Life After You

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Maxxie smirked smugly as he tried to meet Andrews thrusts,"want to be so sore that everyone can see. Want them to know how well fucked I am."

Andy buried his face in Maxxies neck sucking a dark bruise into the pale skin as he moved his hips at a fast pace. " No one will every think you are not fucking taking care of you, you will always walk around like you are freshly fucked by me."

Maxxie shivered as he held on to Andrew,"shit."he groaned and came, his hands scratching down Andrea back. 

"Fuck Maxxi." Andy groaned loudly coming as Max tightened around him. He laughed softly and rolled off of him wrapping his arms around Maxxi;s waist. " Holy hell im sleepy now."

Maxxie giggled,"me too."he said his eyes slipping closed,"don't forget Matty."

"I know I know I'll get princess." Andy rolled out of bed naked and went to the living room to grab Matty. He came back in and gently laid Matty between them pulling off his pants and shirt. " Okay Now its bed time."

Max smiled up at him while he and Marty snuggled together,"love you, Andy."

" I love you too sweetness." Andy yawned throwing his arm around both boys and falling asleep.

Ezra was up earlier then he would have expected from being out so late last night. He rubbed his face as he sat up in his bed and immediately thought about that girl from last night but instead of excitment at calling her all he felt as guilt. He groaned in frustration and stood up befit walking into the bathroom. 

Matty was the first up, his head was pounding and he felt like he could vomit. He pulled a teeshirt over his head and stumbled into the living room groaning how bright everything was. He laid on the couch covering his face with his hands.

Ezra walked out of the bathroom and followed the dying animal sound before finally finding Mattyon the couch,"Hey."He said softly standing over the small boy.

Matty peaked over the blanket he pulled over his head. " You know I believe I am dying."

Ezra snorted,'Im sure you'll survuve."

" No, I feel sick." Matty whimpered up at him. " My head hurts and Im cold..Do you wanna make me some tea?"

Ezra smiled,"Sure."he said heading into the kitchen. He stopped in the middle of theroom as he realised he had no idea where tea or the kettle even was.. He shrugged and started to look, after about 20 minutes he walked out of the kitchen with a steaming cup.

Matty pushed himself up still feeling sleepy. He took the cup and gave him a soft smile. " I should have probably told you where everything was." He said sipping on the hot tea.

Ezra shrugged and sat down on the couch,"I figured it out."

Matty smiled softly and sipped at the tea. " I remeber when we first moved in together, you stomped around for an hour looking for lube when we wanted to break in the table."

Ezra smiled,"I feel like a there's probably lube hide everywhere in this house..."

"Yes we made sure when we moved in here. Lube is within an arms reach at all time." Matty grined softly. " And chocalate, Maxxi made sure we had chocolate everywhere."

Ezra chuckled,"Sounds like all you need in life."He shook his head.

"It really is." Matty laughed softly grieving Ezra a smile. " feeling any better today?"

Ezra shrugged,"Im alright. Not suffering likeyou arerightnow."he chuckled.

Matty giggled but groaned right after it made his head hurt. " I'm always a baby when I get hung over, you would always pull me out of bed and get me greesy food and Maxxi would always just rub my back and make me soup."

Ezra smiled softly, he wished he could remember,"Well lets go then."He stood up with a expectant smile at Maty.

"Really?" Matty asked pulling himself up off the couch. " Let me get a hoodie."

Ezra nodded,"alright."he smiled slipping his shoes on by the door as he waited for Matty 

Matty went into the bedroom and smiled when he saw Andy and maxxi curled around each other. He nudged Maxxis shoulder softly. " darling me and Ez are getting food...I'll bring you boys back something."

Maxxie smiled, he lifted up his hand and waved it around until it came in contact with Mattys face. He patted his check softly,"okay, princess."he mumbled, wiggling closer to Andrew. 

Matty smiled at the two boys and pulled on a hoodie before going back out into the living room. "Alright I'm ready to go." He said shoving his hands in his pockets.

Ezra smiled and picked up the keys from the table by the door,"alright."he said opening the door and walking outside. He wasn't really sure what possessed him to take Matty out, but it seemed like guilt from kissing that girl last night  

Matty made sure to keep his hands to himself but he was excited about this. He slid into the car and smiled softly at Ezra. "Thanks for this."

Ezra smiled,"it's the east I can do for how patient you've been with me."

Matty nodded smiling even more. " We have been through way too much to fuck things up now."

Ezra smiled softly as they drive to the closest drive thru,"I'll take you're word for it."

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