Surviving the Sterlings

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Emily just nodded before putting Micah back in the high chair.

"About time for his nap isn't it?" He asked her.

"He napped before coming here," Emily said.

"Think you'll be able to come see me at work when we've got another little one?" Bodhi asked.

"I don't know, I'm sure I'll have my hands full," Emily said.

"I'll take some time off whenever the next one comes along." Bodhi said.

"How kind of you," Emily teased with a chuckle as she finished up eating her lunch.

"Most husbands can't take a few weeks off when their kids are born." Bodhi pointed out.

"I know and I think that's dumb," Emily said.

"I agree." Bodhi said and went back to eating his lunch.

"And I don't think you should have to waste your PTO to stay home either," Emily said, "What if I died in child birth you still wouldn't get maternity leave," She told him

"I want to take those weeks off for me. I hate that I wasn't there with Micah after we brought him home. He bonded with you way before me." Bodhi pointed out.

"Well you have time to take," Emily said, "When we have another baby you can take sometime and bond all you want." She smirked.

"Thats the plan." He grinned.

"Should we let you get back to work now or do you have a little time to spare?" Emily asked him.

"I've got some time." Bodhi told her. "Stay as long as you want."

(so polyvore doesn't exist anymore and its bullshit. I wanted to make some collages for the rps and now I can't -_- )

(Wait what?! Since when?!)
"Then I'll just stay all day," Emily teased before taking a sip of her water.

(Within the last month or so. I had so much stuff saved for rps! I had a wedding dress picked out for Gabi and everything)

"You're welcome to." Bodhi laughed.

(That's crazy, I can't believe it's just gone!)
"I don't think I could stay all day, especially if Micah starts to get fussy," She chuckled.

(it sad)

"We'll give him a sedative." He teased her.

"You're not funny," Emily said before giving him a look.

"It was a joke babe." Bodhi chuckled.

"Jokes are usually funny," Emily said.

"You have no sense of humor." Bodhi smirked before picking up Micah to hold him for a while.

"Oh whatever," Emily said as she rolled her eyes.

"Micah agrees with me." Bodhi said and tickled him to make him laugh.

(I'm actually pretty happy with how this one came out- )

"Yeah, yeah," Emily said as she rolled her eyes.
(Love that!)

"You know when you were pregnant with him, I was secretly hoping for twins." Bodhi admitted.

"Why on earth would you wish that on me?" Emily asked with a chuckle.

"Fastest way to get a big family." Bodhi teased. "Plus, I want our kids to have a bond like you and Elliot and Abby and Gabrielle."

"It's not something we get to pick," Emily laughed, "And just because I was a twin doesn't mean we're going to have twins."

"I know, it was just something I hoped for." Bodhi said

"My mom always said that Adam always seemed to be a jealous toddler," Emily joked, "Wouldn't want that to happen to Micah."

"He'll be a good big brother." Bodhi smiled

"Hopefully," Emily teased.

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