Surviving the Sterlings

2-3 years have passed since we last saw the Sterlings but they're as close as ever, even when far apart. The kids are grown and living their own lives with families and careers and drama all their own.

Very short plot but whatever


Jake Michaelson
​Nightclub manager
​Jake was born and raised in London, UK and that's where he met his girlfriend Alexandra. The two are still together and happy as ever. Now days the two, along with his six year old son Hamish who was conceived when Jake was a teenager reside in Brighton, a town about an hour away from his hometown.
​Considering proposing to Lex. She's the love of his life, his rock, the reason he wakes up in the morning. Cheesy but true
​(Hope this is fine)

Jasmine Sterling
​AVON representative/student
​Jasmine is creating a new life for herself and her little Desiree after all the drama from three years ago with Desiree's father who was controlling and abusive. Jas tried to stand by him given he had mental health problems but there was no excuse for him hitting her. Now days she studying psychology and wants to help other women that are in her shoes.
​Her baby girl Desiree (3)
​Jasmine could use a love interest

(the forms are short but if I think of more I'll add to them =P )

Gabrielle Sterling.
Radio Jockey
Gabi lives close to home and sees her family when she can. Its hard because shes so busy but she talks to her twin atleast once a day. She works at a radio show and most people take well to it but not everyone does. She doesn't mind the haters though. Her and Julie are engaged and she's happy with everything in her life. The only thing in the way is Julie's parents, who aren't so happy with their relationship.

Dr. Bodhi Lowell
Bodhi is busier than ever. He and Emily got married and had a baby and he's always on call at the hospital. It gets stressful but he loves being a?father and husband. He doesn't get a lot of sleep so along with coffee he's been prescribing himself some meds to keep him focused. He's got everything under control and doesn't want to worry Emily so he hasn't told her about the meds.


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