The Secret Society

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The Secret Society of Supernatural Creatures consists of all supernatural beings in Mysterieux Falls, Washington. The Council is the head of the Secret Society and consists of at least 1 member per species to represent their faction. Typically, council members are elders or the head of a family but they can be anyone willing to take responsibility for their species as long as they are voted in by the existing council. The Society house is Blackwood Manor, owned by the powerful witch family for generations. Though Blackwood family members may live on the property they don't live in the Manor itself.The Society is in fact "secret" because they live amongst the humans in disguise. They must keep their identities secret from the humans or else face the consequences decided by the Council. Some choose to live completely in hiding and others live in town under the guise as human. They blend in however they can and to their own liking. For example, a werewolf may live as a human and turn only once a month or they may choose to spend the majority of life in wolf form. Shape shifters can shift to human 24/7 or live as a dog or bird, etc.The Council holds society meetings once a month as to welcome everyone to discuss new business. The Council enforces rules and regulations to supernatural creatures. Relationships with humans are not banned as long the human does not know the true nature of the creature they are with. If they are together long term, it is encouraged to turn the human into said creature if possible, such as a vampire or werewolf.

Rules set by the Council:
-Alliances are to be kept between all species; creatures must not kill other creatures. This is punishable by death unless the killing was in self defense.
-If a creature reveals themselves to a human, the creature is subjected to anything from prison time in cells located in the manors basement, physical or magical torture, or death. The human who knows of supernatural existence will be forced to become a creature or be sentenced to death at the Councils discretion.
-All births and deaths must be reported to the Council.
-All creatures are automatically Society members and are required to give the Council their address and lifestyle information (such as if they live amongst humans or off the grid and or have a job or attend school etc)
-All human/creature relationships must be made known to the council.
-Killing humans is allowed as long as they are kept to a minimum and do not get traced to any creature.
-Vampires that feed on humans may keep them alive if and only if they compel them to forget about the existence of vampires.
-Interspecies relationships are allowed though not encouraged.Name
Council member?
Job (optional)

Isobel Delacroix.
Eternally 28. Really over 700.
Council Member. Vampire.
owner/curator of history museum
Ysobelina Eryngard Le Vieu Delacroix?has a long, complicated past. She was born in what is now the UK in the 1300s and was arranged to marry a Duke at the age of 15. With that marriage came a child. The Duke was very controlling of his wife and daughter and he was a cruel, jealous man. Her daughter was 13 at the time when the two fled together to France. She posed as a countess and her beauty even caught the eye of a king. He was alluring, dark, mysterious, and dangerous. He was a vampire. There were tales about these immortal, night-stricken creatures who parished in the sunlight that turned out to be true. He changed?her into a vampire on their wedding night.
Together they had an insatiable thirst for blood and power. They ravaged villages overnight.?She didn't change her daughter though; she wanted her to stay innocent and human, not a bloodthirsty monster. A few years passed and the young princess hated watching her mother and the king's vicious murderous ways. She wrote her biological father, telling him everything. It wasn't long before he snuck his way into their kingdom and staked the king in his sleep. Ysobelina walked in and tore her ex to pieces, but not before he explained their daughter's letters. In a rage, she turned her daughter into a vampire to forever live with the guilt and to forever live as the monster she never wanted to be.
The years past and she?has kept a close eye on her daughter. She loves her more than anything but still feels a sting of resentment and betrayal for losing her beloved, perhaps which is why she's so controlling of her. Now Isobel Delacroix, shes a lonely, bloodthirsty vampire waiting for her dracula. She still wants to be feared and respected by all species; she's wants to be a queen again.

Sarina Nova
not a council member
shop owner
Sarina is technically blind although she sees things no one else can. She actually has extreme vision due to her sensory abilities and can see beyond the physical realm.?Her hearing and other senses are strong and aid to her vision. Her eyes are very sensitive to physical light, which sometimes obscure her vision?so she wears sunglasses and walks with a blind cane. She's been like this since birth as she was born to a warlock and?an oracle. She's inherited pieces of their abilities and can see the past, present, future, and can communicate with the dead. She has a little novelty shop where she sells herbs and candles and other witchy stuff. Its where she also works as a psychic, using a crystal ball and doing tarot card readings. The Council lets her do this as long as she's not convincing enough to be a real psychic. She's as "out" as she can be without the humans really knowing the truth.

Marguerite Delacroix
Eternally 17, really 712
Vampire, non Council Member
"Homeschooled," works at her mother's museum
Marguerite is the daughter of Queen Esmerelda of France and lived a life of luxary in the palace with her parents. She always saw the hatred between her mother and father and knew the two were truly never happy together, but she loved them both dearly. Her father was a controlling and vicious king but always loving towards his only child. She hated her mother for taking her away when she was thirteen. She always knew she would flee back to France and be with her father once again until she learned her mother and step-father's secrets. She wrote to her father telling him that they were vampires and that she feared for her safety. She did not want to be like her mother, she wanted to stay pure and mortal. Her father killed her step father, and her mother killed him before turning Maggie into a vampire. It's been seven hundred years and Maggie still has not aged. She still resents her mother and hates that she thirsts for blood. She has never had a normal life and she knows she never will. Her mother is very controlling of her and she knows she can't ever escape it. Now, living in Mysterieux Falls she believe that maybe she can attempt to get by. Everyone else is somewhat like her, and since she is immortal she can hopefully make the most of it. Maybe her mother will finally let her be and lessen her control on her.?

Venus Norwood
​Council member/witch
​Venus is very powerful, sexy, charismatic yet also manuiplative witch who loves to get her own way no matter what and doesn't mind a little murder here and there but whatever. Uses her beauty and sex appeal to get anyone and everyone on her side. It's wise not to mess with her and stay out of her way if at all possible.

Edward Brooks Blackwood, 42
Brooks is the younger brother of Allstair Blackwood, and took over as head of the society when his brother passed away unexpectedly. Brooks has never been married and hasn't any children. He has kept to himself all of these years, he's a true outdoorsman and enjoyed a life of seclusion. With his brother's death brought him to be the new leader of the society. It is not something he wanted but it isn't something he hates. He always lived in his brother's shadow since he was the more outspoken and elaborate brother. Brooks went to medical school and became a doctor but hasn't praticed in years. His quiet demeanor has worked in his favor as he has begun to lead the council.

Jack Blackwood
Warlock. Non council member.
Jack is the oldest son of the late Allistair Blackwood. He didn't get along well with his family and he didn't want anything to do with the society. He has the same powers as his family but he doesn't use?them much. He's been ignoring his responsibilities at home and taken on the carefree?frat boy persona at college.? Now that hes found himself?orphaned, he has to work with his uncle to tie up some loose ends with his familys estate and whatnot?but he doesn't plan on sticking around for long. He wants to go back to pretending to be a normal human.

Clayton Morefield, 30
Werewolf - Council Member - Hardware Store Owner
Looks - later, I can't find the perfect picture
Clay is a hardworking guy, he owns his own business and is good with his hands. He is also a werewolf and sits on the council. He's one of the very few werewolfs in the area. He keeps himself under control for the most part. He is quiet and likes to keep to himself for the most part. When it's a full moon he heads out a cabin in the woods to spend his time so he doesn't hurt or destroy anything.

(starting =] )

Isobel slipped her shoes on and walked down the hallway to her daughters room. She didn't bother knocking before letting herself in. "Are you ready? We've got those kids coming for their field trip in an hour." she said, needing to get the museum open before anyone showed up. "You can drink a bloodbag in the car."

Maggie rolled her eyes as her mother barged into her room, "I'll be down in a minute," She told her before looking back down at her book, she inly
had a few pages left of the chapter.

"You're going to make me wait on you?" Isobel asked, tilting her head to eye her.

"I said I'd be down in a minute," Maggie told her.

"You really want to make me angry first thing in the morning?" Isobel asked her.

"You're the one that's prolonging this by arguing," Maggie said as she tried to finish the chapter in her book.

"You're too old to be such a brat." Isobel smirked and rolled her eyes.

(her outfit- )

"You're too old to be such a bitch," Maggie said as she placed her bookmark on the page and grabbed her bag, "But like they say, I guess bitches never die," She said as she headed downstairs.

"Rude." Isobel smirked and walked downstairs. "And to think I was going to take you to the society meeting tonight."
Sarina walked downtown and into the coffee shop near her store. It was her morning routine and the barista had her cup ready and set at the corner table. She sipped on her coffee and watched the silhouette of people around her in translucent colors.

(outfit- )

"Not like I would've wanted to go anyways," Maggie said as she slung her bag over her shoulder.
Clay came in to grab a cup of coffee before running some errands. He was going to head to the woods tonight after the meeting since it would be a full moon in the next few days.

"Since when do I ever do what you want?" Isobel pointed out and went to the car.
Sarina noticed a man walk and knew he wasn't human; his soul was too different. She was curious to know more so she got up for a refill and purposely bumped into him. "Oh I'm sorry. I never look where I'm going." she teased.

Maggie didn't even give the satisfaction of giving her an answer, she just got in the car to head to the museum.
Clay spilt a little bit of coffee on his hand after he was bumped into, he tried not to look annoyed, "It's okay," He said before pouring a little more into his cup.

Isobel pulled up to the museum and parked the car. "I'll unlock the doors. You get the lights."
"Did I spill your coffee?" Sarina asked, unable to see soulless objects.

Maggie got out of the car and grabbed her bag. Once they were inside she set her stuff down at the front desk before heading around the building to turn all the lights on.
"Just a little," Clay said before looking at her noticing she couldn't see him.

Isobel unlocked the entrances and emergency exits before going back to the front desk and getting everything set up for the day.
"I'm sorry. Let me buy you another." Sarina offered.

Maggie got all the lights before heading back to the desk to unlock the register.
"It's really okay, it was just a sip," clay told her.

"I want you working the gift shop today." Isobel told her.
"Are you sure? I can get you anything you'd like." Sarina said nicely.

"Got it," Maggie said with a salute as she went back to counting out the register.
"It's really okay," Clay reiterated before taking a sip.

"Thats better." Isobel smirked. "Wheres that attitude been hiding?"
"I don't recognize your voice. Have we met before?" Sarina asked. "I know most people who come through here."

Maggie just rolled her eyes as she finished up counting the register.
"This isn't my normal coffee shop I stop at, but I have some errands to run," Clay said, "I'm Clay by the way."

"I'm Sarina." she told him. "Would you care to join me?"

Clay checked his watch and decided he had a few minutes to spare, "Sure," he said as he followed her back to her table.

"Its such a small town, I'm surprised I haven't met you before." Sarina said as she sat down.

"I stay rather busy and I travel often," Clay explained.

"Do you travel for work?" Sarina asked.

"Mostly just for pleasure," Clay explained, that seemed to be the best way, "I own the hardware store downtown."

"Really? I've never seen it." Sarina teased.

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