do i have an ED?

ok so i was told that i should post this here.

so i think i may have an eating disorder. but i havent actually been diagnosed with one...yet. have you told ur parents? how did u tell them if u did? how do u deal with it?

anything that you could answer would be much appreciated. thanks

I told my parents.  Its the best thing to do the first time i told them i put everything in a text the second time just blurrted out that i really needed to see someone best advice just tell them maybe write a letter, text, tell another family memeber and get them to help ypu tell them?

You dont need to be "diagnosed" to have an eating disorder. An eating disorder is eating habits that arent considered "normal" (restricting food, binging, throwing up after eating etc.). Tell your parents/whoever in whatever way you feel most comfortable. 

Many people are never diagnosed, it doesn't mean you're not sick. I didn't tell my parents, they found out themselves. Regardless, it's a really good idea to tell them. It's gonna be crazy for a while after they find out, but they love you and the want to help you. And life on the other side, no ED, being happy and healthy, it's amazing! It's hard to get there, but you can and you will! I really?hope it goes well :)


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