her.

"It was all a very the usual suspects twist wasn't it." Gage smirked.?

"I prefer snuff films but you know that." Carver grinned.

"You can't beat kevin spacey though." Gage said

"Put him in a snuff film, I'll watch." Carver teased.

"Only if he's the snuffer not the snuffee." Gage smirked.

"I don't care either way." He told her.

"Hey that cop guy is leaving." Gage said sitting up when she saw Morris' garage door start opening.

"Text Teddy, let him know the house is empty." he said as he started the car and followed Morris.

"Wonder if he's going to meet that mob guy or whatever." Gage said.
"Carver just texted. Coast is clear." Teddy said

"Maybe. It would be great if we got pictures of him for blackmail." Carver noted.
"What if he's got some home security system?" Prue asked him.

"I thought you wanted to kill him." Gage pointed out her lip twitching into a slight smirk.
"He doesn't." Teddy said "Besides Jax has got a job at AlarmTech now. He could just get us the password."

"I'd love to kill him." Carver grinned. "But he's Teddy and Prudence's prey, not ours."
"I'm worrying about security cameras." Prue explained.

"You love killing anyone." Gage smirked.
"He won't. Dirty cops dont want anything to incriminate them. Video tapes of them commiting crimes are incriminating." Teddy pointed out.

"It's art to me." He pointed out.?
"I didn't think of that." Prue said. "What about a guard dog?"

"Not widely recognized." Gage smirked "But still art in its own way."
"You can sing it to sleep like the disney princess you are." Teddy smirked.

"Its art to me." Carver grinned at her.
"Shut up." Prue rolled her eyes.

"Yeah but you're a freak." Gage teased.?
Teddy laughed "Everything will be fine, stop worrying."?

"Yes I am." Carver smirked. "But I'm a true artist."
"Its hard." She admitted. "I'm worried about anything that can seperate us."

"That you are." Gage smiled.
"Don't worry. I won't let anything happen." Teddy said.

"You could make some art too if you were ever interested." Carver pointed out.
"I trust you." Prue said honestly.

"Maybe. One step at a time."Gage told him.
"Good." Teddy said sneaking up to the back door

"I'll ease you into it." Carver offered.
Prue looked around and hoped no one was watching them.

"Hes turning don't lose him." Gage chided.
Teddy came up to the back door and picked the lock "I think I'm getting better at this."


"I'm on him." Carver said and followed the cop but stayed far back enough for him not to notice.
"We can add lock picking to your college application." Prue smirked.

"I don't think that's a skill polite society calls an advantage." Teddy smirked as the lock popped.
"Where do you think he's going." Gage asked, he was headed outskirts of the city.
(I figure they watch him exchanging money with some mob people.)

"You never know." Prue teased.
"Anyones guess." Carver shrugged. "He definitely doesn't want to be seen."

(they should lose him and he gets there while prue and teddy are still inside)

(Oooo i like it.)

"What if he figures out we're following him?" Gage asked.
"Lets hurry up and get this done. I don't want to be here any longer than I have to." Teddy said.

"He won't." Carver said and reached to hold her hand as he drove.
"What are we looking for exactly?" Prudence asked him.

"Pretty confident in that." Gage smirked.
"Any dirt he has on us." Teddy said "We gotta get it out of here so after he's gone nothing can come back to us."

"This isn't my first time." He pointed out. "Dad took us out tailing people for fun when we were kids."
"think he has a locked office like Sebastian?" She asked him.

"It's just there's not a lot of cars out this far." Gage shrugged.
"Not sure. He lives alone." Teddy said "Maybe he doesn't feel like he has to."

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