Life After You

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Matty giggled into his coffee cup shaking his head. " Bunch of god damn sex perverts." He kept grinning pushing his plate away. " But I'll take Andy's advince in regards to pools."
Andy grinned grabbing some more bacon. " What are the plans today boys? The talk of pools is right up my ally."

Maxie shrugged,"nothing really. Laying around sound good. 
Ezra snorted,"I'm going to write..."he said before taking another sip of his coffee 

Andy grinned over at Ezra." Good, I'm glad you are feeling up to it. You haven't done any writing in awhile."

Ezra nodded,"yeah well it doesn't help that I don't know what I'm supposed to be writing about."he gave a half hearted smile. 

Matty made a soft wounded noise at that but he tried to play it off with a couch.
" YOu'll figure it out. Andy squeezed his shoulder. " Just write about how I have the biggest dick you have seen."

Ezra snorted," you mean besides my own?"he said grabbing has crotch 

"My memory may be getting worse because I am an old man but I don't rememeber yours being that big." Andy smirked over at him.

Ezra Looked at Andrew with playfully hurt eyes,"well I lost my memory but even I know that."he smirked 

"Fine fine, what you have down there is pretty fantastic and I should know because I have touched it a fair amount." Andy grinned getting up to grab the empty plates from the table. " Ez where are you going to do some writing?"

Ezra laughed before shaking is head," I don't know. Maybe a coffee shop or something. I think I'll just roam around town see if anything strikes a cord."

Both andy and matty didn't like the idea of Ezra wondering around alone but really neither of them could say no to him.
"you'll call us if something comes up though right?" Matty asked trying not to look worried.

Ezra nodded,"of course."he smiled reassuringly,"I'll text you guys so you know I'm alive. 

"Okay, don't forget." Matty smiled softly as he started clearing the table. "I'll miss you."

Ezra smiled and stood up,"I'm gonna shower and get dressed...."he said pointing a thumb back to his room. 
Maxie nodded,"yeah you do smell."
ezra snorted and rolled his eyes,"thanks...."he said ruffling Maxie's hair as he passed. 

Matty felt a flare of jealousy when Ezra ruffled Maxie's hair. He tried to act like he was doing okay most of the time but the fact Ezra was still not better ate at him. He huffed softly watching ezra go back to his room before crawling over and plopping down in maxs lap burying his face in the other boys neck.

Maxie softly ran his fingers through Marty's hair,"what happened,princess?"

Matty huffed against Maxxie's neck. " Nothin' just me being a jealous bitch."

Maxxie kissed his head softly,"what are you jealous about?"

"Ezra ruffling your hair. He doesn't do that to me." Matty mumbled his cheeks burning. "I'm being stupid."

Maxxie made a soft surprised noise before leaning down to kiss Matty on the head,"oh...I'm sorry princess."he said honestly, knowing how badly Matt just wanted a little of Ezra's attention. 

Matty sighed softly and shrugged still snuggled right up against MAxxi. " It's not your fault. I need to stop being such a drama queen. It could be worse. He could be living with his parents or fucking around on us."

Maxie nodded and hoped to God he was keeping a straight face, he had tried to forget about seeing Ezra kiss that girl but the image was burned into his brain. He didn't even have anyone to tell to ease the burden. Max kissed Marty's head again before grinning,"well if you want you can make me jealouS."he giggled, nodding at Andy who was obliviously eating and snickering at something on his phone," wanna ride his dick? I'll just sit here and watch, wishing I could join in."

Marty turned and grinned slightly over at Sasquatch who was pressing away at his phone, " should I ask nicely first?"

Max giggled,"real nice..."he nodded, pushing Matty off his lap and towards Andrew. 

MAtty ploped down on the floor and crawled under to table toward Andrew's stupidly long legs. He looked up and saw him still on his phone before running his hands up the older mans shirt. " Annnnnddddy, I got a question for ya?" Matty said running blunt nails back down the mans stomach.

(Do you wanna be andy?)


Andrew jumped at the sudden contact before pushing his chair back a bit and looking down at his kneeling boy,"sure princess." He gave a goofy grin 

"So max told me to ask real nice first but can we fuck?" He grinned brightly up at the taller man.

Andys goofy grin took on a sharper edge,"yes princess. We can fuck."he turned to look at max is who was grinning happily, hand already down his pants 

Matty grinned and butted his head against Andy's leg before slidding up and ploping down in Andy's lap. " You are always just so nice to be Andy." He murmured running his fingers through his hair.

Andy smiled and leaned forward to kiss Matt softly while his hands slide down the back of the younger boys pants. He squeezed tightly, pulling Mtty down to grind against Andrews already hardening dick,"I'm the nicest."

Matty groaned agaisnt his lips and nodded his head softly. " YOu always are Andy." He slid his hand between them to palm Andy's dick over his pants.

Andy sighed pushing his hips up into the younger mans touch,"you're so pretty princess."Andy said reaching up and running a hand through matts hair before gripping it roughly in one hand to make the younger man arch his back 

Matty groaned louder arching his back more though he liked the pressure on his scalp from the hair pulling. " Andy we should skip the foreplay cause I just wanna fuck"

Andrew gave Mattys hair a sharp pull,"so you don't want me to lay you out in this table..."he said standing up and laying Matt out on their large table,"and put your dick in my throat?"he asked pulling down Mattys pj pants before wrapping a loose hand around the younger mans dick 

It wasn't like the younger man was starved for sex, they all fucked pretty much everyday but it's been awhile since Marty just had attention on him and he loved it.  He looked up at Andy with wide eyes. " can you please do that? Please."

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