she didn't ask for this..

My friend was raped and i dont know what to do and i know the obvious answer is tell someone but the situation is way more complicated.
So my friend is quite a sexual person she does alot of stuff [shes 12 btw] and shes sort of well known for it, boys treat her body as their property and boys use her for her body, she cant find a genuine person who wants her for her. She started to date this new guy and he was quite agressive and contolling with her and i didn't like it at all,he would tell her what she could and couldn't do. Then it was the day the day it happened to her, so she hadn't met him in person before [hes 15] and she deciced to meet up with him at the cinema with one of her girl friends and guy friends and she told me thw whole time anytime she would try to talk to him he would try to full on make out with her EVERYTIME!!! her girl friend wanted to be alone with her guy friend because they were seeing eachother, they went on a walk outside of the cinema and theres a forest beside the cinema so they went there and they were making out the he was trying to take it further but she was just shrugging him off but then he got extremly aggressive and threw her down on the ground i cnat rember but i think she got hit by a stick but then he forced himslef on her she kept saying no and she kept pushing him off she said he was saying things like "you know you want it" and calling her "slut" she said she felt terrible when it was over and she told me she couldnt look at herself in the mirror anymore i felt absoulety awful hearing someone did this to her and i told you need to tell someone immedialty but this is where it gets complicated.So she is a well known person she said everyone would find out and say she was just looking for attention and everyone would call her a slut whore skank etc. she told me not to tell anyone so i respected her choice but i feel terrible that shes going through this alone but if she did tell anyone it would ruin the society she has so i honestly dont know what to do.

I'm sorry this happened to her.

I'm glad you are there for her. You are what she needs. She needs someone to tell, someone who will listen, and you are that person.

She may have other issues too, as someone that young getting that involved may be a sign that she is living an unhappy life, and she's seeking to fix that unhappiness by getting involved with boys. (I could be wrong about that.)

f she is unhappy, just be someone she can talk to. It's the listening itself that is the cure. She will feel better after having the chance to talk with someone, someone who just listens, without judging, or trying to fix anything, because it's the listening itself that is the fix.)


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