Was this molestation?

When I was about 9, my cousin (10) told me they wanted to do things. I agreed, not really thinking about it.  We did things.  I completely changed after that. We never talked about it again. I started dressing more sexually, even though before then i never liked showing my body. I felt so disgusted about it, i blocked it out of my memory for a while.  I'm now almost 17.  I' ve had 8 one night stands, never a relationship.  I party a lot, smoke way too much, collapse drunk a lot.  My mental health isnt good at all. Im pretty sure Im a sex addict. Most of high school i wanted to kill myself, never brave enough to follow through. I feel constantly lonely. Looking back, i really cant recall my childhood. Only blurbs.  I' blocked out that memory so good i forgot about it for years, until I started getting reminded of it again. 

It was.  The sad fact in today's world is that someone his age does have the capability and knowledge to do this.

I've went through a really tough time myself, and only came out on the other side through counseling, and because a friend stuck with me.  You really, no let me rephrrase that, you do need to go see and talk to a counselor.  You are young, and these things you do that you don't like to do, can still be changed.  If you keep on this course, you don't know where you will end up in just ten years.

I won't say our stories are the same, but they do overlap in many ways....you need to get help and get past this...it starts with you taking that first step.  If I can do it, I know that you can too.


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