Was I raped?

I never thought I'd be wondering that, especially since I was awake the whole time.
My girlfriend and I were fooling around. She was fingering me like she always does, but at one point it felt like she was also analy fingering me. We had briefly talked about anal stuff before and we'd both said we weren't into it. I didn't think much of it when it was happening, but my body feels different now. It feels like something happened back there and I don't like it.
I asked her if she did anything different, and she swears she didn't do anything. I can't bring myself to ask her directly if she touched me there because I'm scared she'll say yes.
I don't know what to believe. I know my body sometimes does weird stuff, and I know that when she was fingering me I could feel it from my vagina in different places of my body, so maybe that's it. But it really feels like what I would imagine it feels like after anal sex. I don't want to believe that she touched me anywhere without my consent because my life will be turned upside down. But I don't want to just ignore it if she really did.

I would say yes, she did, you really should get away from her and tell someone


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