two eating disorders at once

ok so i never eat like i hate eating because when i eat i feel guilty and fat so i have to workout i burn more calories then i take in. but when im upset ill eat till i puke my guts out then do it again. my parents get mad when i dont eat. i dont like to eat because i see me as fat when i look in the mirror i am not a skinny girl i am over weight and people dont think i have an eating disorder because of it. it is really hard because people dont understand that my weight issue is from not eating anything.

In short you cant have two eating dissorders at the same time its impossible.  You may have tendices from both but its classified as ENDOS i would advice talking to a doctor and getiing help early

Actually that's textbook bulimia. That's how most people with bulimia behave, they feel ashamed and try not to eat, and after starving their body starts to scream for food, but then they feel bad again and get rid of it. Also, most people with bulimia never get very underweight. A good doctor or therapist should know that, and not judge based on your looks. Sadly, there are bad doctors too.

The best way to break that cycle is not to try to stop eating, because then you'll get super hungry and binge. Throwing up makes the same thing happen. You should eat, and keep it in. You'll probably still binge for a while, but once your body starts trusting you again, it'll realise you're not starving anymore, there's no need to binge anymore. Search for "fuck it diet" and "your eatopia", lot's of people have broken the circle like that. It's the hunger from not eating and throwing up that makes you binge, it's your bodys normal reaction to survive. Stop starving, and your body will stop shouting for food.

You can PM me if you want to, I hope you get better :) Your Eatopia is a really nice, supporting community, with lots of people who are going through the same thing, and more importantly, people who have gone through it, coming out the other end healthy and happy!


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