Keeping up with the Vega Diaz Winton Jones

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Seth smiled at him before fixing his hair to look more put together. " I'll see you later then sam."

"Ya no going near cousins." Jacob laughed. " We dont need any of this going on with them."

"We can be normal though." Serena optimistically decided.

"We are normal, riri." Jacob wrapped his arms around her pulling her close. " Dont let anyone tell  you different."

"Did I mention I love you?" Serena smiled at him.

"Not today." Jacob grinned tucking her hair behind her ear.


"Well I love you." Serena smiled and pecked his lips.

"You better cause we are stuck together." JAcob laughed before kissing her back.

Seth smoothed down his hair and rubbed his face trying to look normal. " So I'll see you later?" He asked sound some what shy.

Alijah was in the guest house showering and getting ready for lunch with his sister.
Camden stood by the door waiting for Alex "Are you coming?" She asked tapping her foot with mild impatience, she hated being late, it was her biggest pet peeve, but Alex always dilly dallyed.

"You me and the babies." Serena smiled against his lips.

"Yeah I'm coming." Alex grumbled and sprayed on a little cologne. He always liked to look and smell nice went he went out. "You know you can't rush me."

"You're worse than a woman." Camden scolded playfully "You take forever to get ready, of course if you didn't play world of warcraft for two hours maybe you'd be ready on time."

"Thats what you get when you date a teenager baby." Alex smiled and pecked her lips.

"I made a terrible mistake...." Camden teased.

Sam grinned softly at him,"Yeah, Seth...I'll see you later."

"ill bring you lunch." Seth smiled before heading to the door.

Sam smiled softly,"Thanks..."he said opening the door and walking into the hallway,"Bye, kid."

"See ya boss." Seth said smiling as he walked down the hallway with a hand on his belly.

Sam couldnt help the small smile on his face, Seth could do that to him lately; just leave him smiling. He went through work with the usual amount of tolerance he had now-a-days, which wasn't really alot.

Before seth knew it, he was on lunch break which was great because his feet and ankles were swollowen and painful. He grabbed two sandwiches from the lunch room and headed to sams office with a smile. He knocked on the door lightly before letting himself in. " Hey sam."

Sam head popped up from the paperwork he was looking at and smiled softly,"Hey Kid."

Seth closed the door behind him and set the sandwich and coffee down on Sam's desk. before sitting down happily. " I was praying for lunch, I am so tired...and sweaty."

Sam laughed softly, as he pushed his papers to the side,"You know there are showers for the nurses."He said pointing out the obvious.

"That would mean I have to stand more." seth laughed as he took a drink. "and I'm only sweaty because i am fat."

"Youre not fat, youre pregnant."Sam smiled softly, as he pulled the coffee over,"You actually look...."He started before stuttering to a stop,"nice."

Seth's cheeks turned red as he smiled up at Sam. " Thanks Sam, you are the sweetest."

Sam smiled back before shifting his in his seat and clearing his throat,"So...Um.... How's work?"

" I was stuck changeing diapers my whole shift. I was eleviw deep in sh*t." Seth laughed as he shook his head. " How was your morning."

Sam chuckled,"Youre lookikng at it."He siad motioning to his desk full of papers,"So boring."

Seth sat up a bit and looked at the papers. " God, your job sucks, I hate doing the little bit of paper work I have to."

"Thats not what you were saying last night." Alex teased as he slipped his shoes on.

"Well not out loud." Camden teased "That would be rude."

Sam laughed,"I have to do it... Everyonce in a while I get to get off the bench and deliever some babys."

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