Life After You

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"Yeah,"Came a muffled voice from behind the closed door.

Maxxie walked out into the living room and smiled when he saw Andrew laying there, almost falling off the couch,"Andy.'He said softly gently shaking andrews shoulders.

Matty walked in but stayed close to the door. " We are all gonna staart getting ready to go out if you still wanna."
Andy shot right up rubbing his face. " I wasnt sleeping, I was studying."

Ezra looked up from his computer and nodded,"Okay. I gotta shower."He closed the laptop and pushed back from the desk.

Maxxie laughed,"Sure, big boy."He smiled, patting Andrews shoulder.

"The main bathroom is attached to our room and all of your stuff is in there so just go and use that one." Matty said watching him at his desk. " Did you have a prodecutive afternoon?"
Andy groaned and pulled Maxxi to his chest nuzzleing his face in his hair. " Hmmm, you smell awesome."

Ezra nodded as he made his way out of the office,"yeah I learned some pretty interesting things, and saw some exciting sex tapes."he laughed,"it's weird watching myself have sex I can't remember..."

Maxxie giggled,"thanks. Now get up and get easy."

Matty's face turned red as he started laughing. " I totally forgot about those, some are pretty old. The first one was on my 18th since you wouldnt film us before then."

"Get easy? I can do that pretty fucking quick." Andy grinned as he pulled himself up yawning loudly.

Ezra chuckled,"I was pretty smart."He said shutting the door behind himself,"Where are the other two?"

(LOL i have no idea where 'easy' came from. I must have meant 'dressed'and it autocorrected.)

Maxxie rolled his eyes,"We know...."He stood up,"Now c'mon and get dressed."

(Baha stupid autocorrect it makes me angry most of the time lol)

"Matty is trying to wake up Andy. He fell asleep doing his homework." Matty giggled and shook his head. "He is horrible to try to wake up."
Andy pulled himself up running his hands through his hair and yawning. "Fine, fine. I'm you gonna wear something hot tonight?"

Ezra smiled as he walked to the bathroom,"You should go help."

Maxxie smiled,"Duh."He ran a hand through his hair.

Matty smiled softly and nodded. " Okay, you get ready and look hot." He giggled before going down the stairs to the living room with Maxxi and Andy.
Andy grinned and kissed Maxxi. " Im gonna get ready, you boys start getting ready."

Maxxie nodded,"Yes dear."He smiled and took Mattys hand to lead him back up to their bedroom to get dressed,"what are you wearing?"he asked Mattywhile looking in their closet.

"Tightest jeans I own and a that baggy pink tank top that makes me look like a skate punk." Matty grinned as he started to dig through his dresser. " What are you wearing?"

Maxxie laughed softly,"Tighest jeans I own and a white button down. a little classy."he giggled.

MAtty pulled off his boxers and pulled on his jeans without underwear with a grin on his face. " I like the fact that you are the classy one. I am really not."

Maxxie laughed "oh we know."he said sliding the white shirt over his shoulders and started to button it up,"so I have a question...."he started slowly 

Matty looked up from the pile of clothes he was digging through. "Ya maxxi?"

Max concentrated his eyes at his hair as he fixed it in the mirror,"Me and Andy really want to go on a date sometime this week..."

"We are going on a date tonight." Matty told him with a grin. " Does the sasquatch wanna get fancy?"

Maxxie gave a nervous tinkering laugh,"Kinda...He...We want it to be just the two of us."He sighed softly, in the past this had been no big deal.Each of the boys still had private dates and no ones feelings ever got hurt but with Erzra the way he was Maxxie wasnt sure how Matty would react.

Matty froze before nodding his head slowly. "Just the two of you...well, that will be will give me time to catch up on homework." He really wanted to pout and complain but he knows they need time together as much as he really isn't reading to be alone with Ezra.

Maxxie smiled brightly and wrapped his arms tight around Mattys skinny body,"thank you, princess!"

Matty giggled and snuggled close to maxxi. "No problem sweetheart. Let's go and see if the other two are ready."

Maxxie smiled and kissed his cheek before taking Matty's hand and leading him out to the living room.

Andy was sitting on the couch in jeans and a plaid shirt he was buttoning up. He grinned when he saw the two boys. " now look how pretty you two clean up, Ezra's just getting dressed then we can head out."

Maxxie smiled and hopped on Andrews lap,"Matty said that it's okay if we go out alone..."he kissed Andrews cheek. 

Andy grinned and pulled Maxxi done for a kiss on the lips. "Awesome, thanks princess." Andy said giving the other boy who was tapping his foot nervously waiting for Ezra. 
"I just expect you guys to bring me dessert from where ever you are going too." He said with a soft smile.

Maxxie giggled,"of course."he smiled up at Matty as Ezra walked back into the room. He was wearing some tight black jeans and a grey v neck shirt,"ready?"

Matty grinned and looked him up and down. "Well you are looking hot Ezra."

Ezra shifted nervously but he smiled,"of course I so."
maxxie rolled his eyes as he slide off of Andy's lap,"let's go."

Andy grinned and hopped up. He shoved his feet in his shoes and grabbed his keys. " Alright boys lets get fucked up."

Maxxie giggled as he slide into his own shoes while Ezra ran a nervous hand through his gelled hair. 

Matty looked over at Ezra and smiled softly. " we can stay home if you want Ez." He told him softly.

Ezra shook his head. He would go crazy bring cooped up in this house,"no let's go..."he smirked in that way he did. 

MAtty grinned and followed the other two boys out of the house. " Im pretty excited to get competely wasted tonight, just so you all know."

Maxxie giggled and linked arms with Matt,"me too."he wiggled around. 

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