Do I need to change my eating habits?

I'm 16, 5'3'', 34/36 C (depends on company) and weigh 120. My doctor says I'm average and my dad says I need to loose weight. My friends say I have no butt and my mom says there's nothing I can do about my thick legs because it runs in the family. My weight fluxuates by a few pounds but not bad and I usually eat more then my dad. Even when I tell him it hurts my feelings when he says I'm too lazy and I need to go on a diet he says he's just worried about me. I was raised with an attitude eat until your full but don't force yourself into overeating. Because of this I eat more than my 14 year old brother and my mom comvined yet I'm still average weight and height. I was never told I have an eating disoreder but I have personally feared there may be something wrong with my eating habits. When I eat less my stomach hurts and I can't concentrate on anything other than how hungry I am. What should I do?

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You eating habits are perfect, don't change a thing! You're growing teenager, you actually need more food than you mom and dad! You brother should eat more though, but maybe he's not growing so much yet? Eating until you're full is how everyone should eat, and obviously if you eat less you get hangy (hungy + angry = hangry, google it, lol) and tired, it's a sign your body is working how it's supposed to if you get stomach pains when you haven't eaten. That's your body going "OH GOD ARE WE DYING?! IS THIS THE END OF THE WORLD?? WHY IS THERE NO FOOD???"

Your body shape and weight are mostly genetic, like your height. Normal, healthy people stay in their natural weight set-point when they eat enough, but obviously it changes a few pounds back and forth. You are perfectly normal and I wish I was raised as healthy as you. Your dad has some problems, and if he doesn't stop bugging you, maybe you should ask your school nurse or counsellor or doctor, just anyone sane, so explain that you are perfectly normal and healthy, and he's causing more harm than good. Just remember, he loves you, but he's not always right.


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