does cyber rape really exist?

does cyber rape really exist? if so, then i believe i was a victim of it this summer. i was dumb as hell then. ever since i got cheated on, i felt like i was ugly, fat, and disgusting so i sent nudes (naked pics) of myself to random dudes and girls on the internet. some of the pictures had my face in them. i thought i would be fine until i met this one guy on kik in june 2015. he seemed nice at first; calling me pretty even before i sent him nudes (seemed like a first to me). he really genuinely seemed like a good guy. i sent him some pics, he liked it, and the next day, i was put in a group chat with him and another guy, who i learned was his little brother (who was my age). they really looked nothing alike, which made me a skeptic of this whole situation. i was told that he showed his brother my pictures and they suddenly became more aggressive. they were insulting me; calling me ugly, fat, whore, slut, bitch, hoe, and forcing me to send more pictures or they'd post my pictures and videos on instagram. i believed it, so i kept sending them things. they were some sick bastards, i tell you. they'd even say things like: are you ready to be famous? with camera emojis and stuff like that. it was disgusting. i felt sick to my stomach but something in my brain told me to keep dealing with him in the event that things will work out in my favor. wrong, all wrong. at the end, they posted my pictures on instagram and apparently they do this to a lot of girls. they have a whole instagram page dedicated to exposing young girls. i told my friends this and they say it's all my fault and that i wasn't really forced to do anything.

I've never heard of cyber rape, but what happened to you does sound like some form of abuse to me. Perhaps it was sexual harassment?

yes cyber rape is possible now, because american hackers have learned how to hack vibrators.


Fluffybunny34 your comment seems a little insincere. kvngmelanin2002 I'm sorry about what happened to you and I've also blocked some of the usernames you posted on your latest post.

No, what happened to you was not rape. A person cannot be raped without being in physical proximity to the rapist.
But I would say it was definitely a type of sexual assault, extortion, probably assault as well. I am very sorry that happened to you. Did you try to do anything about it with regards to burning those two dicks? Maybe there was nothing you could do. :-( I sincerely hope you learned a lesson from this. Not that it was in anyway your fault! Not even a little. I simply mean a lesson in perhaps not being so... naive. No offence. And maybe also don't let your vulnerability lead you. If you had been feeling good about yourself, would you have posted those pics in the first place?
We all have to remember that whatever we put on the internet will always be on the internet.

If you learned something from that shitty and horrid experience, than at least you have that. Use that lesson.

@vestara: This post was edited. I'm really sorry if I hurt her feelings with my post, but I do believe the description was different when I posted my comment.?

@kvngmelanin2004: I agree with LizzyGirl completely. I'm sorry to tell you that they probably can't be charged with rape, but there are enough other charges to lock them up. I hope that you've recovered from that experience, because those boys are complete a$$holes.?

It's not rape but you can get them criminally charged:

But why the hell would you send?nudes to strangers??? It is like me complaining that I ran on the highway and I got run over and lost my legs!! Don't you know that if you post something on the internet, it will remain on the internet??
Sorry, but you made a mistake and life gave you a lesson.?

As you sent the images of your own free will, it is not rape. Depending on your age though, you could be guilty of producing child pornography and sending it. Those who posted the photos could also be charged with distributing CP.

This is the digital age, don't ever put things out there that you wouldn't expect to be spread. Even relationships are prone to ending and when they end it's often badly... when they happens, do you think your BF will honor his word not to spread those images?

I am super leery of letting guys have nude pics of me now, I had a really bad experience last year. That was real life not cyber and overall a different situation (boyfriend until we broke up) but still awful. Now somebody who's mad at me controls a bunch of nude pics and some sex videos of me and he has used them to humilitate me with mutual acquaintances. I don't know if they will ever go away :/

In your situation that's not rape but it's really bad, and I hope you can get them in some kind of trouble. The scary part is, I think it would work on a lot of girls, all they need is one kind of embarrassing pic to start with then they keep demanding more and the stakes go higher and higher. It's disgusting grrrrr!!


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