The Secret Society

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"Women really aren't in my clientele," Clay teased, knowing why she said her comment.

"I understand. I don't get a lot of men in my shop." Sarina said.

"What do you do?" Clay asked her, taking a sip of his coffee.
Maggie headed to the front door and flipped the sign over to say open before heading into the gift shop and sitting behind the desk, she took out her book.

"I own The Cauldron." Sarina told him. "Its a little novelty store."
Isobel did a quick walk through and ended up back at the gift shop. "I want you to attend the meeting tonight." she told Maggie.

"I think I've passed by that a few times," Clay said.
"Why, I rarely go to those," Maggie told her.

(should this nights meeting be the masquerade or a normal meeting?)

"Its close by. It's across from the dry cleaners down the road." Sarina explained.
"I think it's time you start." Isobel said simply.

(Masquerade, so she can meet Jack all mysteriously)
"Then I've definitely been by it because my favorite sports bar is across the street," Clay told her.
Maggie just shrugged as she pulled her book out of her bag.

"Yeah?I get a lot of business from them. I sell a?great all?natural cure for hangovers." Sarina laughed.
"Its a special meeting tonight." Isobel told her. "A masquerade ball actually. Or some poor, costume party?version of one."

"Oh really?" Clay asked with a chuckle, "I may have to check out your store sometime then."
"You want me to come to a more special meeting than just a regular one? What's gotten into you?" She asked.

"So you're hungover a lot?" Sarina teased him.
"I can't do something nice for my daughter?" Isobel smirked at her.

"Only after a big game usually," Clay told her.
"Not without a price usually," Maggie said.

"You should stop by sometime. I'll give you a free sample." Sarina told him.
"Consider it a peace offering." Isobel said. She hated how much Maggie hated her.

"I'll remember that," Clay said as he took a sip of his coffee.
"Yeah, whatever," Maggie said as she rolled her eyes and going back to her book.

"Do you have the time?" Sarina asked, not wanting to be late to work.
"So you'll go?" Isobel asked her.

"9;30," Clay told her as he looked at his watch.
"I'm shocked you're giving me the choice," Maggie said.

"I have to get to my store." Sarina said and stood up from the table.
"I can be diplomatic." Isobel told her.

"Well it was nice meeting you," Clay said before taking another sip of his coffee.
"There's a first time for everything I guess," Maggie said as she turned the page.

"You too." Sarina smiled kindly and left the coffee shop. She could tell he wasn't human and hoped to find him at the society meeting.
"You don't give me enough credit." Isobel smirked and straightened up the merchandise.

Clay finished up his coffee before heading to his store and opening up for the day.
Maggie just rolled her eyes and went back to her book.

(want to skip to the masquerade?)


Isobel arrive at the manor Maggie and turned to look at her before they went inside. "I have some business to tend to with the council. Don't get into any trouble and stay where I can find you. Think you can follow those rules?"

(outfit- )

"I'm not a child," Maggie rolled her eyes under her mask as she walked to where the masquerade was going to be held after the council meeting.
Brooks sat at the healm of the table as the council members gathered around and took their seats. This all still felt weird to him but he knew it had to be done.

(Maggies outfit:?

"Good evening Brooks." Isobel said as she took her seat beside him.
Jack adjusted his mask and tried to find his way through the crowd of people, or whatever they were, when he bumped into someone. "Oh I'm sorry," he said looking over and seeing a beautiful girl he'd never seen before.

"Hello Isobel," Brooks nodded as he continued to watch the others come in.
Maggie stumbled back as someone ran into him, "It's okay," She said as she adjusted her mask as she turned to face whoever had bumped into her.

"Used to being the boss yet?" Isobel asked quiet enough for others not to hear.
"This mask thing was a real dumb idea in this place." Jack teased.

(Jack- )

"It's a different feeling, that's for sure," Brooks said with a smirk.
"You're telling me," Maggie said with a chuckle.
(Wait, if he's Allstair's son wouldn't they know each other or at least no of each other?)

"You've got big shoes to fill. Its not something you should try by yourself." Isobel pointed out.
"I try to avoid these as much possible." Jack laughed. "I'm Jack by the way."

(they'd probably know of each other. he's been off at college and we can say Maggie and Isobel have only lived in the town a few years.)

"You obviously don't know me very well," Brooks smirked before looking to the rest of the counil, "Good evening everyone, should we get started?" He stated.
"Maggie," She said as she held out her hand to him.

Isobel waited for her part to address the crowd. "There has been a rise in what the humans believe?are animal attacks. If this continues and the humans trace it back to the society in any way, we will be forced to execute the party responsible."
"Nice to meeet you." Jack said as he shook her hand.

Clay chimed in when he heard Isobel speak, "I would like to say that the vampires are the ones causing the commotion with the townspeople, feed far from here and don't be seen," He said, as the only werewolf in the society and town, he knew it wasn't him. He looked to the time, knowing he needed to get to his cabin before dark.
"You as well," Maggie smiled.?

Isobel was annoyed that Clay was blaming it all on the vampires. Most were smart enough to clean up their mess. "Vampires are not the only ones feeding on humans. All of us need to be more cautious and not raise supsicion."
"How long have you been going to the meetings?" Jack asked curiously.

Clay rolled his eyes as he sat back for the rest of the meeting.?
Maggie scoffed, "I don't usually come to the meetings, I was dragged here for the masquerade to save face," She said.

"Before we adjourn, does anyone want to address the council." Isobel asked the society.
"Meetings are still mandatory aren't they? How do you usually get out of coming?" Jack asked.

Brooks stood to his feet and motioned for Isabel to sit down, "Before we adjourn this evening I wanted to thank you all, this is very different for me, growing up with my brother I was behind the scenes while Allstair liked to be the center of attention. Thank you for your patience as I am still learning the ropes. I hope you all have a wonderful time at the masquerade."
"Ever heard the story of Rapunzel?" Maggie smirked, "That's pretty much me."

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