Keeping up with the Vega Diaz Winton Jones

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Keeping up with the Vega Diaz Winton Jones (continued)


Once upon a time, Adrian and Thalia made a nice combined family of 6. They broke up and reformed in an unconventional, yet somehow functional way. Back then it was hard keeping up with the Jones..Now-a-days its even harder keeping up with the Vega Diaz Winton Jones family. Nearly 20 years later and theres still drama, scandals, and sibling rivalry- apparently encoded in their DNA. The kids are all young adults now and life is already hectic.


(i mainly just copied and pasted the plot from the old rp. =P )

INVITE ONLY! if you took part in the last rp, your invited to this one. =P


Since the newer posts aren't on this new site, i'm adding forms so we know where everyones at and whats going on with each character. =P so for info, put anything we might need to know about recent news or whats currently going on with them.


Job or grade:




I'm still playing Kelly just to let you know :P and I decided I'm gonna do her character differently. Since she was a single businesswoman in the last one, I decided to have her married and with two kids. I'll form up soon

I'll form up tommorow :)


Kelly Jones.32
Creative Director at Sanders & Right Advertising

Sophia Bush - one-tree-hill Photo

Kelly is beautiful, sweet, charming, independent and is far from the daddy's spoiled princess she was years ago. She returned to Los Angeles last year after being away from her family for seventeen years after the fall out of her father Adrian and step sister Maria. Kelly couldn't deal with it so she packed up and moved to Phoenix, Arizona where her absentee mom Lilah was. Lilah wasn't a perfect mother so Kelly usually looked after her two new half siblings Camden and Alijah while also juggling school, cheer and an after school job. Apparently Lilah's carefree attitude toward parenting has turned Kelly toward a lot of partying. One night at the senior prom, she and her date, a boy named Eric had sex and the condom broke and months later she was pregnant. That November she gave birth to a baby girl Amanda Katelyn and since she couldn't keep her forever, the baby was given to a nice couple. Kel moved on to study advertising in college and after graduation she traveled to places such as Italy, New York and San Diego. Through the years after witnessing the crumbling of two marriages-Kelly wasn't keen on commitment and went from man to man. Last year she returned home and reconnected with her family.
Now days she's CD of S&R Advertising, getting to know a now teenaged Amanda who returned to town looking for her and dating one of her coworkers Eric Taylor. She loves him and his two daughters dearly and he's the first man she's dated that she REALLY loves.












i don't think thats going to work..this isn't a redo- its a continuation. picking up from where the last one left off so everythings gonna be the same.

maybe someone can play a love interest so she can have a husband and kids soon?

Oh...ok. I'll fix it. I got a little confused there.

1 tiny detail about your form =P ...she put Mandy up for adoption remember? but they found eachother and now shes living with her to get to know her.

Mariabella "Maria" Vega


She works at an ad agency.

Info: Maria was a toruble maker when she was young. She was promiscuous and even seduced her step father, Adrian. They were together and she got pregnant and needless to say, her mother divorced him and Adrian chose Maria. 18 years and 2 kids later, they're finally making it official; they're getting married. She was thrilled and super excited to plan her wedding but with her teenaged daughters pregnancy, she's not a happy camper and now what should be her special time is focused on the craziness of her irresponsible daughters pregnancy.


Serena Vega Jones




Serena was a pretty normal girl until she got attacked and almost raped in the locker room at school. After that, she seeked innapropriate security from her cousin Jake. She knows its wrong but she loves him and now they're having a little family. She's pregnant with twins and she's scared because of their DNA but she's got the typical blind optimism one can only expect from a 16 year old; she thinks it'll all be ok and her and Jake will live happily ever after with their babies.

(Ill do jacobs form tommorow)

Harper Jones-Diaz, 33, Stay-at-home dad.

The only reason Harper doesnt still look like that skinny sixteen year old sneaking around with his step-brother is the beard. He grew is a few years ago and never got rid of it. He still may look to young to have two teenagers but he is no wear near the innocent kid he was back then. He never ended up finishing highschool after being bashed and having the twins and that has always eatten away at him. Having a pair of inbred twin grandbabies on the way and  haveing his husband knock up a twink arent helping the matter. He barely sleeps in his empty bedroom ( Sam has been in the spare room), he has been going through quite a few bottles of wine and started smoking again. Even his thoughts about going back to school has gone down the drain. He is going to have a breakdown sooner rather then later.

Adrian Jones
Adrian is the patriarch of the family and despite being a single teen father to his eldest two children (Harper and Kelly) he managed to thrive and make a very comfortable life for them. He married his high school sweetheart Lyla not long after he found out that she was pregnant with their first child and was basically disowned by his parents because of it. Soon after their second child was born his wife decided that she wasn't ready for this family life and packed up and moved away. Adrian worked his way through college working various dead end jobs to support his family. Then after college got his big break becoming one of the photographers for the famous 'Femme' Fashion magazine, with which he has become head photographer. There he met his second wife Thalia, it was really a whirlwind romance, they hadn't been dating for very long and eloped on a whim bringing both their ready made familes together. Thalia had two teenage children as well (Maria and Sam), everything went well until Adrian realized that he was more interested in Thalias 18 year old daughter Maria and they began a secret affair which lead to the conception of Adrians third child Alejandro (Alex). When Thalia found out she divorced her husband and married a wealthy man named Scott, but not before becoming pregnant with Adrians FOURTH child Yamilla. Now Adrian has lived happily for nearly 20 years with his soon to be wife and ex-step daughter Maria and their two children Alejandro and Serena.
He is also the proud grandfather of three teenagers Stella, Jacob and Amanda, and soon to be one more since his sixteen year old daughter Serena has unfortunatly followed the family trend of teenage parenthood.

Taylor Swift
Camden Malone
Camden is the child of Adrians first wife Lyla concieved in the secret love affair with lawyer Henry "Hank" Whateverhislastnamewas (Who is the father of Logan the boy who tried to rape Serena). Camden is the complete opposite of her mother who was a self proclaimed free spirit, but who was really a spoied manipulative golddigger who didn't want to do any work. Camden was a very bright child who tested out of highschool at the age of sixteen and managed to get a scholarship to community college. When she was eighteen she and her twin brother Alijah who were sick and tired of basically taking care of their mother in their luxurious double wide trailer in Arizona packed their bags and headed for hollywood where they reunited with their older half brother and half sister. Adrian who took pitty on the wayward young adults let the children stay in the newly renoved two bedroom 'guest house' where she continued her education to teachers college on Adrians dime and eventually became a student teacher in Adrians son Alejandros history class. They car pooled to work every day and eventually fell in love. They kept their relationship a secret until Alex had graduated so Camden wouldn't get into any trouble. As of now are living together in their own apartment on the other side of town. Alex proposed when he found a pregnancy test in the trash (He thought it was Camdens but it was really his baby sister Serenas) but Camden turned him down saying they weren't ready and she wanted him to propose for real, not because he thought he had to.

Alijah Malone
Twin brother of Camden Alijah takes more after his mother in the free spirit aspect. He's a ladies man, and basically sleeps with anything that stays still long enough. He had a relationship with Adrian and Thalias daughter Yamilla which ended badly when Yamilla found out that Alijah drunkly slept with her sister Serena. Alijah was concived durning the secret love affair his mother Lyla had with Hank all though he does not know this since his mother never told him nor his sister Camden who their father was. Despite being lazy and unmotivated Alijah is a very bright young man with lots of potential if he just tried. He's just as smart as his sister and could have easily tested out of highschool at sixteen just like she did, but he just doesn't have any faith in himself and kind of doesn't want to grow up. He's currently a junior in college, Adrian talked him into signing up for classes. He's has an undeclared major but he really needs to figure out what he wants to do with his life because college will be over soon. He lived in Adrians guest house for a few years unti he slept with Serena and got kicked out. He thinks he may be the father of Serenas unborn child. After he was kicked out of the guest house, he moved in with his mother Lyla who has moved back to town to try and start over with her very wealthy fiance, and wants to prove she can be a good mother, but after he began to slack off and almost failed out of school, planning on going back to Arizona with his Mom Adrian who didn't want to see the poor kid end up 'dumb and stuck' living with his mother for the rest of his life and not living up to his potenial he invited him back to live in the guest house so he could finish off college.
Recently Adrians younger sister (not that much younger she's in her 40's) Sophia has come to town for Adrian and Marias upcoming nuptuals and is also living in the guest house...we all know where this is going.

Alejandro "Alex" Jones


1st year college student

Alex used to be a big player. He slept around so much, he was sent to rehab for sex addiction. Now he's a changed man and happily living with his only girlfriend Camden. He really loves her and even though he thinks they aren't ready for marriage, he knows it'll happen for them one day. He's currently plotting numerous causes of long, painful deaths for his cousin Jake for knocking up his sister but Camden holds him back. He'd never admit it outloud but she makes him a better person and he wants to be a better person for her.

Amanda "Mandy" Miller



Mandy was born part of the Jone's family but her mom, Kelly put her up for adoption since she was only a teenager. Mandy grew up in a loving home with lots of siblings, also adopted, and she's greatful for the life she has but she always felt something was missing. She was curious about her birth mother and eventually, she got her name and tracked her down. She was just planning to stay with her for the summer but now she's decided to finish her senior year here to get to know Kelly better.

(Thanks-I'm gonna make a love interest for Mandy)





Jamie Morano.

17 years old
Jamie is good-looking, charismatic and very popular with the ladies but aside from that he does have a wild side since his parents don't really give a damn about him. His father is a tyranical lawyer and his mom is a boozing socialite so ergo he pretty much gets to do whatever he wants. Jamie is also athletic and good at many different sports and he plays basketball at school. He's a player but when he meets the kind Mandy Miller at school-he instantly likes her.

thanks. =]

How many more people do we need before we start?:)

Eric Taylor

Junior Art Director
at Sanders and Right Advertising
Eric is the family man type, all he cares about is making a better life for his two daugters, and figuring out how to fit his new girlfriend Kelly and her daughter Amanda into the family unit. He is newly divorced, all though he and his ex-wife have been on the rocks since the birth of their youngest child, and seperated since her second birthday. They were both hardworking people, Eric worked the day shift and spent the night watching his two daughters while his wife went to her job as night shift supervisor at the local E.R, they just never spent any time together and it seemed like the only time they actually talked they were arguing about housework or the kids, so they decided to call it quits which worked out well because they are now good friends and manage to get along for the sake of their children.
Kelly was there for him during his divorce and he helped her out when she found out her long lost daughter came looking for her, at first they were only good work friends, but then he decided to work up the courage and get back in the dating game so he asked her out.

His daughters Jett (6) Bay (3)

His Ex-Wife Jess

thanks for playing Eric.


i think we need irunthis' forms and madame rejects form for jake and then we can start. =]

Sophia Jones


Fashion Designer

Sophia was the wild child in the family, except when her brother became a teen father. Anywho, Sophia was always outgoing and rebellious. She's a 40 year old childless vegetarian whose never been married. She doesn't not believe in love, she just doesn't want it for herself. She loves being single and going out with different kinds of people. She's currently visiting her brother for his wedding and staying in the guest house with Alijah.

(I think I'm gonna make a character that will cause some trouble for Camden and Alex if that's fine ;)



Rachel Davis
Rachel is a bitch pure and simple. She's one of those girls who could put the cast of The Bad Girls Club to shame because she's badass and doesn't let anyone forget it. She's also spoiled to the point of no return, popular, sexy and very convincing. Rachel likes guys and her parents say she's a sex addict but what do they know? She's a sophomore in college and is also a cheerleader and a sorority girl.
Has a GIGANTIC crush on Alex Vega Jones despite that he's taken but she doesn't care at all.



so im confused? Is this just for the kids or?

It's for both the kids and adults. Anyone who's been in it the first time basically.

yeah its for everyone. =]

Seth Maddox, 20
Nursing Student

(Seth and his sisters Mia and Lizzy)
Seth is trying really hard to be better for himself and his future kid. He is seven monthes pregnant with his boss aka sam's kid. He really did know why he let him self get pregnant in the first place, well he hates to admit it but he loves that Sam would always take care of him and his baby.  Seth was also very jelous of Sams relationship with Harper, they just seemed so happy. He was loney when he was acting out and sleeping with Sam but now he needs to grow up and make sure his baby has the best life he can provide.


Jacob Samuel Diaz, 17

Being a dad at 17 scares jacob so much. It doesnt help that its with his cousin Serena. He loves her though and will do anything and everything to keep her happy. He is exsited to have his own perfect family since his family is falling apart.

Sam Vega. 36. One of the first male birth doctors.

Sam loves Harper.
Yeah, he made the biggest mistake of his life when he slept with Seth
but now there's a kid involved and Sam's going to do right by it.
Sam misses Harper; his husband is only right down the hall but it's like there's miles between them
and Sam doesnt know how to fix it.




Starting! Summers almost over and Maria and Adrian's wedding is approaching, along with highschool/college and of course all the babies!



Serena stared at herselt in the mirror as she held her shirt over her belly. She was growing by the minute and as much as she loved the twins, she hated how fat she was getting. Despite that, she stuck to Sam's strict eating schedule and food list since she had to keep the babies has healthy as possible under the circumstances. She grabbed her phone and called Jake while still examining all the changes in her pregnant body.


Maria sat at the table looking over the menu for the wedding as she drank her morning coffee. All the wedding stuff was a great distraction from everything else going on in her life at the moment. This wedding was a long time coming and she didn't want to let anything to put a damper on her special day.


Alex yawned as he rolled over and wrapped his arms around Camden. His summer courses were finally overwith and he was grateful he had atleast a few weeks before school started again. He missed spending time with his girl. "Good morning." he whispered against her hair.

Kelly was already dressed and up and at 'em, getting ready for another day of work. She didn't mind her position as CD of S&R despite the long hours and demands. It paid well, she got a lot of respect and of course her man Eric. The handsome single dad of two has really stolen her heart and Kel was sure he was the one. After Kel did her makeup and sprayed on some of her Coach Poppy perfume-Eric's fave-she smiled at her reflection and headed to the kitchen to make a quick breakfast for herself and Mandy who would be a senior shortly.

Mandy got dressed and quickly did her make up and let her naturally wavy hair go without much maintenance. She walked out to the kitchen and could smell the food already. "That smells great."

"Thanks honey" Kelly said as she turned over the eggs and turned down the heat on the stove. "Someone's looking mighty cute this morning" She teased as she poured her and Mandy some fruit juice. She then set out two plates of scrambled eggs and also began to prepare some toast. "So are you excited about senior year?"

"I'm so excited. Its only like 4 weeks away." Mandy smiled before eating her food.

"That's good" Kelly said before going to the living room and turning on the TV to catch the news for the morning. She then sat down at the table with her daughter and took a danity bite of her eggs. "I'll be home earlier than usual this evening in time to go to the school and enroll you" Kel said once she was done chewing.

"I forgot we still had to do that." Mandy laughed before taking another bite of her eggs.

Kelly laughed. "You get to choose the classes and activties you want to be in this fall" She explained to her daughter before taking a sip of her juice.

Jacob was cooking breakfest. He could barely cook but he needed two for a few big reasons. He was going to have to not give food poisoning to riri and the babies when they move in together. His dad is barely home anymore and his mom...Well he doesnt really like thinking about different his mom has been acting ever since they found out his dad got another guy knocked up. He was putting eggs on three plate as his phone rang. He grabbed it amd smiled slightly as he put toast in the toaster. " Hey Riri whats up"


Harper heard the banging in the kitchen and smiled slightly knowing Jake was probably attempting to make breakfest again. He wouldn't let him get away without eatting. HArper sat up running his fingers through his thick mop of too long hair as he got up feeling more then alittle shakey. he looked around the spare room a sighed as he pulled on a sweater and grabbed a pack of ciggerettes he kept hiden in the book shelf. Harper opened the window and wiggled out on to the roof like he used to do when he didnt want to get caught smoking dope. With a shakey sigh he pulled his knees close and sighed even more when he saw sams car was still in the driveway.

"You know the menu looks the same as it did when you looked at it yesterday." Adrian told her with a teasing smile "No one's secretly changing it while you're not looking." He said grabbing a cereal bowl from the cupboard "speaking of the menu, I still don't see why we can't have a mashed potato bar, the neighbour kid had one at his bar mitzvah and that sh*t was delicious.'
"Shhh, still sleeping." Camden whispered trying to pretend that she didn't have to get up. It was her one day off in forever, she should be able to sleep in.
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