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So, I don't have a really cool intro for this, but basically, it's about relationships based off of songs. I will not be adding more songs, the songs listed below are the songs you can chose from. Even if you don't like the genre, just listen to the lyrics. I'll try to find music from different genres to fit everyone's (or most people's) likings.Songs:Why - Jason Aldean [Girl/Boy]Oxygen - Colbie Caillat [Girl/Boy]You're The Love I Want To Be In - Jason Aldean [Girl/Boy]Hummingbird Heartbeat - Katy Perry [Girl/Boy]She is Love - Parachute [Girl/Boy]You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift [Girl/Boy/Girlfriend]Tomorrow - Chris Young [Girl/Boy]Should've Said No - Taylor Swift [Girl/Boy]Just A Kiss - Lady Antebellum [Girl/Boy][If I can't get both people for the songs, we won't do that song or I'll play the person if there aren't a lot of songs missing people]Form:Song:Name:Age:Looks:Wears:Personality/Background:Extra:
Girl-She is LoveBoy-You're The Love I Wanna Be InGirlfriend-You Belong With Me Is it cool I if I play three? :)
Ill do my form later because im on my phone right now
Song: Oxygen by Colbie CalliatName: Samantha "Sam, Sammy" CarterAge: 22Looks:  Wears: Tunics, jeggings, skinny jeans, shorts, tees, club dresses, skirtsPersonality: Samantha is a self-sufficent, independent, thinks for herself kind of gal. Has been a love cynic since her parents divorced when she was three and hasn't been the same since. Men hit on her left and right but she blows them off like a fly. Some say she's a bitch but she doesn't care. That all changed when she meets a gorgeous fellow at her favorite club while out one night. Sam's ready to put aside her doubts of love and get to know this stranger.
Girl/hummingbird heartbeat?Boy/Just a kiss?And if I can play a third, the girl in You Belong with Me.
Boy in Hummingbird HeartbeatGirl in Should've Said NoThanks!
Thanks, I'm working on my forms now. =]
You Belong With Me.Fiona Fletcher. 17.Fiona is a nerdy tomboy. She is shy and a bit weird. A complete social outcast. Her one and only friend, is her bestfriend. He has lived acrossed the street from her forever, so it just kind of happened. He is completely different from her, a jock, popular. But somehow they still get along and talk to each other about everything. The only secret that she has from him, is that she is madly in love with him. She would never admit it because she doesn't want to seem like a complete fool, he is way out of her league and has a girlfriend to top that off. Fiona gets frustrated because his girlfriend is a complete, to him, and everyone else. She doesn't understand why he likes her because he is so much better than her.
Hummingbird Heartbeat. Ruby Rutledge. 26. Ruby is your typical girl. Sweet, smart, caring, and outgoing, following her heart blindly. She has always wanted to get married and live the fairytale dream. She is one of the lucky few to say that she has that. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, and they are still madly in love as they were when they first met. They plan on starting a family soon, since they are stable and ready for it now. Jumping into marriage didn't change Ruby's goals. She still finished college and is now a elementary school teacher.
You Belong With MeReagan McLeaver, 17She wears a lot of short dresses, and never dresses down. She always looks good for her boyfriend.She is a senior, and head cheerleader. Probably one of the meanest girls you will ever meet. She is straightforward and doesn't care if she is being a compete b!tch because she knows she is one, and that's how she gets her way all the time, because people are scared of her. She treats everyone like crap, even her family and boyfriend. Because she expects the best, and to be treated like she is the best thing to ever walk the planet.
She is LovePaige Britan, 17Paige is a sweet person. She never sees her cup as half empty, and is always smiling. She is very optimistic, and tries not to let things get her down She forgives and forgets if people hurt her. She is always there for people who need advice or a shoulder to cry on. She is a good listener, and a cheerleader. She pushed her friends, and her boyfriend when they feel like giving up . She belives in people and has confidence in them.
You're the Love I Wanna Be InPatrick Nelson, 23He is a lover not a fighter. He waited four long years for the girl of his dreams to ocme around. He met her in college, where she went through many horrible guys. Guys who hurt her and cheated on her. He was always the friend, but now they're graduated and on their own and he finally thinks that he has her. He loved her since the day he met her. He can be very shy, but he has a good heart.
Just A KissMontgomery (Monty) Austin. 24.Monty is the type of guy that gives all of himself when he gives it. He falls hard, when he falls. He is kind, loving, passionate, and charming. The only flaw in Monty is that he tends to fall for the wrong girls, he always ends up heartbroken. As time goes on he has tried to make himself take it slow, but that's hard being to person that he is. He has been seeing a girl for a couple of weeks now and is completely head over hills for her. He tries to not let it show for fear of being heartbroken again.
Thanks, love the forms!
Thanks, love the forms!
Ill be the guy in tommorow. Form up later
Tommorow by Chris YoungCane Miller27  Him and his girlfriend Stella in happier times.  Cane is a high school teacher, he teaches creative writing and is also coach of the boys basketball team and also teaches acting class. He loves his job despite the long hours, grading term papers and the occasional bad apples but Cane doesn't want to do anything else. A lot of girls at school says he's the hottest teacher ever but he goes on with his day. Lately he's been having trouble at home with his live in girlfriend. He acknowledges both of them are to blame for the state their relationship is in but no matter what at the end of the day-she has his heart. Cane loves her to death and wants to be the man she deserves but without giving up his life long dream of teaching.
Hummingbird HeartbeatEverett RutlidgeTwenty-SixEverett knew right away that he was supposed tobe with Ruby. There was just something abouther. Now it's years later and Everett feels the sameway about his wife. Everett can't wait to start a family.He knows Ruby will be a terrific mom.
Should've Said NoAbriella "Abri" JonesNineteenAbri got her heartbroken in half when her boyfriend oftwo years cheated on her with her best friend. Abri waspostive that he was the one. They had been together sincethey end of junior year and made it through freshman yearin college. Abri thought everything was perfect. Guess not.Now Abri doesn't want anything to do with him or her bestfriend. He keeps trying to talk to her but she can't handle itright now. It's just too soon.
You're The Love I Want To Be InPaige Johnson. 23.Wears 1/2Paige is friendly, caring, and goes for the wrong guys. Always. She's always been drawn to the 'bad boys' and every time, she ends up heart broken. She's been lied to, cheated on, been abused. She's always had her best friend, Patrick, to go to and cry on his shoulder. She's so thankful for him. She doesn't know what she would do without him.
Just A KissJuliet Morgan. 23. Wears things like in the pictureJuliet is caring, down to earth, and simple. She doesn't like to just jump into things and go crazy, she likes to take her time. She grew up in a middle class family, doing chores to earn money, got a job at a coffee shop, and was on the A honor roll. She's been working as a dental/orthodontic assistant for a couple years now and writes on the side.She really likes Monty but she doesn't want to rush things.
You Belong With MeLiam Rhodes. 18. Plaid shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, khaki shorts, plaid shorts... whatever he likes.Liam is a pretty laid back dude. He likes to have fun, chill with his bros, play vids, play soccer or football, and spend time with his girlfriend. She takes up a lot of the time he's not spending at practice or doing homework (because yes, he does his homework and gets on the A honor roll). He also likes to spend time with his best friend, Fiona. He's been friends with her since they were kids and though they might be different, they have that best friend connection. Liam grew up the street across from Fiona with his parents and his older brother. His brother never let him play with him and his friends, so he ended up becoming friends with the girl across the street. She like to do what he did, even though she was just a girl, and he never thought she had cooties.
Girl- tomorrow?
Tomorrow. Stella Monroe. 25.Stella owns a small clothing boutique thats been pretty successful so far. Business is great and everything is going good, except for her relationship with her boyfriend Cane. They're always fighting and she feels like they're stuck in a rut. She loves him but he's always working- either at the school or grading papers at home. She hardly sees him and even with their combined salaries, their finances aren't really going toward anything. She's been ready to step things up for a while now- get married, have kids, the American dream, and if he can't give that to her then she's about ready to leave. She doesn't want to throw away their relationship but she knows they need help or else they're not gonna' last another day.
who is that guy you used for you belong with me?
I don't remember his name.. he's from hannah montana forever. Jesse was the character.
That's who! Lol, I was like he looks super familiar, which show is he from!
Would you be willing to play the boy in She is Love?
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