Life After You

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Ezra gave a surprised grunt when Amy pressed their lips together but he couldn't help but cling to the familiar feelng of having a women pressed against him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled benighted kissing back.


( I kinda wanna smack ezra..)
Amy kissed back wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him close. She pulled away with a small smile on her face. " Hey, so that was okay?"

(lol i know. I feel  so bad. When should the gang see him?)

Ezra grinned and reached up to trace his thumb over her kiss swollen lips,"That was awesome."

(Hmmm maybe only one of the boys see him but they keep it a secret because they want everyone to be happy and it ends up blowing up in everyones face.)
"That really was, who knew a girl could find someone in a gay bar." Amy said leaning up to give him another kiss.

So Maxxie or Andrew?

ezra laughed softly,"you're just lucky."he teased softly, kissing her again. 

(oooh Maxxi then when it all comes out both andy and matty can be pissed at both of them.)

Amy sighed happily against his lips pulling him down to deepen the kiss.

Sounds good!

Maxxie smiled over at Andrew and Matty,"Bathroom."He shouted over the music before dancing into the crowd towards the bathroom. Maxxie danced around in front of the urnial as he unzipped and quickly peed. He danced out of the bathroom and started back to the dance floor when he spotted Ezra. He watched the girl talking to Ezra and couldnt help but laugh at the girl for trying. He meant to keep walking but when the Ezra leaned down and kissed the red head, Maxxie found he couldnt move. It felt like someone had punched him in the stomach, he couldnt look away as the ginger girl wrapped her arms around Ezra's neck and Ezra wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her closer. Maxxie watched them kiss for what felt like an enternity before eventually managing to stumble back unto the dance floor and between Matty and Andrew.

Matty giggled drunkenly when he saw Maxxie wiggle between them. " Sweetheart, you look dashing. So dashing that I want to fuck you right here right now."

Maxxie gave a sickly smile,"umm...."He grunted,"that would be nice."

Andy grinned and kissed at Maxxis neck. " COme on sweetheart, lets find ez and make our way home unless you boys wanna get it on in the bathroom."

Maxxie forced a giggle,"I'll grab him."he said quickly already backing up towards the bar,"You guys start outside."he said before turning and disapperaing into the crowd.

" Ya Ya we will go." Matty giggled taking Andy's hand in his and pulling the older man out of the bar.

Maxxie found Ezra in the same spot that he left him, talking close to the red headed whore,"Ezra."Maxxie shouted over the music, startling both Ezra and Amy.
Ezra looked down at Maxxie with wide 'oh shit' eyes,"Max."ezra said with a quick glance at Amy.
Max ignored the girl all together,"Were leaving."He said simply, reaching for Ezra's hand.
Amy looked on surprised but the smaller boy looked ready to raise hell so she decided not to insist Ezra stay,"Here take my number. Call me."she said sliding a peice of paper into the front pocket of Ezra's jeans.
Ezra smiled softly but didnt have the chance to say anything else before Max was dragging him away,"Im coming. Im coming."Ezra shouted so Maxxie would stop tugging at his arm.

Matty giggled happily and pushed himself up off the wall outside when he saw MAxxi and Ezra. He stumbled to them not even noticing how tense both of the looked. " So how was your first night back to the club?" hr asked wrapping his arms around Ezras neck.

Ezra looked at Maxie awkwardly before clearing throat,"it was intersting."he gave a little half smile. 

Andy grabbed MAxxi around the waist and snuggled against him. " I called us a cab, I'll have to get my car in the morning."
Matty grinned happily up at him. " Im glad you had fun. Next time you need to dance with us."

Ezra nodded,"next time."he said awkwardly wrapping a arm around Matty

maxxie smiled, only looking a little miserable,"sounds good."

Andy frowned down at him before leaning down and kissing him soundly on the lips. " You look sad."
Matty nearly beemed up at him and giggled happily. " Good, cause before you got hurt you were a fucking great dancer."

Maxxie tried for a smile, though it hurt,"Im good."He said wrapping his arms around Andrews middle and nuzzling his face into the older mans chest.

Ezra grinned,"That probably hasnt changed."he shook his hips a little.

Andy leaned down and kissed the top of Maxxi's hair keeping him pulled close. " Good, you know I dont like you being sad." He murmured into Maxxis hair.

Matty watched him and grinned even more. " Still amazing." He looked away when he heard the cab pull up. " Alright boys, lets go Im hungry and drunk."

Maxxie smiled up at him but let him go in favor or holding Mattys hand,"where did you want to eat?"he asked, waving down a cab. 

Matty slid into the cab pulling maxxi in with him. " the diner, it's probably still open."

Maxxie nodded and slipped into the cab after Matty, he rattled of the dinners street. 

Matty bounced around in the cab  grinning at all of the boys.
Andy chuckled and rubbed a hand over his face. " So Ez was your first night good?"

Ezra nodded, his mind wandering to the card in his pocket,"yeah it was alright."he shrugged, glancing at Maxxie who was avoiding the older mans eye. 

Andy kind of got the feeling something was off but ignored it once the got to the diner. Matty crawlled over them and tumbled out of the car with a grin on his face. " Boys hurry, Im hungry."

Maxxie laughed, trying to brush off the whole incident at the club,"of course you are."

" You know me when I drink I wanna fuck and eat all of the food in the world." he said bounce to a booth with the boys.

Maxxie laughed softly while Ezra looked on amused,"Sounds fun."

Andy grinned as he slipped in the booth pulling maxxi against his side. " Well I know what we should do when we get home."
Matty bounced in the seat and smiled up at Ezra. " We'd pretty much be here everyday back in high school, eatting the very same thing everytime."

Maxxie blushed softly,"oh yeah? And what's that?"

Ezra nodded and looked around, the place did look familiar in a vague way,"what did I used to get?"

"Well, maybe a blow job and some fucking." Andy murmured into Maxxis shoulder with a grin on his face.

" Double cheese burger with no pickles, extra onions and musturd." Matty said with a slightly proud smile on his face. " You had that throughout high school."

Maxxie blushed harder,"that doesn't sound to bad..."

Ezra smiled softly,"I'll have that."he put his menu to the side 

Andy chuckled lowly against maxxis shoulder before nipping at his neck. " I know how much you love fucking."
matty grinned and ordered for them and the other two men who were almost on top of each other on the other side of the table. " I think Andy's the slutty one when he drinks."

Maxxie giggled and out his small hand in Adrews hard chest,"I love your dick..."he corrected,"fills me up so good."he practically moaned. 

Ezra looked over with curious eyes,"yeah it looks like he is."

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