How to cope without ED?

I left my past world behind - school, myproana, friends with eating disorders, but how do I cope? How can I find ways to talk about my emotional pain??

My family aren't willing to talk about much, seeing me as manipulative and selfish...

That's a very difficult situation to be in, especially with unsupportive parents. Are you getting any medical attention or counseling? Something my counselor had me do was keep a journal. I don't know if it helped much in my case, but it my help you. I also knew that I still had things I wanted to do and see, and I couldn't do that if I was in a hospital, or worse, dead. When I stopped counseling and just kind of went out on my own as far as recovering mentally, I surrounded myself with body positivity. I followed body positive and self-love blogs on tumblr, I looked up plus-size friendly clothing websites, and I really got into feminism. I also stopped weighing myself. I haven't weighed myself in probably over 2 years. I have now idea how much I weigh right now and I honestly don't care to know. I go by what I see in the mirror, not the number on a scale, and not having that to obsess over has done me a world of good. ?

My parents used scare tactics to make me recover, which, I can't say it didn't work, but I sure as hell wasn't happy about it. But in the end, recovery is up to you. You have to find a reason to want to keep going and realize that putting your health first is much better than putting your appearance first. And a lot of that will come when you learn to love your body more and more. It's not something that will happen overnight, it's something you have to work at. It's not easy and it can take a while. You may never be 100% confident in your body, but you'll learn to deal witht that. There'll always be something that isn't satisfactory, but you'll learn to live with it. You may even learn how to change it, but it needs to be in a healthy way. No matter how much you starve yourself, you'll never be satisfied. That's the thing with EDs, it's never enough. You'll never be happy with one, so you might as well put your health first. And that's hard when you don't have someone standing over you telling you what is healthy and what's not. So do some research. Maybe that's something you could go to school for if you plan on going to college. Just make sure you're eating healthy and reaching the amount of calories you need to consume a day. Your body can't work without calories. Even your brain needs calories to function properly.

Finding a processing group can help a lot. Similar to AA, NA, Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, Al-Ateen, Nar-Ateen, but for people with eating disorders. May take some searching as they are more scarce. Sometimes people who work in a hospital might know, people who work with ed clients. ED can be classed as a mental disorder, sometimes places that deal with that might have a group you can join. Sometimes ANY group activity, unrelated to ED or processing groups, but just participating in a group activity, feeling a part of the group, helps one feel better, grounded, reduces anxieties.

In addition to getting someone to talk to about your ED, maybe get a hobby, something not physically active. You need a life outside of ED too, not instantly, you can take time to heal, but at somthe point you want to start finding you again. Think about who you were before, what you liked to do, make new friends, enjoy life again. I've started doing crafts and I'm going to start painting when I have more energy :) Most importantly, enjoy food! Everything you missed during your ED, what you liked as a kid and all that stuff. I find those kids "action" lollipops comforting, they remind me of a time before ED. You know, like grab pops, flash pops, i-Zream, ring pops... Lol they're so fun! Try to fnd ways to get rid of the sad stuff (like in therapy or group), and find ways to bring some happiness in your life :)


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