(Over)eating disorder

Basically I'm addicted to food and need advice. I'm 5 foot 7, athletic and have a relatively fast metabolism which makes initial weight gain unnoticable to people around me. Unfortunately for me, my active life style has been compromised for a few months now due to a stress fracutre in my leg. Thus, now I get no cardio exercises, which depresses me, and thus I eat unhealthy kinds and ammounts of food. This problem was there before, but I was able to control it as exercise didn't make me crave food this often and this bad. Of course, I've gained weight, but people keep telling me I look the same. I feel incredibly unhealthy (I eat food high on carbs and sugar) and despite all my efforts to eat properly, I fail, break down and start eating uncontrollably until I feel like I want to throw up. To top that off, I'm under incredible stress with family issues, as well as school and other social situations. I've tried to keep busy, lead a journal, restrain from some types of food, but it does not work. My family doesn't take me seriously, my friends don't either, so I thought I'd ask for advice here. :(

If you already have bad eating habits you can't expect yourself to be able to change all at once, you need to gradually work your way into it. Start with small changes, slowly cut the really bad things out of your diet.
Keeping a journal is a really good first step! You'll be able to see what your bad habits are and tackle them head on.


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