The Secret Society

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"Do you use fear to keep others in line?" He asked her.
"I was the princess of France," Maggie told him, "I'm in a history book or two," She smirked.
(I never changed her form from the original one so I'm still going with French royalty ol)

"When I need to." Isobel nodded. "Which is pretty often."
"You're joking." Jack laughed. It was hard to believe. "What's your full name?"

(she can be both Scottish and French royalty because Isobels second husband was French royalty. I think a cute scene would be if Jack does research on her to learn more about her)

"Why so often?" Brooks asked her before twirling her around and bringing her back.
"Marguerite Delacroix," She told him.

"People like to live by their own rules." Isobel reminded him. "I have to set them straight."
"Sounds familiar actually." Jack admitted.

"People do need their freedom," Brooks told her.
"I'm sure," Maggie smirked, thinking he was being sarcastic.

"People need structure." She pointed out.
"your dad was a duke or something right?" he asked her.?

"That is true, but that's why laws and rules are in place," Brooks said, "I've noticed that more rebel when there's more structure," He chuckled.
"Yeah, he was," Maggie chuckled, "I was betrothed to the Crown Prince of France when I was 8, but according to history books I died at 13, that's when my mother ran away and took me with her, she changed me when I was seventeen."

"They just haven't learned their place." She pointed out. "Besides, would you rather have everyone break the rules and risk exposing us to the humans?"
"that's intense. So you've been running around living as a vampire ever since?" He asked?

"I just don't think everything should be so strict, no one should live a life of fear," Brooks told her.
"Yes, unfortunately, I have," Maggie said.

"You're our head councilman. I have to defer to your expertise on the matter." Isobel said. "If you want to lighten up the rules then that's what we'll have to do."
"and your psycho mom won't loosen her grip?" He said and shook his head. "Is there anything good about your life?"

Brooks just nodded as the song came to an end and released his hand from her's, "We'll discuss it further at our executors meeting."?
"She blames me for the death of her lover, the one who made her a vampire," Maggie explained, "She has ruined every relationship or friendship I have tried to have since. So, I stick to myself and read mostly." She shrugged, "So no, there really isn't anything good about my life," She laughed, "This is the most excitement I've had in awhile."

"I look forward to it." Is over smirked. "Thank you for the dance."
"I was joking before but it really sounds like you should get away." Jack said honestly. "She shouldn't be able to control your every move."

"You're very welcome," Brooks smirked before stepping over to the bar to grab another drink.
"I've tried to leave before, she always finds me," Maggie explained, "But you shouldn't have to worry about me, you don't even really know me," She chuckled.

Isobel chatted with a few people and eyed the room for Maggie. She got anxious when she couldn't find her.?
"I don't have to know you to know you're in a messed up situation." Jack pointed out. "Trust me, I know a toxic family when I see one."

Brooks looked around for Jack, he hadn't seen him all night. He hoped he came to the masquerade.
"It's very toxic," Maggie chuckled nervously, "Do you mind telling me the time though? I'd hate to be sent after at such a public event."

"It's almost midnight." Jack said after checking his phone.

"I should be getting back down there soon," Maggie told him, "I'd hate for this place to get put on lockdown."

"Can I see you again?" Jack asked as they headed back to the main hallway.

Maggie smiled as she looked over st him, "Sure," She said as she walked with him.

"You should give me your number." Jack said.

"Okay," Maggie said as she held out her hand to take his phone and put her number in it.

Jack handed her his phone as they reached the main hallway. "Your mom won't take your phone right?"

Maggie chuckled, "You never know," She told him as she saved her contact and handed it back to him.

"Keep in touch until she does." Jack smirked and led her back out to the party.

"Talk to you soon," Maggie said before slipping her mask on and heading back inside.

Isobel finally spotted Maggie and she grabbed her arm roughly. "Where have you been?" she whispered sharply so others wouldn't hear.

"I got lost trying to find the restroom," Maggie told her, "Someone bumped into me and spilt their drink all over."

"I told you I want you in my sight at all times." Isobel reminded her.

"Hard to keep me in sight when you have a meeting and have to talk to people," Maggie said, "I'm here now, don't worry."

"We're leaving." Isobel told her.

"So soon? Couldn't swoon the new council leader like you could Allstair?" Maggie smirked.

"Why do it all in one night?" Isobel smirked.

Maggie shrugged, "You usually just like to stay until the very end of these things, but we can go whenever."

"I usually have you at home." Isobel pointed out. "I wouldn't want you to have too much fun now would I?"

"God forbid that happens," Maggie rolled her eyes.

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