Surviving the Sterlings

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Emily laughed, "He's excited to have a play mate," She said.

"You'll have to wait a while bud." Bodhi said and watched Micah make a funny face before the smell hit him. "Thats ripe. Can you grab a diaper?" he?asked, holding him at arms length.

Emily couldn't help but laugh at Bodhi's reaction, "Yeah, I'll grab it," She said before going to the kitchen to grab one of out Micah's diaper bag, plus some wipes. "Here you go," She said as she handed it to him, before going and sitting on the couch.

"Thanks." Bodhi said and held his breath as he set the baby down to change his diaper.

Emily laughed, "Are you holding your breath?" She asked as she got comfortable on the couch.

Bodhi nodded and quickly changed Micah's diaper. "How can you stand the smell?"

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"I guess I'm just used to it by now," Emily shrugged with a chuckle.

"I can't get used to it." Bodhi laughed and let Micah crawl around on the floor after cleaning him up.

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(I made a new stalker. I think it would be better to say she never had one previously)

Emily finished feeding Micah before laying him down for a nap. She went down to the kitchen to make a lunch for her and Bodhi that she'd bring to the hospital for them.

Bodhi finished an early morning surgery and called Emily when he had a free moment.

Emily answered the phone as she continued to make their lunch, "Hey babe," She said.

"Hey, you can come early if you want. I just got out of surgery." Bodhi said.

"I was planning on coming as soon as Micah woke up from his nap," Emily told him, "How was your surgery?" She asked.

"Patient survived so it was a success." Bodhi teased.

"That's good," Emily told him as she finished making their lunches.

"Everyones excited to see you and Micah." Bodhi said. "The nurses will be passing him around all afternoon."

"Oh gosh, he's going to be loving all of that attention," Emily chuckled as she went and sat at the kitchen table.

"If you ever need a day off, you can let the staff watch?him." Bodhi teased.

"Then who's going to take care of the patients?" Emily pointed out with a chuckle.

"There's a lot of us here." Bodhi pointed out. "We'll take care of him in shifts like the patients."

Emily laughed, "I'll remember that," She said before hearing a noise on the baby monitor, "Looks like he's waking up," She told him, "I'll get him ready and we'll see you soon."

"I'll be waiting for you." Bodhi said. He was looking forward to showing off Micah to his coworkers.

Emily hung up the phone with him before heading upstairs to Micah's room. She changed his diaper and got him dressed before grabbing his diaper bag and their lunch to head to the hospital. Once she parked she toted him on her hip as she walked inside.

Gideon watched from the surveillance room as Dr.?Lowell's wife walked in. He zoomed in on her and followed her with the cameras?as he smiled to himself. He loved watching her, even if she didn't know he existed, yet.
Bodhi was signing off on forms at the nurses station when he saw Emily approaching. "Hey, you made it." he said before greeting her with a kiss and taking Micah from her.

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"Gah!" Micah cooed as Bodhi took him, "Yeah, but we hit every red light getting here," She chuckled.

(coincidence? I think not!)

"Yeah you took longer than I expected." Bodhi chuckled as Micah tried to chew on his stethoscope.
"Emily! We haven't seen you in so long!" One of the nurses called out, rounding the corner to give her a hug. "How are you?"

"Hey Nicole," Emily smiled as she hugged the nurse back, "I'm doing well, how about you?" She asked her.

"I'm great," Nicole said and looked to the baby.?"Oh little Micah! He's so cute!"

"Thanks," Emily smiled, "He looks more like Bodhi everyday," She chuckled.

"No, he's too cute to look like him." Nicole teased.
"I'm writing you up for that." Bodhi teased her.

Emily chuckled before looking at Bodhi, "Ready to go eat lunch?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Bodhi nodded. "Hold down the fort for me." he told Nicole.
"As always." she teased before going to do her rounds.

Emily walked with him down to the hospital cafeteria, taking a seat at an empty table.

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