is it weird that i want a eating disorder?

i really want to be skinny like skinny to the bone but whenever i think about starving myself i over eat and then i feel really bad after

Look just to say you want to be carefull here.  Take it from someone with an eating disorder.  YOU DO NOT WANT THIS.  Its not just bones sticking out it is so much more.  Be carefull with titles like this.  You sound like your being pro ana

yeah,but istil wantto beskinny.

Dou think im pretty

You definitely do not want an eating disorder. You might think that once you look really skinny, you'll be happy but the truth about eating disorders is that you'll never feel satisfied with the way you look. If you want to lose weight, look into healthy eating and doing workouts. Join a sport or dance club maybe. This is coming from someone who had a sever eating disorder. Trust me, you're good with out it.?

Just saying you want an eating disorder is a very bad sign. It's normal and healthy for you body to want to eat so you survive, especially if you haven't eaten enough, your body tries to make up the difference. Sooo, if you want an eating disorder, it's a whole package, not just being skinny.

- you'll hate yourself no matter how skinny you are
- you won't notice how skinny you are, in your eyes you just get fatter
- you may lose your period and never get kids
- but you may get really heavy, painful and long periods
- you start growing more body hair, yayyy
- but sadly, you start losing your actual hair
- you get pale, but don't worry, the black under eye circles bring colour
- oh, and you'll probably turn yellow, that's like a tan right?
- osteoporosis, so you can be like a granny and break your hip in your twenties
- your heart muscle starts atrophying, until the point of a heart attack
- overall, every fifth person with anorexia dies because of it

These are just some of the physical consequences, eating disorder have the highest suicide rates of any mental illness.

I used to be the same way. I watched documentaries of teenagers in hospices and wanted to be like them. It was only when I almost starved myself to death and ruined my parents' lives that I didn't want it anymore. But you can't just give it away. 3 years later and I'm still living with it. So watch the documentaries and wonder what it'd be like but please, don't go down that road if you can help it xxx?

I felt the same when I was a stupid 13-14 teenage girl but my mum would beat me for it so I never dared, and also I loved eating. But I craved the special situation and attention as well. Oh, stupid teenage years of mine, god.?
Forget about this sh!t.?

Yeah, trust me, this isn't something you want. When you get that special treatment, you won't want it. You don't want to have to eat with your mother in the school office every day because your parents and your doctor don't trust you to eat what you're supposed to, you don't want to lay in bed at nigth fighting to breathe because all the strain you put on your body is making it hard, you don't want to go to the hospital at least once a week to make sure your condition isn't getting worse and that treatment i working and the contant terror of being hospitalized if it is getting worse, you don't want the constant talk of recovery at home never being able to escape the fact that you're sick, you don't want to have to go to a counselor at least once a week where you have to just keep going over what you went over last week because your appointments are so spaced out that she doesn't remember what you guys talked about, you don't want to be unallowed to do anything active, you don't want the weird looks people give you, you don't want your stomach to growl during class where everyone can hear, you don't want to deal with the constant fear of dropping dead from a heart attack at a young age, you don't want to be treated like a child that can't take care of itself or feel like one at that, you don't want searing anxiety shooting through your body from something as simple as mealtime or going out to eat with friends and/or family and feeling like you're ruining it because you're an anxious mess while everyone else seems fine. You don't want this.

I've had an eating disorder and it's horrible, you don't want it. Please please please tell someone about this

My grades slipped and I became so unstable I had to drop out of school

I lost the trust of my family

I got put in a psychiatric ward for a month, it was the worst time in my life.?

You are beautiful and thin, you don't need an eating disorder xxx


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