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"No I'm not busy." Carver assured her with a smile. "As long as sure you want to be seen in public with me." he teased at her.

Gage laughed softly as she shoved her books in her locker. " I guess I can manage being seen with you."

"Well if you can brave it then we should get going." Carver said as he played with his car keys.

"My teachers think hitting Brent repeatedly with a kickball is 'not the way we play dodge ball'." Teddy said using air quotes.

"Brents a dick. He deserves to get hit with a dodgeball." Prudene noted. He was one of he many who teased her.

"I didn't really want to go to biology anyways, so sure." Bennette said, she didn't really see the point in going to class anyways it's not like her parents would care either way, and if they did, maybe this was a way to get them to pay attention to her, skip class, wander into the street without looking both ways, get into cars with strangers.

Teddy smiled "See at least you understand." He laughed.

"He calls me Prude and winks at me all the time. Like he's waiting for me to prove him wrong." Prudence shuddered at the thought.

Teddy cringed "Ew. He's such a weird little troll." He told her. He swallowed nervously "I could walk you to class if you want..."

Prudence was surprised but glad someone was even taking the time to speak to her. "Okay." she shrugged shyly and stood up from the dirty steps. "Thanks."

"Cool." Teddy said picking up her bookbag , and Jax said he couldn't make friends.

"You never told me what your favorite Poe work was." Prudence pointed out.

"Pit and the Pendulum." Teddy told her

"Good choices." Prudence nodded as she thought of the stories. "Do you write?"

"No." Teddy told her "I find other outlets for my creativity..."

"Like what?" Prudence asked him curiously.

Teddy shrugged "Just normal stuff, it's not important." He lied, he didn't really want to scare her off by saying that he tortured neighbourhood pets and helped his family clean up their murder victims.

" you ready anything else? What about HP Lovecraft?" Prudence asked him.

Gage pulled on her back pack and nodded. " Alright, lets go before I change my mind." She smirked as she started walking towards the door.

Jax hopped up from the crib and brushed off his pants. He stuck he hand out to help her up. " Didnt your mom ever tell you not to get into cars with strange men?"

"I won't let you change your mind." Carver teased as he headed outside. He walked her to his car and opened the door for her.

"Love him." Teddy told her "I did my book report on the cats of ulthar."

"Not really."Bennette told him "I think it might have come up once but they don't exactly enforce anything."

Gage got in his car and laughed alightly. " I shouldnt be getting into cars with strangers."

"Well, I promise I wont chop you up into little pieces and make a lamp shade out of your skin." Jax grinned as he started the car up again.

"Is that when you got sent to the shrink?" Prudence teased.

"I'm not a stranger. I'm the guy you going to date tomorrow." Carver pointed out.

"True." Gage laughed softly. " But I still have never talked to you until you are still a stranger to me."

"How long do you have to know me until we're friends?" Carver smirked as he headed towards the mall.

"A lampshade?" Bennette asked with an amused quirk of the eyebrow as she got into the passenger seat of the car.

Teddy smirked "One of the reasons yeah."

"Oh ya human skin makes great lamp shades." Jax laughed. " But since you are probably bruised I wont make you into a lamp shade yet."

Bennette laughed "I bet they don't sell those at pottery barn."

" No but they should, I would make millions." Jax laughed as he pulled up to a coffee shop. " So what grade are you in? I'm not used to going for coffee with jail bait."

"I'm not surprised. You like anything a little dark and they think your a serial killer on the making." Prue rolled her eyes.
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