Surviving the Sterlings

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"Mhm, don't joke like that," Emily said as she crawled over and pecked his lips.

"Sorry." Bodhi laughed.

Emily sat back on the floor with a smile as Micah played with one of his toys.

"You want a boy or a girl next?" Bodhi asked her.

"It really doesn't matter to me," Emily told him with a shrug.

"You don't have names and nursery colors planned out?" Bodhi teased her.

"Oh I didn't say that," Emily chuckled.

"What names do you like?" Bodhi asked

"Why so many questions?" Emily asked with a chuckle.

"I want to know about my future kids." Bodhi teased.

"We should focusing on having a future kid first," Emily teased with a chuckle.

"Making the kid won't be a problem." Bodhi teased her.

"We might have to try a couple of times," Emily teased, "May not stick the first time."

"We can try every day until it sticks." He smirked.

"I'm already exhausted with this one, that would asking a lot," Emily teased.

"We'll hire a nanny." He teased.

"Yeah, then I could go back to work," Emily noted.

"And we could work on another baby." He pointed out.

"I don't see why we can't do that during naptime," Emily chuckled. as she looked at Micah playing with a toy in front of them.

"We can." He laughed.

Micah laughed and clapped his hands as he looked up at Emily, she couldn't help but grin back down at him.

"You ready to be a big brother?" Bodhi smiled and picked up the baby to tickle him.
"That was delicious." Gabi said after finishing her lunch.

"Are you ready to be a dad of two?" Emily asked with a raised eyebrow, "Gosh, two under two?"
"It was, I'm so stuffed I could go for a nap," Julie said.

"I think it would be amazing. Hectic but amazing." He said honestly.
"I could get us a cab and we could nap at home." Gabi said.

"Good, me too," Emily grinned before leaning over to peck his lips.
"That sounds great," Julie smiled.

"What if we ended up with twins?" Bodhi laughed.
"We should come back here sometime." Gabi said and left a tip on the table.

"It does run in my family," Emily said as she shook her head.
"I like that idea," Julie said as she stood up.

"Thats why I asked." He laughed.
(they should have twins)
Gabi grabbed her things and took Julie's hand as they went outside. "Its so nice today."

"It would definitely be a handful," Emily said with a chuckle.
(Maybe her stalker causes so much stress that it puts one or both of the babies in danger)
"Too bad we're wasting it with a nap, but I don't really care," She laughed.

"We could handle it." Bodhi said. "Didn't you love growing up with a twin?"
"Me either." Gabi laughed and hailed?a cab.

"Yes, but it's not something we get to pick," Emily reminded him with a chuckle.
"Good," Julie smiled pecking her cheek before getting in the cab.

"We could actually." Bodhi pointed out. "It would cost and arm and a leg but we could choose to have twins and pick?which genes go into the embryos."
Gabi got in and gave the driver their address. "We still haven't decided on a honeymoon yet. We should figure that out soon."

"Yeah, I'd rather have babies the old fashioned way," Emily chuckled.
"Somewhere that's hot and has a beach," Julie chuckled.

"I would do. Its much more fun." He grinned.
"We could go anywhere. Where have you always wanted to go?" Gabi asked her.

"Yeah and I like the element of surprise," Emily smirked.
"The Dominican Republic," Julie said, thinking it was random but from pictures she thought it was beautiful.

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