Life After You

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Matty smiled softly and nodded. " as much as I dont think any of us thought this would work we are so fucking happy."

Andy laughed when he saw the picture. " That was a good day, until you f*cks didnt wake me up when I started to look like a tomato."

Ezra smiled as he was handed back the picture and shuffled it back into the stack of pictures.
Max smiled at Andrew,"Yeah but i rubbed you with aloe vera that whole week..."He leered.

" Find any other good ones." Matty asked as he glanced over at the very large stack of pictures.

"Right, I did enjoy that. I remeber your hands had a tendency to wander..everywhere." Andy grinned as he pinched Maxxis ass.

Maxx giggled and smacked Andreews chest as Ezra pulled another picture out of the stack,"What about this one?"He layed a picture of the foursome on the table.

Andy wrapped his arms tight around Maxxi and kissed him. " Again hitting is rude."

Matty smiled fondly at the picture and nodded. " We went to the fancy french place to celebrate your second book getting published. This was right when we all got together. You and Andy wouldnt let me and Maxxi near each other because you both were jealous tools."

Ezra grinned,"now that sounds like something id do.."he took the picture back and set it with the rest before setting the stack of pictures on the table to be looked through. He looked through the rest of the box pulling out some acceptance letters from his publishers. He set those on the table next to the pictures and continued to dig through the box. 

Matty watched him with a fond look before sitting down at the table to finish eatting. " Did anything look familiar?" Matty asked him.

Ezra shook his head,"A little?"He shrugged,"When I was looking at the pictures it was kind of like dejavu."He said pulling out his first letter of acceptance from his publishers.

" well f.ucking might bring some memory back, we did that all the time." Andy teased as he pulled maxxi close to him.

Ezra looked nervous suddenly,"we could try?"he said nervously rearranging the contents of his box. 

"Ezra I'm kidding. We don't have too."  Andy told him with a soft smile.
matty frowned at Andrew and let out a small huff. " You are not funny Andy."

Ezra gave little relieved smile,"it's okay. " he told Matty, reaching out and catiously touching matts shoulder. 

Matty smiled softly and tried not to look so excited Ezra was touching him.

Andy watched them and shook his head with a smirk. "Well Im out of ideas what we should do. We should really do homework since none of us have been in class in about three weeks."

Ezra let go of Matty with shakey hands,"I dont have homework,right?"

Maxxie shook his head,"No, you lucky bastard."He pouted,"but we all do.."He sighed, and started gathering the empty plates.

"So you can do whatever you want." Andy told him as he grabbed the other plates. "Then we can hit the bar up tonight."
Matty smiled softly at Ezra. " You can go lay down if you want, you look kind of tired."

Ezra smiled and pulled the box closer,"I think i'll just go and explore office somemore."He picked the box up and gave the other boys a soft smile before walking back up the stairs.

Matty frowned softly when he left and pushed away from the table. " I'm gonna get started on my school work." He said heading into the living room.

Matty nodded,"Alright, Princess."He sighed, watching Matt leave the room before standing up to bring the dishes into the kitchen.

Andy started loading the dishwasher with a slight frown on his face. "I think fucking would make everyone less sad looking."

Maxxie laughed softly,"you always thing that..."he shook his head,"you tried that one my when my cat died."

"Well you were just so sad looking..and I don't really like you being said so an orgasm makes me happy so I thought it will help." Andy laughed as he pulled maxxie against his chest. " but I remember you yelled at me when I said we should fuck.."

"Yeah because it was a bad idea."Maxxie laughed,"sex works for something's but not dead pets or boyfriends with memory loss. "

Andy pouted down at him before sighing. " fine I won't offer sex to help with death or what society suggests are traumatic events. You only stopped yelling after I brought you ice cream. I'll get matty ice cream later." He really just wanted everyone to be happy and would do anything to fix their little screwed up family. " I just hate how down everyone is now."

Maxxie kissed Andrews cheek,"I know, Andy."he sighed,"me too but it's going to take some time."

Andy sighed and kept maxxi close to him. " just me and you should go out for dinner tommorow. Have some us time."

Maxxie nodded,"maybe... I'll have to talk to Matty I'm. It going to leave him unless he feels okay. It would be good for him and Ezra to have some alone time though."

Andy frowned slightly but nodded. " okay you talk to princess and see what he says. I think spending some time together might help them too."

Maxxie nodded as they finished the last of the dishes. He dried his hands on a dish towel,"I'll talk to him tonight about it."

"Okay sweetheart. I'm gonna get started on my homework." Andy said kissing him on the cheek. " You get going too."

Maxxie nodded,"I guess."He said walking to the front door and picking up his long forgotten backpack,stuffed full of books. He dragged the bag to the dining room table before starting to pull out his books.

MAtty worked steadily on his homework for a good few hours until he was hungry and anxious to go out. He went to the dining room where Maxxi was sitting and wrapped his arms around Maxxis shoulders. " Sweetheart, Im all done and f*cking bored."

Maxxie laughed,"yeah me too my head hurts from all the words."he giggled and closed his book,"what do you feel like for dinner?"

"Anything, I just wanna go dancing and drinking." Matty said kissing him on the cheek. " I think we have frozen pizza in the freezer still."

Max smiled softly,"alright ill go and throw the pizza in the oven..."he said standing up from the table. 

"I'll go and tell Ez to start getting ready. You go wake up Andy. He was asleep on the couch last time I checked." Matty said with a giggle as he headed towards Ezra's office. When he got there he knocked lightly on the door. "Ez? Can I come in."

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