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"Agreed." Serena laughed and headed back up to her room. "How are your parents?" she asked as she plopped down on her bed.

Sam rubbed his hands soothingly down Seth's back with a small smile, he knew it wasnt right but hearing Seth talk about their kid like that just made Sam so happy,"Thanks, kid."He smiled against the top of his head.

"Dad got up and left to work quickly and mom has been freaking me  out lately. Orhter then that its fine." He saisitting beside her and laying his head on her shoulder.

Seth laughed softly and looked up at sam with a smile. " You know my mom wants to met you."

"Everythings gonna be ok. I'm sure your parents will get back to normal eventually." Serena assured him as she put her arm around him.

Sam looked down at Seth with surprised eyes,"To kill me?"

Kelly laughed softly. "That's good" She said, proud of the little girl's accomplishment. She then stood and began to lightly massage Eric's shoulders.

"Hopefully." Jacob smiled slightly. " The kid my dad knocked up is going to give birth soon though, so its gonna get worse before it gets better...but atleast i have you."

"No..No, she wants to chat with you and make sure you are a nice guy." Seth laughed softly. " My dad on the other hand, wanted to kill you, he was talking to his marine buddies on how to kill someone and hide the body. I'm the baby of the family, so they are very protective."

"You'll always have me and our babies." Serena smiled and placed his hand over her stomach so he could feel the babies move.

Jacob couldnt help but smile when he felt a kick. " These babys are crazy."

"Just like their daddy." Serena teased but soon her smile faded. " you think they'll be ok?"

"Ofcourse they will." Jacob nodded kissing her cheek. " My dad will make sure they are perfect."

"They're underweight." Serena pointed out. Sam told her she needed to gain more weight by her next appointment.

"Arent twins usally under weight?" He asked giving her another kiss. " I know our babys will be fine riri."

Sam couldnt help but laugh as rubbed ahand roughly over his tired loking face,"Great...."

"Have you thought of any names?" Serena asked, hoping to lighten her mood by changing the subject.

Seth laughed and shook his head. " My mom wont kill you though so you should be good, they were gonna kill me though when I told them how i became pregnant."

" Samuel for the boys middle name...other then that I dont know." Jacob said smileing slightly. " you?"

"I liked the idea of using our parents names." Serena smiled. "What about Adriana Maria for the girl?"

" Pretty, very very pretty." He said happily as he kissed her softly on the lips. " I love it."

Serena smiled and kissed him back. "So what about our boy? He needs a first name in order to have a middle name."

"Well we could name the boy after my parents, Samuel Harper or Harper Samuel." Jacob said with a smile as he layed back on the bed.

"Hmm..Samuel Harper has a nice ring." Serena smiled and layed next to him. "Sammy and Ady."

" I love it." JAcob smiled brightly. " I cant wait to see our perfect darlings."

"They'll be here soon enough." Serena laughed.


((what are your ideas for jake parker on strong bay hospital? =] ))

( no idea yet lol, i finished his form and made him a little brother...why you got an idea lol)


" But I want to cuddle them now and love them and spoil them." Jacob laughed. " I m excited for these kids."

Sam raised a eyebrow,"what did you tell them?"He asked curiously.

((not yet but i'm making more characters later. =P ))


"I'm glad your excited." Serena smiled. She knew they'd be a happy little family. She didn't think anything could really go wrong.

"The truth." Seth said rubbing his belly.  " Everything...after telling them everythign I felt like a worthless piece of sh*t and I still feel horrible for what I did to you Sam, you know I wouldnt fault you if you never talked to me again."

"You know I'm gonna make sure our family is perfect. We will be the normal family. " He smilled giving her a kiss.

sam shook his head,"as much as i would like to blame you, it's just as much my fault as it is yours, probably more my fault actually."he snorted softly at himself,"plus my kids in there."he reached out carefully and put a hand on seth's belly,"i want to be around for her."

Seth looked down at the hand and he couldnt help but smile happily. "I'm glad she is gonna have a good dad." He chuckled softly. " We better get to work."

Sam nodded and picked up his coffee cup,"I guess so..."He laughed softly.

"I hope so. I don't want them to breed with their offense." Serena laughed.

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