The Killers Next Door RPG

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The Smiths are like every normal family. There is a Mom and Dad with a handful of kids and a dog named Bundy. They even have a white picket fence, but this is just a cover-up for their real lives. Mommy may be normal but Daddy is the Highside Ripper. He is responsibe for 55 extremely violent murders since he was 25. He loves his wife and kids more than anything and is very good at making everything seem perfectly normal. Some of the kids are taking after their Daddy and they are raking up bodies as quick as their old man. Atleast in a big city stuff like this goes unnoticed. The Smith's are the perfect apple pie family, minus the bodies in the back yard.


(This is basicly a redue of meet the lawson but I want it violent!! So have fun)

*Genevieve Smith, 38
*Jake Smith, 44
*Scarlet Smith, 18

*Daughter 2
*Jax Smith, 19
*Carver Smith, 17

*Teddy Smith, 15


Plus Love interests for the kids
*Male love intrest(superchick)
*Gage Miller(me)
*Bennette Lark(nerfhearder)
*Prudence Littleton (CherryBomb)




Daughter 2/?


Way of killing

Genevieve Smith


Genevieve is the greatest mother a teen could ask for. She lets her kids get away with murder, literally. She finds her families hobby quite interesting. She doesn't mind what they do as long as they're home by dinner time and wash any blood off their hands. Her mind is stuck in a 50's sitcom; she wants everything to be perfect and she never gets angry. She always has a smile on her face, to the point where its kind of creepy. She cooks and cleans and takes care of her family and anything they need, even washing their bloody clothes. She loves her husband and children and if anyone ever threatened to hurt them or expose what they do, she wouldn't hesitate to kill.


Scarlet Smith


Scarlet, appropriately named after the color of blood, technically isn't a killer. She loves inflicting pain, typically on ex boyfriends. She seeks revenge on those who break her heart and she knows shes doing the world a favor so they can't hurt any other girls again. She'll drug them up with PCP and convince them that if they love her, they'll kill themselves for her, and she will too. Of course, she doesn't actually go through with it. Since they kill themselves, she doesn't consider herself a killer like the rest of her family. She's only manipulated 3 boyfriends into suicide.


Carver Smith




He uses carving tools then a hunting knife to finish them off.

Carver is the dashing, mysterious kid of the family. He doesn't talk a lot but he has a way of getting whatever he wants from a person when he does talk. He's killed some people, mostly bullies that picked on his brothers sisters. He doesn't like to admit it but there is something that he loves about killing. He's numb to the actual killing part but he finds putting a knife to someones skin and watching the blood run to be quite interesting. He likes to carve. Blame it on his name maybe but once the persons dead, he likes slicing up their skin; its an art form really- a human canvas. He's really into art and even uses blood for a lot of his paintings. He loves his family and aside from his art activities, he's a completely normal guy. He's killed about 5 people so far and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Can I be daughter 2 an a male love interest?

Ya sure :)

if u want to play Scarlets love interest, i was thinking she could be dating her potential 4th victim? u totally dont have to if u dont want to though. =P


Jake Smith, 44

Jake is the patriarch of the Smith family. He takes good care of his family and he would never hurt them, even though he is one of the most brutal killers in recent years. His upbringing was a text book breeding ground for a psychopath. He stuttered horribly, his mom was a quite woman who was to afraid of her husband to function and his dad was an extremely abusive drunk. His daddy would beat the sh*t out of him and if he told anyone he would get beaten more. Back then CPS did nothing and Jake just kept getting beaten until one day he stopped breathing and had to go to the hospital. His skull was cracked and he suffered frotel lobe damage that he never recoverd from. This mixed with the trauma, made him cold and prone to extreme mood changes. His first murder was when he was 19, he caught his girlfriend at the time in bed with another man. He blacked out and when he woke up he was covered in blood and the other two people in the room were missing heads. He just cleaned up and hid the bodies. It gave him a rush and some control he has never had in his life.  He kept killing radom people even when he met Gen. She was fine with it. They got married soon after and started having kids. He loves his family and takes care of them. He does not want to be like his own father, he hates the man even though they still go and visit him frequently. He is the only person to put a small amount of fear in Jake.

His method of killing has gotten less messy over the years. Now its just a single gunshot wound to the forhead. Its quick and Jake can leave quickly but if he is feeling stress he gets more creative and violent.


Jackson (Jax) Smith, 19

Jackson is the eldest of the five kids and he takes the most after his dad, looks wise and personality. He is the most violent of the children. He loved to get his hands dirty and make a mess. He is a daddys boy and is closer to him than anyone else in the family. He always knew he was different, he used to pull apart Scarlet’s dolls just to see her cry but when she kept crying he used to hit her just to make her shut up.  When his parents found out about this, his dad took him out on a “hunting” trip. He saw his dad kill someone without even flinching. Jax loved it. His dad told him he had to keep his hands to himself when it comes to family but anyone else is fair game. He learned all of this at the tender age of 6. He kept going with his dad on “hunting” trips until he was fourteen than he started himself. He started with a older kid who was bugging his sister. He grabbed him and brought him to this little house he found in the woods where he tortured him for almost 2 days before he died. It was so fun and Jax has done the same thing almost 10 times since them.
-Jax likes the drama of it all, so he wears this when he kills people.

Gage Miller, 17

Gage has never been the girl anyone wants to date. She is way to quiet and alittle weird. When she is at school, she spends most of her time reading a book barly talking. Since she was alittle girl, Gage has been haveing seizures on a regular basis. It makes her the joke of the rest of her class mates. She is just praying for the end of school. The only thing that makes it somewhat bareable is there is one boy that has caught Gage's attention. He is nice to her and so cute but truthfully she thinks he's just doing it to play a joke on her.


who do you need?

I need the 3 son and love interests for The second daughter, Jax and the 3rd son

I'll play son 3 and a love interest for Jax


Theodore "Teddy" Smith
Teddy hasn't lost his killginity yet but he's definatly not innocent
He's not the violent killing spree type, Teddy is more cold and calculated. He's generally antisocial, not because he can't socialize with others so much as he doesn't want to, because of this he tries to play up the nerdy geek persona, but has his way of manipulating and intimidating others, mostly people smaller than him.

(I saw him on the latest episode of Elementry and I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but I thought he'd be perfect for this)

Bennette Lark

Bennette never had the perfect childhood, she was always left in the shadows of her older brother Victor, he was the perfect one, the high school all star, but he was her hero he paid attention to her when her parents ignored her, so when Vic disapeared, gone without a trace Bennettes whole life crumbled.
(I was thinking one of the Smiths Jax perhaps, could have killed her brother)

good idea :)

Prudence Littleton



Prue was born to two loving parents Helena and Oscar, but she hardly remembers them. Her father was killed when she was just a baby and thats all she knows. Her eternally-grieving mother never talked about him. Her mom remarried 7 years ago to Sebastian. He was strict and had a long list of rules. He controlled Prudence and her mother but her mom ignored it. She was very cold and distant for as far back as Prudence can remember. She didn't really know her mother at all or the pain she carried but she still loved her. Helena killed herself when Prudence was 10, but Prue isn't so sure Sebastian didn't have something to do with it. His need to control and strict rules have gotten extreme over the past 4 years. He's abusive and hateful and has his twisted ways of punishment when his step daughter breaks the rules. She's contemplated running away, or even suicide..or perhaps homocide.


Abigail "Abby" Smith
16 years old
Abby isn't like the majority of her family since she has yet to murder anyone. She's more bubbly, always positive and simply seems to innocent enough to think of the idea of injuring another living creature. Instead she takes her negative energy through ranting to her close friends, pushing herself into her homework and through volleyball. Because of this push, Abby was named the most valuable player on her state winning team last year. To Abby volleyball means the world and will most likely be her ticket to a college scholarship.
Abby does have one big secret she's hiding from her family though. Two months ago Abby started to talk to a guy online. He's told her he plays for the volleyball team across town and that he remembers her from a volleyball camp she went to. Abby has a huge crush for this boy and has been dying to meet since she can't remember him at all. It's yet to cross Abby's mind that he might be lying and that he may be connected to a recent spree of the abduction, torture and murder of seven teenage girls in the city so far.
Dawson Coleir
19 years old
Dawso has been what he likes to call "casually" dating Scarlet Smith for three month. Dawson really does like her but being a freshman at the local college and being commited to one girl is tough, especially whenyou haven't really understood the term commitment to begin with. He drags her along though, pretending to be just as serious a she is when it comes to the relationship. Dawson has no idea what Scarlet is capable of and sees her as just another innocent girl.

Abel Daughtry, 18

Abel tries so hard to be a good guy. He helps old ladies across the street and opens door for woman but he really just does not give a sh*t about anyone. No matter how hard he tries, people are just like cattle to him. Very replaceable but he has never killed anyone. Sure he kidnaps the girls and he may or may not torture them but its his older brother Cain that does most of it. Abel wants to be normal but what he is doing now makes him feel something. He has been talking to a girl named Abby for the past 2 monthes on the internet and she seems nice but he knows soon he is going to have to bring her to CAin.



Jake yawned loudly as he reached for the coffee pot. It was early but he had to help get all the kids for school. Even though Gen calms she could handle all of them. He likes having time with the kids that arent just situated around cleaning up blood and hiding bodys. He leaned against the counter taking a gulp from the hot black coffee before walking over to the stairs. " Kid's get your asses out of bed, you have school."


Jax rolled out of bed when he heard his dad yelling up the stairs. Unlike the rest of his siblings he could really just lay in bed but even though he is a graduate he still has to go to the school to work in the library. He hated working with those snot nose little brats but his mom said it would be a good exprence for him. JAx let out a loud groan as he pulled on a hoodie and tight jeans before heading downstairs for breakfest.

Gage's mornings were always the same. She got up, took her pills and pulled on whatever was clean. She knew it did not matter what she looked like since no one even looked at her other then to mock her. She headed to school early to study. GAge didnt want to be home alone anyways. Her mother was never home and it was too quiet.

Abel poured the bottle of bleach on the tile floor trying to wash away that last bit of blood off the floor. This is what he hated about being the youngest. He was stuck always with the clean up. He plopped down on the floor and started scrubbing. He could only chuckle when he found a finger on the floor. Cops wouldnt be able to put this chick back together again, she was in many pieces throughout the woods.

Abby was already up, finishing up her make up for her day at school. Her mind was on Abel though, as it was most days. For Abby, it was the first guy she really had a crush on since her middle girl crush. She felt like an giddy school girl when she talked to him and couldn't wait to meet him someday. Turning on her computer, Abby immediately wrote Abel a message.

Good morning sunshine, hope you had a good nights sleep.
Dawson was up early for a class. He hated getting up early but figured he could use it to his advantage. He hasn't seen Scarlet all weekend, stating that he had gone home to see his family in Ohio. The reality was, he had been in the next town over, going to parties with his room mate and hooking up with a new girl every night. He still wanted to see Scarlet though. Even though she was just a fling, he did enjoy spending time with her. Dawson grabbed the phone off of his night stand and texted her.

Hey cutie, want to go for after my class at ten? My treat :)

"Abel your f*cking computer is beeping, shut it off or I'm shoving it down your throat."

Abel looked up slightly startled when he heard his brother, always beeing his most happy self. Cain looked over at him expentently as he streached out on the couch finally done throwing the remainder of the last girls remains in the fire place.

"Ya, Ya I'm going." Abel muttered at his brother as he hopped up smoothing his jeans down on the long lags. He flipped open the lap top and smiled slightly seeing the message was from abby. He has been talking with her for the longest now and he really did like talking with her. *Morning darling, I slept fantastic. How about you? Ready for school?*

Scarlet brushed her hair out so every piece was perfect. She was up before everyone else so she'd have to time to do her hair and make up perfectly and find the best outfit. She thought maybe if she was completely perfect, she could find someone who will really love her, unlike the three unfortunate boys she'd been with before, may the rest in peace. She smiled when she saw her boyfriend had texted her. Maybe he could love her enough so she wouldn't have to kill anymore.

*Sure. Where do you want to meet?* she quickly texted back.

Genevieve walked into the kitchen and smiled at her husband, even if he was in his usual grouchy morning mood. "Good morning honey." she gave her her best June Cleaver grin and pecked his lips before going to the fridge. "Want some eggs?"


Carver rolled out of bed and walked down the stairs half asleep in his paint (and blood) stained t-shirt. He'd had a long night painting but was running out of blood to use. He had a jar of it he kept in the basement fridge but it was nothing compared to fresh, warm blood. "G'mornin." he mumbled and sat down at the table, where he put his head down and closed his eyes, hoping for five more minutes of rest.

Jake grinned and gave her a pat of the bum as she walked by. "Ofcourse, and more coffee..I would enjoy more coffee." He went up behind his wife wrapping his arms around her waist. " But you know you make the the morning seem less shi*ty."


Jax walked into the kitchen with a loud yawn before grinning devilously when he saw his younger brother face down on the table. He walked up behind him slapping the back of his head hard. " Wakey wakey princess."

"Thank you honey." Genevieve smiled at his compliment and grabbed the food from the fridge.


" you." Carver told his brother without moving or even looking up at him. He was too tired to deal with Jax.


"Language." Gen warned in her bossy tone, which wasn't very threatening but it did its job. Her kids may be psychopaths but they respected their mama.

"Ya you heard your mother, you little sh*ts watch your f*cking mouths." Jake told his boys in his usaul rough tone as he walked over giving both of them a light smack on the back of the head. Jax grummbled and sat down before side his brother, still really wanting to harass him.

" Come on wakey wakey Carvy. Up all night doing arts and crafts?" He chuckled as he leaned back in hsi chair stractching at the new tatto on his neck.

"Yeah and ya know I'd love to use you in a piece." Carver smirked and pulled himself up from the table. "I have to work on a project for school. I'll grab some breakfast there." he told his mother, who would insist he eat something. She always made sure her kids had 3 meals a day and included a healthy balance of each food group. He quickly headed back upstairs before she had to time to say anything, passing Scarlet on the way.


"Did you upset him again?" Scarlet asked her big brother as she took over Carvers seat. She checked the time and wished it was already ten so she could see Dawson.


"Jake can you make some toast?" Genevieve asked as she cracked open the eggs in a pan for her family.

Abby blushed when she saw the word darling. Able always made Abby blush, especially when he acted so sweet to her. Discarding her make up next to the mirror, she gave up her task. Abby enjoyed every moment talking to Abel and wanted to enjoy her morning pick me up.
I slept great. And I'm almost ready but dreading to go. Pre-cal first thing, someone shoot me. What about you?
Dawson couldn't help but smile. He knew he could convince Scarlet to skip and was actually a little excited and not just for the sex. Out of all of his flings, Scarlet was his favourite. She was a great **bleep**, but was actually good to talk to.

Starbucks sound good to you?

Scarlet felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She grabbed it and sent a quick reply. *Sounds great. I hate your morning classes. I want to see you now. =/ *

Jax rolled his eyes with a chuckle as he reached over to fix scarlets hair. Even though he is a major ass*ole he is always alittle nicer to his sisters. " No, I was just asking why he was so tried from playing arts and crafts all night and then he got his usaul pissy self before going upstairs. But how are you this morning my lovely sister."


Jake looked up from the paper and nodded. He was reading about a string missing girls a few towns over that had nothing to do with any of them. " Fine darling, you know I did not even make the front cover this morning."

Dawson laughed when he read it. He couldn't agree more with Scarlet. A lecture class with a morning hangover was not his idea of enjoyment. Dawson knew he couldn't blow off his classes though, even if it was for some girl. His father would cut him off if he did.

I wish I could see you too. It would be so much easier if you stayed the night sometime.

Abel leaned back on the couch with a small smile. He knew sooner or later Cain would be bugging him about bringing her for some fun but he really wanted to take this one slow. *Ugh, I have history..The great russian revolution. Always so exciting. You know we should hang out soon. I really want to see you darling.*

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