Surviving the Sterlings

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2-3 years have passed since we last saw the Sterlings but they're as close as ever, even when far apart. The kids are grown and living their own lives with families and careers and drama all their own.

Very short plot but whatever


Jake Michaelson
​Nightclub manager
​Jake was born and raised in London, UK and that's where he met his girlfriend Alexandra. The two are still together and happy as ever. Now days the two, along with his six year old son Hamish who was conceived when Jake was a teenager reside in Brighton, a town about an hour away from his hometown.
​Considering proposing to Lex. She's the love of his life, his rock, the reason he wakes up in the morning. Cheesy but true
​(Hope this is fine)

Jasmine Sterling
​AVON representative/student
​Jasmine is creating a new life for herself and her little Desiree after all the drama from three years ago with Desiree's father who was controlling and abusive. Jas tried to stand by him given he had mental health problems but there was no excuse for him hitting her. Now days she studying psychology and wants to help other women that are in her shoes.
​Her baby girl Desiree (3)
​Jasmine could use a love interest

(the forms are short but if I think of more I'll add to them =P )

Gabrielle Sterling.
Radio Jockey
Gabi lives close to home and sees her family when she can. Its hard because shes so busy but she talks to her twin atleast once a day. She works at a radio show and most people take well to it but not everyone does. She doesn't mind the haters though. Her and Julie are engaged and she's happy with everything in her life. The only thing in the way is Julie's parents, who aren't so happy with their relationship.

Dr. Bodhi Lowell
Bodhi is busier than ever. He and Emily got married and had a baby and he's always on call at the hospital. It gets stressful but he loves being a?father and husband. He doesn't get a lot of sleep so along with coffee he's been prescribing himself some meds to keep him focused. He's got everything under control and doesn't want to worry Emily so he hasn't told her about the meds.

Julie Wyknott, 25
Content Editor

Julie met Gabi in college when they both worked for the campus podcast which Gabi hosted and Julie edited. They became good friends and then more than that. Julie is currently working as an editor for a widely recognized podcast series.?Julie feels pretty well accepted around the sterling house. She's an only child and has divorced parents so the family atmopshere is nice.Her parents thought that her relationship with Gabi was just a phase she was going through and that working for such an alternative radio station had molded her. They do not approve of Julie & Gabi's engagement and it's the first thing they have agreed on since their divorce.

Emily Lowell (nee Sterling), 32
Kindergarten Teacher turned Stay at Home Mom
Emily is happier than ever now that she and Bodhi have married and had their first child. They decided together that it would be best if Emily took a year off of teaching to be a stay at home mom to their son, Micah. She loves being home with their baby but she can tell Bodhi is getting stressed, he is constantly working, pulling 24-36 hour shifts sometimes. She wishes that he could step back and maybe go into private practice but she knows he loves the hustle of the hospital.

(Adam and Violet never really took off so I just decided to create a new character lol)
Jax Sterling, 34
Jax is the cousin of all the infamous Sterling siblings. He was an only child so growing up he enjoyed getting together with his family for the holidays. His parents were two hot-shot doctors so they weren't around often, leaving Jax in the care of nannies and other babysitters from time to time. He struggled with ADHD and Dyslexia growing up that caused him develop anxiety and depression. Since he lived in a house of doctors he was doped up on every medication possible to help his mental issues. As a teenage he was constantly compared to Adam, Emily, and Elliott and all of their successes since they were all around the same age. His cousins just seemed to be perfect in every way while he was left alone to struggle. The stress eventually got to him and he harbored a nasty drug addiction. He was housed in a rehab facility and released before having a relapse after college. It's been a few years now and he is in full recovery. He sees a therapist now for his variety of mental disabilities and only takes what is prescribed of him. His parents are older and now retired so he has decided to finally move back to town to be closer to them. Since his release from rehab, he has become a successful author, staying within the mystery and historical fiction genres.

Gideon Matheson. 35.
Security Systems Analyst
Gideon has always had mental issues. He was in a somewhat abusive household and it caused him to be withdrawn and isolated from the other kids growing up. He has an avoidant personality disorder. Despite this, he's very intelligent. In highschool and college he graduated at the top of his class and he's worked with complex computer systems over the years but his speciality is in security. Big companies need more than just security guards; they need someone on board when their cameras go down or the alarms won't stop going off.?Gideon is that guy. He basically gets paid to watch the hospital staff on camera and make sure the system stays up and running. He loves his job because he gets to watch people- this one doll in paticular. He's had his eye on Dr Lowell's wife since the first time she came to the hospital. He's even started watching her outside of work.

Rebecca "Becca" Cooper. 31.
Becca is a shy artist. She grew up an only child to a single mom so she didn't have a lot of stability. They moved around a lot so she didn't have many friends. Even art school didn't help her to break out of her shell. Despite her shyness, she's managed to be fairly sucessful selling her artwork. She does a lot of painting and sculpting and in her spare time, she reads mysteries. One of her favorite authors lives close by and she's planning on going to his next book signing.


Bodhi quietly?climbed into bed in the early hours of the morning. The?double shift at the hospital took a toll on him and he was exhausted. He wrapped his arm around Emily and closed his eyes, hoping for a few hours of sleep.
Gabi smacked her alarm clock off as it woke her. The worst part about working in radio was the hours. "I don't want to go." she mumbled against her pillow as she layed?next to?her fiance.

Emily had just gotten back to sleep after putting Micah down after his feeding, she groaned slightly when she felt Bodhi get in the bed.
"Go bring home the bacon babe," Julie teased with a yawn as she rolled over to get a few more hours of sleep.

"Sorry." Bodhi murmured and pulled her close.
Gabi yawned and rolled out of bed. "Don't forget we're going cake tasting later."

"I just got back to sleep," Emily groaned as she got comfortable.
"Already have a reminder in my phone," Julie said as she got back to a comfortable position.

"I'm sorry, I didn't meant to wake you." Bodhi said softly.
"Go back to sleep then." Gabi said, leaning in to kiss her cheek before getting ready for work.

"It's okay, how was work?" Emily asked as she laid her head on his chest, keeping her eyes closed.
"See you later," Julie yawned before going back to bed.

"Busy. ER was packed all night." Bodhi said with a yawn.
Gabi headed to work and made a list in her head of all things they had to do to prepare for the wedding.

"Well sleep in today babe," Emily told him before falling back asleep.
Jax got up and went on a run to clear his head. He didn't sleep well the night before but that was normal. He came and showered before getting ready for his book signing.

Bodhi was asleep before could respond. He slept solid for a few hours before being awoken by the baby crying. "I'll get him. he said as he sat up.
Rebecca fixed her curls as she got ready for the book signing. She was planning on showing up early so she wouldn't have to wait in line and she wanted to look great.

Emily rolled to look at the clock, knowing he was hungry. "Bring him in here, I know he's hungry," She said, sometimes she didn't know why she decided to breast feed as she sat up against the headboard with a yawn.
Jax met with his manager and the manager of the bookstore before waving at some fans through the window. He went out and sat at the table, taking the cap off his pen for autographs.

Bodhi yawned as he got out of bed to get the baby. "Hey buddy. Couldn't let us sleep huh?" he teased as he picked him up and brought him back to Emily.
Rebecca nervously stepped up to the table when?it was her turn. She couldn't help but smile at Jax. "Hi, I'm a huge fan."

Emily ran a hand through her hair as Bodhi brought Micah back into their room, "Good morning," She said as she took him in her arms, "Five hours buddy that's one more than last night," She chuckled tiredly.
"Hi, what's your name?" Jax said as he smiled up at her.

"Doesn't feel like it." Bodhi smirked and laid beside them.
"Rebecca Cooper." She said with a smile.

"Go back to sleep babe," Emily said as Micah started feeding.
"Nice to meet you," Jax smiled as he signed her book and handed it back to her.

"No its okay, I'll stay up with you and Micah." Bodhi said after checking the time. "Want breakfast when hes done?"
"Thank you. Before I go, I wanted to give you this." Becca said, grabbing her drawing from her bag. "I know its cheesy but I wanted to do a little fan art."

(maybe he likes her art and ends up wanting her to do the cover of his books?)

"You don't have to, I know you must be exhausted," Emily told him.
Jax took the paper from her, "This is really great, thanks," He smiled.

"Its alright. I'll sleep when I'm dead." Bodhi teased.
"You're welcome." Becca smiled before stepping aside to keep the line moving.

"I plan on going back to sleep when he's done," Emily told him, "Let's at least sleep in until 9," She smirked.
Jax waved at her before greeting the next fan.

"Yes dear." Bodhi smirked and set his alarm.

Emily leaned over as far as she could to peck his lips.
Jax sighed his last book and took his last photo before going to the back of the store to head home. He got his stuff together, dropping a piece of paper, he picked it up to see the drawing from the one fan. He thought it was actually really good. He showed his manager getting an idea.

Bodhi pecked her lips and looked at the baby. "Want to let him sleep with us for a few hours?"
"what do you want to do with this?" His manager asked, putting his glasses on to look at the artwork closely.?

"That would be wonderful," Emily said as she smiled down at Micah who was drifting back to sleep already.
"I really like it," Jax said, "I want her to design my next book cover," He told him.

"You should bring him the hospital sometime. Everyone would love to see him." He said, wrapping his arm around her.?
"I don't know. The publishers have their own artists. We'd have to write up a new contract with this one. That calls for money and time and lawyers have to get involved if she's unhappy with the draft. It's a lot messier to bring in outsiders Jax." He explained.?

"Maybe I'll do? that tomorrow," Emily said as she asjusted her shirt and moved Micah to burp him before he fell asleep.
"I want her, talk to the publishers," Jax said before grabbing his things.

"That would make my day a lot better." Bodhi told her.
"You have her name?" He asked, handing the artwork?back to him.

"That's what I'm here for," Emily smirked, she laid Micah down between them.
Jax smirked, "Rebecca Cooper," He told him, he had an impeccable memory.

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