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So I was hoping somebody can help me out? I don't really know what type of helping im looking for quite honestly but i just want to do the best i can to help somone?...?

I've watched, babysat this little girl for off and on 2 years now, She is my mother's, co-workers daughter...and strange to say but i've always felt so attached to her, everybody that knows me, knows i have a HUGE heart for kids, but something about her really strained on me..

This little girl was a toddler when the mother left the family to go with the boyfriend, ever since she's been M.I.A, The father from what i heard has dated some really weird whack jobs in the past but who am i to judge! He most recently settled with this one we will call "Lady" who had a son when she was 14, and so they moved in together, the househole consisted of 5 boys and this little girl, such a doll too, but then Lady got pregnant so they had a son together who is now around 3? So they've been living together like this for 4 or 5 years im figuring...

So my mom came to me yesterday and said she had a story to tell me, That this son that Lady had when she was 14 who is 16 years old has been raping her(the young girl i watch), the 3 year old little boy, two young girl cousins and a young girl who is the neighbor, for 4 years, This poor little doll i watch is 6... As soon as i heard i broke to pieces and ever since all i can think about is this little girl, My mom asked her co-worker whats going on and he said the cops came, he admitted to it, the girl i watched was scared to say what he had done to her but eventually she said everything and, the cops took the guy but when my mom asked the dad what he is going to do to help the kids he said nothing that they are young and they'll be fine eventually...

I personally disagree, I know i have some kind of influence on this little girl's life and i know what happened to her is not going to dissappear, how can i be there for her? 

Well its difficult, therapy can help, but tread with caution. I lost custody of my daughter because she lied about being molested (after I found bloody underwear she taken to the hospital and she said he stuck his finger in her by accident and he was only checking for bugs) and they say thats just fine. But back to my point, they consider (at least in California) bring up bad past memorys like that, emotional abuse. I dont understand it but I lost my daughter because of it. If you do ever talk to her about just know even if your intentions are good they really frown upon it.


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