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Harper quickly pulled the jacket to his chest so Sam didn't touch him. " Okay I'll be quick, just finish your breakfest." He said smileing weakly before turning on his heels and walking upstairs.

Sam waited till Harper was out of site before his head fell into his hand and he let out a shuddering breathe; God he was such an idiot.

Harpers heart was beating out of his chest as he went up the stairs shaking slightly. He hated how even talking to sam makes him want to burst into tears or jump of the roof. He knew everything would be so much eaiser if he just left but that would mean he failed. He couldn't fail at this. HArper ironed his jacket as quick as could burning himself once. He came back down quickly with a very sore hand. " Here sam." He said with a weak smile.

Sam too the jacket with a forced smile,"thanks, princess." He slipped out on habit, flinching as soon as the words left his mouth.

"You are welcome Sam." Harper said going back to his cup of coffee feeling like he wanted to burst into tears. " You will look like less of a hobo now."

Jacob headed over to Serenas with a small smile. He knocked on the door bounceing foot to foot. He didn't want gramps or Maria to see him and rope him into wedding stuff.

Sam gave a lopsidded smile,"Well thats all we can hope for."He said standing up, needing to escape; he looked down at his watch with a frown,"Im gonnna be late."

"Have a good day Sam." Harper said as he nibbled on a piece of toast. " I'll iron some more of your jackets today."

Sam couldnt help but swell with love for his husband in that moment, he knew it was a little silly to feel it over something as small as irioning jackets but it couldnt be helped,"Thank you."He said reaching for his briefcase,"I'll...see you tonight?"He hadnt meant for it to come out as a question.

Harper nodded as he put down the toast he only took a few bites of and pushed his plate away. " Ya..I'll be here. I think I'm meeting Kelly for lunch but other then that I have no where else to be."

Sam nodded,"Have fun..."He smiled over his shoulder before walking out the front door.

"Bye sam." Harper smiled as best he could as he went went over to the liquor cabnet once he knew for sure sam was gone. He didn't want sam to know how much he drank the was the only thing that kept him going.

Sam sighed softly as he walked into the hospital, now he had Seth to deal with.

The more Seth started to show, the more he hated comeing to work. He never really got along with the other nurses but this was making it worse. They would whisper and point as he walked by. He just learned to keep his head down and keep working. But there were a few of the nurses who didn't whisper, they said what the thought of Seth loud and clear and it usauly had something to do with him being a whore and a housewreaker. The hormones were makeing him a mess though. Thats why right now he was in the staff room in tears.

Sam wasn't a idiot, he knew what his co-workers and nurses thought of him but he was the boss so no one would ever say anything to his face.  He walked into his office to put his briefcase on his desk and grab his coffee cup that he kept at the hospital before walking towards the breakroom. sam drank more coffee then ever now; he always seemed to be tired lately.

Seth looked up when he heard someone else walk into the break room. when he saw it was sam, he quickly rubbed his face to make himself appear half normal. " Morning sam." He said trying to smile but it looked morning like a grimince.

Sam looked at Seth's tear streaked face and sighed softly,"Hey, Seth. Good morning?"He asked, pouring himself some coffee.

"You know same old same old." Seth said with a slightly bitter laugh. " my feet hurt, my legs are swollen, i feel like vomiting and I was told whores like me don't deserve children. You know its been a good day."

Sam sighed softly and set his coffee cup down,"Im sorry."He said, reaching out and taking Seth's hand in his.

Seth smiled softly at the contact before shrugging. " You dont have to be sorry about anything Sam....Atleast I get to go on mat leave soon." He chuckled softly as he ran his other hand over his swollen belly. " Then all I have to deal with is my baby girl."

Lets pretend Stella never exsisted okay? Lol. Just cause that could be something else harper could hate about Seth, that he gave Sam a daughter. Cause daddies usually have a softer spot for their girls then their boys.

Sam couldn't help it, he missed being touched so much, so he pulled Seth against him in a gentle hug; careful of his belly,"how is....she?"Sam asked awkwardly.

Okay sounds golden lol. She never did much anyways haha.


Seth smiled softly as he let Sam hug him. He didn't want sam to be his doctor because he thought that would get to weird. Well even more weird. Seth reached back and grabbed his wallet. " She is doing great, she is big and heathy." He pulled out a small picture. " This was from my last ultrasound." He said handing it to sam.

Sam couldn't help the already fond smile that spread across his face, "why didn't you tell me you were going?"he looked down at Seth with a small frown.

"I didn't want to bug ya." Seth shrugged with a sheepish grin. " I have another one next week, you can come if you want."

Sam nodded,"Course I want to come."He said, looking back down at the barely visible picture in his hands. 

Seth smiled happily and rubbed his belly softly. " I picked a name for her, Audrey Marie." He said looking up at Sam with a happy smile.

Sam looked up, a little disapointed that Seth didn't even ask his opionion on the name,"Oh."He handed the boy the picture back,"Its pretty..."he smiled.

Seth put the picture back into his pocket. " you know, if you have any name that mean something to you, we can change the middle name." He said pushing his hair out of his eyes as  he smiled up at sam. " And do you think you can help me build her crib this weeked?"  

Sam nodded, it wasnt like he had anything else to do. Normally Harper would want some terribly romantic date and then a night of too rough sex but Sam doubted that his husband still wanted that,"Yeah that should be fine."

"Okay awesome." Seth smiled happilly. " My dad was going to come to visit but he ended up haveing to work, and my sister has a im on my own." He frowned slightly at the thought.

Sam shook his head,"You're not on your own."


Seth looked up at him with a bright smile before wrapping his arms tight around Sam and burying his face in his chest. " Thank you so much for everything Sam, I'm, glad our little girl is gonna have a great dad."

"I'll get it." Serena said as she quickly passed her parents and Alijah and went to answer the door for Jake. "Hey!"

"Hey." Jake said kissing her on the cheek. " We should sneak upstairs before we have to help with the wedding."

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