Can anyone help??? Im not sure whats going on...

can anyone help or experiencing anything similar. i just dont understand whats going on I am quite petite, but i used to eat loads as in healthy food as i have always had a problem with meat and hate junk food but i used to eat quite ?a lot as mostly salad and fruits and rice/noodles but last year around october i started having problems as in not being able to be around food when ever i went near saw it ?and smelt it ?i feel really sick chest getting tighter and just needed to get away as quick as possible (this still happening now very often but i have learnt to cope with it more to hide in public). It wasnt just that i cant keep food down at all soon i ate a ?couple of bites it would come straight back up ?i tthought it was nothing so i ignored it and kept trying and trying but i got to the point if smelt any food even something plain it would all come back up i got to the point i couldnt even keep down water even little sips i still stuggle with this now .?
i have tried to eat little bits and often and as soon as i did i felt as if i was soffacting and felt really uncomfortable and shaking to point cant concentrte and scared to speak as i may be sick that i try s much to control . i tried and tried to keep down as much as possible it could of been 4 spoonful couscous at somepoints i would reach that limit of how much i would keep down adn it would feel as if its sitting in my chest/pipe i could feel the content sitting their as i move ?and it would all come back up even water. when ?its sitting and not going down and trying to come back up people have started to notice it more as weird gurgling noises sound as if its ?pushing the food/liquid up this can even be triggered by chewing gum. no one understands i have tried explaining it to parents doctors hospital people psychologists but they dont listen and say i need to just keep it down and rule it out to be neurological problems/complications due to this disease called Complex Reginal Pain Sndrome ((CRPS)) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. i am shaw many of you have had?having ?diffiuclt experiences with medical departments too.?

Hon, you really need to go see a doctor, they can help, this is a big deal, it sounds like a easing disorder but only the doctor knows for sure, please just go see what advice they have


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