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im 13 I weigh 125 I'm 5'6 and I want to drop down to 105 pounds I really want a eating disorder so I can be skinnier (I know I'm a terrible person) some people ask why I want my body so small well it's because I feel like the only way to be confident is to be that small and I was wondering if anyone had diet tips or weight loss tips I could do instead of starving myself etc.... 

Look you might not realise but what your doing is promoting eating disorders. Look just to say you want to be carefull here.  Take it from someone with an eating disorder.  YOU DO NOT WANT THIS.  Its not just bones sticking out it is so much more.  Be carefull with titles like this.  You sound like your being pro ana.  What you want is a short term solution eating disorders arnt fun and if your having these feelings id advice talking to someone right at the start.

I'm not trying to be pro Ana or promoting eating disorders 

By saying you want an eating disorder to be skinnie you are. You might not realise it but your being pro Ana 

I have an eating disorder and so does my my mum and one of my younger siters, and you do not want one. If you want to lose weight, talk to your doctor or a dietition so they can help you lose weight in a healthy way, Also think of all the side effects from having an eating disorder, both short term and long term- What about infertility?? Think carefully please, as you are only putting your own health and life at risk.

Confidence. Confidence and body weight have little in common. There are skinny girls with no confidence. There are hugely fat girls full to the brim with confidence.

Confidence comes from feeling safe and secure.


You are young and you are a healthy weight for your height and age. If you want to tone up and loose a few pounds eat healthy and exercise. The is no magical cure to be skinny and people think there are short cuts. Coming from someone who started having an eating disorder at 12 years old and is now 25 years old still struggling with it and after everything negative it did to my body/my life/my relationships.... you don't want THIS :( It brings anything but confidence. Confidence comes from loving yourself/trusting yourself. :) Join a sport! It brings friends, support, confidence as you increase your abilties... team building etc. Find an active hobby! Something that interests you! You will get in better shape in a healthy, fun way. Trust me on this one!! 

12 years ago I was in your place now. I can tell you from personal experience being skinny does not mean you are confident. If you want confidence join a sport, it builds your self esteem. Get involved in something team related with physical exercise. You will tone up and it will be fun. Saying you want an eating disorder is like telling someone in a jail cell sentenced for life that you want to trade places. Its hell in this head of mine. I can't turn it off... its a constant reminder that I am not good enough, skinny enough, etc. Trust me, go a different direction. I wish I would have listened to the people that told me. Oh wait, no one did. You have a gift here. Reaching out to this board might have been the best decision of your life. If only you knew what having an eating disorder really entails. I know how hard it is to convince someone in your position that being skinny isn't the answer. Because I know it feels like it will solve all of your problems. Just know it won't. 


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