My Story And How Revenge Helps

I was repeatedly raped and molested from when I was 8 until I was 11 by a man who was a friend of my stepmom. I didn't tell anyone for years, and when I did, I went for counseling. That helped very much, so anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted should very much consider doing the same.
It also helped very much when I learned that the man (who had raped me was convicted of raping two other girls, one who was only 6 years old) was sent to prison for ten years, and that made me very happy.

Now, you might think me terrible for this, but as much as it made me feel better that he was sent to prison, I also found out that while he was in prison, he had his dick cut off by another inmate with the lid from a tin can. Guys who rape litle girls don't do well in prison. He lived, but now he has no dick, and had to undergo surgery to redirect his urethra so he can pee ... sitting down. The fact that happened to him also made me feel good, because now he had an idea of the pain and humiliation he caused me. And those other girls.

I then realized that, for me anyway, the idea of punishment for rapists also appealed to me. Most men would never rape anyone, much less a child, so I don't hate men. Far from it. I have a wonderful boyfriend who treats me with great respect and kindness. Same goes for my male friends.
But as part of my degree in criminilogy, I have been collecting cases where women took revenge against the men who raped them or their children. I'm not saying people should go around killing or mutilating people, but as rape (especially of a child) is usch a terrible thing, I find the actions taken by the women in these cases to be understandable, and even acceptable. Though some are quite brutal, I certainly never feel sorry for the rapist. I also have to wonder if men knew they would face such painful punishments, would it cause some men to think twice about committing this awful crime.

Well I'm impressed with how you reacted to such trauma. That you don't hate all men for the actions of one. That man did get what was coming to him. Best of luck in your studies.

Thank you very much. It certainly wasn't easy and I don't suppose I'll ever really get over it, I'll just learn to live with it. Hey! I like who I am now, so what more can I hope for? :)

I certainly had some trust issues with males for several years, but after I told people what happened, I had lots of support from girls and guys. And I know that logically, most guys would never rape anyone.

I hope you don't think that I'm being a bitch when I say I was (and still am) very pleased that he got his dick cut off, and even in such a painful and crude manner. I don't think there is anything wrong in taking a certain pleasure in revenge. But you have to move on from it too.

We'll well you have your life more together than mine is even though you went through this so credit where it's due. If I was in such a situation I would take enjoyment from him getting it cut off because it's pretty much what he used and now he can't really use it to offend again. I can't judge you because I'm pretty flawed so feel whatever way you feel.


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